The new book Mysticism & Phyisics

The new book Mysticism & Phyisics

by Angelo Aulisa

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The new book mysticism & physics , self help inner guide to meditation inner being inner consciousness non being incorporeal body awareness i am ness into the law of eternity , is an inner journey into the inner reality mystery of a human being , actually ordinary human being live in a horizontal dimension linear logic from abc, xvz , into the mind ego unconscious , on the surface of objectivity gazing at the horizon that tomorrow is gone be the happiness , love the loving approach but tomorrow never come , the horizon is fading receding back always , and in the end death come because death is the only unchanging reality on the surface of objectivity otherwise the objectivity is changing every split second changing is the only reality into the objectivity , what come is always today now the moment the present come gate less gate to your inner reality were a shift happen from horizontal plane to the vertical dimension of deeper and higher , you close your eyes and bring the attention within the so called dark matter or gravitational energy field will bend your light consciousness deep within your inner being , were you will realize that you are not the body not the mind not the thoughts not the emotion not your unconscious staff not even your senses , but you are a crystal clear witness consciousness mirror like that reflect all the surround situation like an empty mirror no comment no charging just a crystal clear empty mirror , those are the chief quality of your soul witness consciousness and be a mirror like , and deeper into your inner being pin drop silence is the gate less gate to your inner universal consciousness , which is just a fundamental law intrinsic to the universe a pulsation of love intelligence a quality a creativity , at this stage your inner being annihilate into universal consciousness and the so call dark energy or expansive energy field will pull upwards at the horizon of event of the universe your light consciousness , expanding in synchronicity with the expansion of the universe higher and higher , and you are at this stage huge big as the universe is big and intrinsic to it is a breakthrough divine sacred psychedelic majestic in essence you are the universal body and consciousness itself and the so called dark flux or flowing energy field will move flow circulate your light consciousness in and out of non being body like a universal breath non being body is over lapping with the universal body is a cosmic play trigger by the flowing energy field cal dark flux and than emptiness nothingness the absence of things is the gate less gate to non being body incorporeal were time space forms duality of mind totally annihilate and consciousness too annihilate because consciousness is always in relation to a subject or object wen no more relation are there it annihilate or better it twisted turn into relation less awareness unfocused awareness is just an i am ness a great relaxation into non being body or call it eternity it self awareness is the ultimate essence of eternity which means begin less endless never born or die , eternity is the ultimate canvas of the mystery of the universe is just infinite no size is just infinity as the ultimate equation of the quantum mathematics an infinite open relativity not absolute at all because it begin nowhere and it end nowhere , here you in essence are at home were immortality and resurrection happen unfold are rediscover , the resurrection is a conscious alchemy not physical not material not gross but a conscious alchemy from unconscious to consciousness to awareness into the law of eternity that is the core and source of the mystery of the universe and of life and death and of all duality , is an infinite silence rich with subtle ecstasy an infinite bliss sacred holy divine an infinite freedom , and here the unconscious sleep a various hypnosis totally gone here you are awake enlightened forever and ever , that were the inner journey into an organic unity can take you into infinity into immortality into resurrection into eternal life , if you hold a body after this experience you will be enlightened forever and ever if you dont hold a body the resurrection as happen unfold a new bgin you will have a universal body and flow through consciousness everywhere and nowhere in particular expand into the universe you will be the galaxies the stars the planets intrinsic to it to all forms of the universe as essence data of intelligence that you have refine during your life intrinsic to all living being and oceans wind you will be roses and the fragrance of roses you will be intrinsic to the flow of consciousness which is everywhere and nowhere in particular expand into the universal body .....that what is all about the new book mysticism & physics welcome ......Angelo Aulisa

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Publisher: Angelo Aulisa
Publication date: 03/12/2018
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About the Author

My name Angelo Aulisa or Manik , i have being in a mystery school for 21 years were i experience meditation consciousness , awareness , and the love and grace of my beloved master , and here i share with the all world my experience wisdom you are all welcome by love all of you ...Angelo Aulisa

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