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The New Math SAT Game Plan: For 2016 and Beyond!

The New Math SAT Game Plan: For 2016 and Beyond!

by Philip Keller


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The New Math SAT Game Plan is Phil Keller's classic, refreshing and somewhat subversive guide to the math SAT, updated to meet the challenges of the revised SAT.

As you follow the Game Plan he maps out, you will learn a more creative way to approach this test, while also reviewing all of the necessary math content. You will learn the best way to manage your time and maximize your score. And of course, Keller still teaches those classic methods that will help you to evade some of the algebra on this test!

You can see more about The New Math SAT Game Plan at Mr K's blog:

Be sure to check out the Alternative Solutions to the Official Practice Tests!

Here are some excerpts from reader reviews of the previous edition. These were all from verified purchasers -- you can still see the old listing on Amazon if you don't believe me :)

NelMom said: .... After less than two weeks of concentrated practice using this book, she did the SAT test for the 3rd time. Her math score shot up 150 points from her highest previous score. The improvement in her score pushed her to a level that qualifies for merit scholarships and Honors Colleges. Thus far, our $16.95 investment has translated into 4 year merit scholarship offers from 3 schools equal to a total of over $200,000 and we haven't even heard from the rest of the colleges yet. So I can honestly say that buying this book has been the single best financial investment I have ever made. The book is nothing less than BRILLIANT!

PHYSICS BOSS said: Awesome SAT (and PSAT) math book!
Thanks so much, Mr. Keller!
Just found out my son got a 76 out of 80 on the PSAT math section. Training with your New SAT Math book was a big key to his success.

KHH said: It was very simple to follow and easy to understand. I ordered for my daughter to boost her SAT math score, but much of it will help for any multiple choice math test she takes in the future. It has made me feel like even I could do well on the SAT math section.

Mradkins said: It has fantastic score-raising tips that I would have never thought about. It is also very effective in teaching and reviewing quickly with methods that work best on SAT.
It raised my score significantly, and helped me better understand some math!

Rahman said: Within two days, I've seen TREMENDOUS improvement for myself ! I improved from, 500 to 640 WITHIN 2 days!!!! REALLY HELPFUL

Sam Rolfe said: With exposure to only the first half of this book, my daughter caught on to what the SAT math is all about. She quickly grasped the concepts presented for attacking problems and actually liked applying them. An "AH-HA" over and over again. If you have stumbled onto this book you are very fortunate.

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ISBN-13: 9781530012282
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/07/2016
Pages: 262
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About the Author

Teaching SAT math has been Philip Keller's "other job" since 1985. After graduating from Princeton University with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, he became a high school math and science teacher, teaching mostly physics but also chemistry, calculus and geometry. All through his years of teaching, he has continued to work with students to prepare them for the SAT.

Currently, he teaches Physics and Multivariable Calculus at Holmdel High School, in Holmdel, New Jersey. He also teaches the math classes for Keller & White, a small SAT and PSAT preparation program.

He is the author of Advanced Math for Young Students: A First Course in Algebra, also available here at Amazon.

He lives in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, with his wife Daphne, his children Reuben and Jane, and his dogs Rosie, Pippin and Hawkeye.

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