The Mystical World of Entura Art: Connecting with Spirit via Intuitive Art

The Mystical World of Entura Art: Connecting with Spirit via Intuitive Art

by M.D Tracy Latz, Ph.D. Marion Ross


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Drs. Latz and Ross take you on a journey into the amazing world of Entura art developed by Patricia Hayes, where the realms of the invisible world are manifested. Whether you enjoy looking at beautiful pieces of art or you are an advanced metaphysical student, peering into this artwork is piercing the veil into the spirit as well as the heart, soul, and archetypal energies of mankind. This unique intuitive art process may be utilized for investigating past, present, or future situations (medical conditions, relationship issues, or lessons regarding personal circumstances), connecting to Source, or for receiving answers or directions from the Soul of the self, loved ones (living or deceased), or pets.

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What Is Entura Art?

Entura means "entering the aura," or, in other words, entering the energy ??ield. The Entura Artist is taught to meditate, connect with and enter the energy ??ield of his/her subject to channel and convey intuitive understanding and messages related to that subject and to bring about needed and appropriate emotional and spiritual healing. The theme the artist focuses on could be anything ranging from Pure Source, one's self, another person, a place or thing, a past or present time period, or a spiritual concept like Love, Harmony, and Wisdom. This practice is an artistic form of alchemy that transmits profound wisdom by way of energy, symbols and colors that ??low onto paper using soft pastel chalks. The process creates rapid psychological and spiritual insights into personal and/or global situations or concepts that can Shift Your Life and your perceptions.

"I couldn't draw a stick figure if my life depended on it!"

That is what we said and many students say before their first Entura Art class. The beauty of this art form is that anyone can do Entura Art! Entering a meditative state and communicating with Spirit in a manner similar to automatic writing, Entura Art is easy to learn, fun, free-flowing and uses lots of color! There is little thinking involved. While standard art training involves the left brain for technique, Entura Art requires no formal technical knowledge. In fact, the beauty of Entura Art is that NO prior art training or experience is necessary.

Oh! Did we mention that the art is first done with EYES CLOSED?

Beginning Stage of Entura Art: Clearing and Releasing

Students are initially blind-folded to teach them to create artwork using only intuitive abilities and not images created from 'mind-chatter', intellect, or subconscious emotions. Artists are assisted with rapidly getting in touch with and releasing conscious and/or subconscious emotions (such as anger, guilt, shame, or fear) in artwork while blindfolded. It is important to release these blocking energies and emotions because they would otherwise constrict the ease of flow of the beauty and messages conveyed in Entura Art.

Intuitive Channeling through Art

Entura Art introduces the method of intuitively tapping into one's self, another person, or a concept, and rapidly expressing the energies received using soft pastel chalks while blind-folded. During the process one feels the flow of energy through the body, out the arms and hands, conveyed through the chalk, and onto the paper. The student intuits when the energy flow has stopped and when or if it is appropriate to pick up another chalk while blind-folded to continue. No previous art experience is required because the Entura Art student allows the hand to be guided by his/her own intuitive channel rather than by techniques learned in traditional art training.

Since Entura Art is energy and movement, many of the figures that appear on the paper change from time to time. At one moment, you may be looking at a girl with long hair. In the next moment, another face or being appears and overshadows the first. We have both seen amazing changes in individual pieces over time over the course of weeks, months or even years. There seems to be a natural evolution in those pieces reflecting changing circumstances, ego states, and overall vibrational patterns to convey the exact information that is needed in the moment. This process teaches you how to look for the subtle and unapparent, which naturally increases your powers of observation and interpretation in the natural world. It is an excellent method for those studying metaphysical, esoteric and spiritual subjects. Deep insights on many different levels may be experienced with regular practice of this modality.

We are so excited to share a glimpse into our work in this domain as the powerful revelations that have been received by our students and clients have been profoundly life-changing. It has added a richer dimension of understanding to their lives.

What are the Many Uses of Entura Art?

