The New Meaning of Educational Change

The New Meaning of Educational Change

by Michael Fullan

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The book that revolutionized the theory and practice of educational change is now in its Fifth Edition! Michael Fullan’s The New Meaning of Educational Change is the definitive textbook on the study of educational change. Based on practical and fundamental work with education systems in several countries, the text captured the dilemmas and leading ideas for successful large-scale systemic reform. This updated edition includes decisionmakers at all levels—from the local school community to the state and national level—and introduces many new and powerful ideas for formulating strategies and implementing solutions that will improve educational systems.

The New Meaning of Educational Change, Fifth Edition is your comprehensive textbook on all aspects of the management of educational change—a powerful resource for everyone involved in school reform.

“In this Fifth Edition, Michael Fullan shares the wisdom that he has accumulated over more than 3 decades as to the specific actions that can be taken at the school, district, state, and national levels for overcoming those challenges. It should be required reading for all educators.”
Richard DuFour, educational author and consultant

“Few people can match Michael Fullan’s depth and breadth of experience with real change in education. Updating his classic text, The New Meaning of Educational Change could not come at a better time given the rolling wave of rethinking Industrial Age education around the world.”
Peter Senge, senior lecturer, MIT Sloan School, founding chair, Society for Organizational Learning

“In this Fifth Edition, Michael Fullan offers practitioners, policymakers, and researchers secure guidelines for the next decade. Fullan once again proves that he is the doyen of education change workers.”
David Hopkins, professor emeritus, Institute of Education, University of London

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Publisher: Teachers College Press
Publication date: 12/30/2015
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Table of Contents

Preface xi

Part I Understanding Educational Change

1 A Brief History of Educational Change 3

The First Attempt Falls Flat 4

The Plan of the Book 11

Prospects for Reform 16

2 The Meaning of Educational Change 18

The General Problem of the Meaning of Change 19

The Subjective Meaning of Educational Change 21

The Objective Reality of Educational Change 27

Shared Meaning and Program Coherence 34

3 Insights into the Change Process 39

The Wrong Drivers 41

The Elements of Successful Change 45

Final Comments 52

4 Initiation, Implementation, and Continuation 54

Traditional Model of the Change Process: An Overview 55

Factors Affecting Initiation 58

Factors Affecting Implementation 67

Factors Affecting Continuation 77

Lean Startup Model 78

5 Planning, Doing, and Coping with Change 82

Why Planning Fails 82

Repositioning Planning 87

Coping with Change 87

Part II Educational Change at the Local Level

6 The Teacher 97

Where Teachers Are 98

Enter Change 107

The Professional Capital of Teachers 121

7 The Principal 123

Where Principals Are 124

The Principal as Lead Learner 132

8 The Student 138

Where Students Are 139

The Student and Change 149

9 The Parent and the Community 157

The Difficulties of Parent Involvement in Schools 158

School Boards and Communities 168

Implications 172

10 The District Administrator 177

Where District Administrators Are 177

The District Administrator and Change 182

New Glimmers of Continuous Improvement 191

Leadership from the Middle 203

Part III Educational Change at the Regional and National Levels

11 Governments 209

The Role of Governments in Large-Scale School Reform 209

Whole-System Improvement 218

What's Next? 226

12 The Teaching Profession and Its Leaders 228

Continuous Learning and Internal Accountability 229

Standards and External Accountability 233

Preparation and Career Patterns of Teachers 235

Putting It All Together 249

The Role of Leadership 250

13 The Future of Educational Change 258

References 267

Index 283

About the Author 298

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