The Northwest Battle of the Bands, Vol. 2: Knock You Flat! [Beat Rocket/Sundazed]

The Northwest Battle of the Bands, Vol. 2: Knock You Flat! [Beat Rocket/Sundazed]

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record - Colored Vinyl)

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All 25 of these 1963-1967 tracks were generated by the mini-empire of Jerry Dennon, who recorded numerous Northwest bands for issue on his own labels or lease to others. Not one of these tunes made a national impact, and even if you have a good number of '60s garage anthologies on your shelves, you may well have heard of none of these bands, besides the Sonics and perhaps Don and the Goodtimes. As garage comps go, it's middle-of-the-pack, but respectable, aided by a concentration on original material rather than covers. Most Northwest bands -- including most of those on this CD -- were distinguished from other regions by a heavier R&B influence and lumpier backbeats, although they did pick up some accoutrements of the bluesier side of the British Invasion in fuzz guitar lines, harmonica, harmonies, Animals-/Them-style organs, and blustery vocals. There's nothing here that screams shoulda-been-hit (or even forgotten gem), but it pounds along pretty authoritatively, with some occasional eyebrow-raising weirdness, as in the Bards' cuckoo version of "My Generation," which is actually one of the best covers ever of this familiar standard. As far as some unusual pre-fame names, Larry Coryell is the guitarist on the Checkers' 1963 R&B instrumental "Black Cat," while the New Yorkers, one of the poppiest acts here on their 1967 single "Again," would evolve into the Hudson Brothers.

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Release Date: 01/17/2001
Label: Sundazed Music Inc.
UPC: 0090771012913
catalogNumber: 129
Rank: 120263

Album Credits

Performance Credits

New Yorkers   Track Performer
Magic Fern   Track Performer
Jim Brady   Vocals
Don Gallucci   Keyboards
Jeff Hawks   Vocals
Bob Holden   Drums
Brett Hudson   Bass,Vocals
Mark Hudson   Guitar,Vocals
John Kennedy   Drums
Rob Lind   Harmonica
Don McKinney   Vocals
Danny O'Keefe   Harmonica
Andy Parypa   Bass
Larry Parypa   Guitar
Gary Peterson   Drums
Bill Rhodes   Vocals
Gerry Roslie   Organ,Vocals
Mardi Sheridan   Guitar
Bob Bennett   Drums
Tom Sparks   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Villa   Guitar
Mike Robbins   Organ
Springfield Rifle   Track Performer
Jeff Afdem   Drums,Horn,Vocals
Rich Corrin   Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Bob Perry   Bass
Harry Wilson   Guitar
Robert Koch   Guitar
Mike Beck   Bass
Charlie Coe   Guitar
Terry Dale   Track Performer
Galaxies   Track Performer
Raymarks   Track Performer
Rick Ulsky   Organ
Express   Track Performer
Jeff Beals   Bass
Mike Spencer   Organ
Spindle   Track Performer
Timothy J. Cooley   Bass
John Starkey   Saxophone
Mike Parker   Organ
Gary McLaughlin   Guitar
John Odgers   Drums
Heirs   Track Performer
Jack Horner & The Plums   Track Performer
Live Five   Track Performer
Moguls   Track Performer
Mercy Boys   Track Performer
Terry Afdem   Organ
Menagerie   Track Performer
Steve Alcombrack   Guitar
Mike Balzotti   Organ
George Guilmet   Organ
Jeff LaBrache   Drums
Malosky   Drums
Gus Molvik   Guitar
Fred Cook   Organ
Skip Biggs   Drums
Dan Bonow   Organ,Vocals
Tim Bonow   Percussion
Randy Bryson   Organ,Vocals
John Cleaver   Saxophone
Ken Fillmore   Drums
Bob Greer   Bass
Jerry Hawkes   Guitar
Ken Huff   Guitar
Gordon Kjellberg   Guitar,Vocals
Craig Martell   Drums
Jerry Meier   Guitar
Brian Conrad   Drums
Lee Dark   Vocals
Chuck Doton   Drums
Mark Eubanks   Keyboards
Bud Garrison   Bass
Steve Geddis   Drums
Jim Graziano   Drums
Clyde Heaton   Organ
Bill Hoak   Drums
Dave Hummon   Drums
Dave Johnson   Guitar
Ron Lowery   Vocals
Dave Maitland   Guitar
Greg Nance   Bass
Bill Hudson   Guitar,Vocals
Gary Snyder   Bass
Brave New World   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Hoyt Axton   Composer
Pete Townshend   Composer
Richard Berry   Composer
Mike Mandel   Composer
Dann Rogers   Liner Notes
Jim Valley   Composer
James Bailey   Producer
Greg Beck   Composer
Bob Holden   Producer
Bill Hudson   Composer
Mark Hudson   Composer
Larry Levine   Producer
Rob Lind   Composer
David Lucas   Composer
Ellas McDaniel   Composer
B. Miller   Composer
R.A. Miller   Composer
Andy Parypa   Composer
Larry Parypa   Composer
Gerry Roslie   Composer
Tandyn Almer   Composer
Jerry Dennon   Producer
Terry Hayes   Composer
Alec Palao   Liner Notes
Gary Reynolds   Composer
Gerald Roslie   Composer
Richard Lawson   Composer
Tom Yook   Composer
Neal Skok   Liner Notes
Gil Bateman   Producer,Liner Notes
Randy Bryson   Composer
Gordon Kjellberg   Composer
Dennis Maxwell   Composer
Tex Hughes   Producer
Larry Roberts   Producer
Don Covay   Composer

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