The beauty of Entura Art is that it bypasses the barrier of language in that the 'information' appears in the movement, color, symbols, position and intensity that evolves in the artwork. Yes, over time the artwork changes and evolves. This can be seen in both the original artwork and in photos of Entura Art. It will continue to show new information about the subject of the drawing.

Entura Art can assist in gaining insights into:

1. Discovering answers to questions about self or others (including pets, places, ancestors, loved ones – whether living or deceased, guides and religious or historical figures)

2. Investigations into current or past events, accidents and illnesses

3. Delving more deeply into metaphysical topics or teachings

4. Deepening your connection to Pure Source and the invisible world.

With some additional training, an Entura Artist can become an art therapist to inspire insight and healing for others. We will discuss later about experiential workshops for beginning levels in Entura art that we offer upon request by a group desiring training or advanced classes that are offered at Delphi University in McCaysville, Georgia.

What follows now are some examples of different categories of Entura Art. We will share a sampling of our pieces with explanations. And we are delighted that Patricia Hayes (our mentor and the founder of both Entura Art and Delphi University) is excited to share some of her artwork involving advanced techniques developed after decades of channeling this process. Her work portrays examples of how it is possible to enhance pieces with the intention of drawing focus to particular aspects of the artwork in a purposeful manner.

Soul Portraits

This portrait is of a single young mother and her unborn child enveloped in angelic protection as she navigates the changes in her life. (by M. Ross)

A guilt-ridden woman who has been depressed for years asks, "What does my soul want me to know about my gifts?" This soul portrait reveals her wisdom from lifetimes of being a shamanic healer and the great love she has held in her heart. (By T. Latz)

A nuptial soul portrait of a middle-aged couple transforming issues from their past relationships as they begin building their new lives together. Their guides are to the left and the plants represent new growth ahead for them both. (By M. Ross)

Following the death of a spiritual mentor, a woman feeling lost asks her soul "What is the most important thing I need to know?" The portrait reveals that she and her mentor shared a friendship in a past Japanese life (far left) where they studied ancient wisdom (scrolls) together. Her soul in the middle shows her she has always had access to the "Book of Wisdom" as a spiritual initiate. She no longer needs a mentor. The love of her guides is to the right. (By T. Latz)

Portrait of a woman who has struggled to find her center after a difficult divorce who asked, "What do I need to know to move ahead?" The artwork reveals the doubt in the brown to the right but as she trusts in her intuition the spiritual guidance in the blue to the left shows her the path in red that grounds her and contains wisdom as noted in the glyphs appearing in the pathway. Her body is luminescent as she connects to the Light and her inner wisdom. (By M. Ross)

Deceased Loved Ones Soul Message

A toddler dies tragically in an accidental drowning. The grandmother asks "What does my grandson want me to know? Is he okay?" The art reveals the play of Light in the blue water of the pool that this toddler loved. It conveys a sense of peace rather than fear. It also portrays the spiritual assistance he received as he was greeted by many spiritual beings (along bottom in procession). You see him at the far right walking away from this lifetime toward understanding his gifts and lessons after a brief loving look back toward his family. Loving guides (including his grandfather) are to the left. He is at peace. (By T. Latz)

Soul portrait of Mauricio Panisset, the extraordinary Brazilian healer known as the "Man of Light". When performing his healing work, bright lights could be seen flashing like lightning from various parts of his body. He helped many people with his gifts and taught that healing energy of Light works through us all if we are open to it. He is seated on a pedestal in the center with many beings assisting him in his work from above. To the right are two beings in discussion and the sphere to the left is the world surrounded in blue spiritual assistance and healing (green). (By T. Latz)

Following the death of his father, a grieving man asks, "Where is he and how is he doing?" His father is depicted on the left looking very serene. There is spiritual love denoted at the bottom left (blue heart), healing on the bottom right (green waves) that is affecting the familial DNA (en-Light-ened helical DNA in center), and guides depicted to the right continue to accompany him on his journey. His lower consciousness of anger (shown in red) is being lifted as shown by the encircling of head in white Light. (By M. Ross)


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