The Mythology of Biblical Prophet Daniel: Mythology

The Mythology of Biblical Prophet Daniel: Mythology

by Christopher Alan Byrne


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The Mythology of Daniel completely reviews both the entire 12 Chapters of his work, and presents extensive historical information from theologians to suggest actual source events. The reign of Kings and Empire is shown together to calcuations or differences to a logic; while maps of the succession of Empires are provided. Four non-Biblical cases of Daniel are included; while to show his court room work in clearing a lady of indiscretion to have bathed in a garden to Babylonian times. She in an act of worship like Jesus is sentenced to execution to have found the place of arrest; while Daniel as mere child takes the case. He will demonstrate a lack of logic to where or what occurred, and to free Susan.

Bel was a Babylonian God, and to claim to await a ringing of the dinner bel; which had Babylon to set out sacks of flour, wine and sheep to be devoured. Daniel spreads flour over the temple and to catch Priests and family to have created the entirety in fraud. Dragon was god of Babylonians, and created of tar and feathers. He stuffs this down the throat of their idol, and to have its head explode.

The Book is written to theme of mythology; so to divide Chapters of Daniel into a division of source tale. I provide the Prayer and case of Manasseh; who found Isaiah to sing only white hymns to God. Manasseh takes a chain saw to him in failing to explain unfound motivations of such tales. Daniel is tribute to a second Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar about a year 605 BC. Nebuchadnezzar will claim license from highest of God to rule nations, peoples and animal. He dreams of a statue to precede him, and have a stone cut free without human hands. Nebuchadnezzar will place a gold statue or more like obelisk out to a plain, and to call upon all to pray upon the sound of music. Daniel's three companions and grandfather to Ezra to rebuild the temple after the story are burned in an oven to this failure. Find art of an angel to walk children across the oven.

The watcher angels command to cut down the tree providing shade to all persons and animal; so to suggest mirrors or frames of God in story. Nebuchadnezzar will eat grass like oxen seven years. The history to names and lineage of Neobabylon and Achaemenid Dynasty are traced. The renamed and returned Nebuchadnezzar is Nabonidus and gets defeated by the light of the Lord by the now Persian General Cyrus. The son of Belshazzar holds a drinking party of wine out of ladies slippers, and get called confused. The Persian Darius still retains Daniel as one of three commissioners of the New Empire; yet is stunned to find Daniel again praying to Jerusalem. The faulted mathematics find Daniel to be 67 years old; when encountering the Lion's Den. Extensive Biblical quotations are found from predominately New King James Bibles or 3 others, and dates are referenced of Oxford 1889 King James Bible or referenced encyclopedia.

Much work of the Book is found to translate mirrors of the Lord to myths, and to include a ram with two horns, and to call such a concordance to 2 anti-Christs. The hairy goat of Daniel's is said to be the homeless Lord; who breaks off the evil labels found by history of Darius. Chapters include portrayal of word defying images, and also consider a theory of such ordeal to trace angels. The standing of Archangel Michael is noted, and given description to a mythology base to spend decades in slavery onto encountering the future Angel. The term logos suggests ages past mirror a future, and tends to conclude a loss of value to discuss interpretation of such story. Such differences suggest steps to lose holiness by bad decision or gain by parity of the infinite reason and judment to the Lord. The product story and empires written are topic to this book.

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