The Moon and The Dragon

The Moon and The Dragon

by Baron James Ashanti

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Contemporary poetry is either the “Emperor’s New Clothes” or a stiff artifact made from tailored sounds and words. Like that famous, awfully candid child, I’m here to shout what the reader ought to see in this nifty and unique new book. The Moon and The Dragon brings to light the sureness of the Oriental soul! Serene and fiery at the same time, every word is bound together with silken ties of love and thoughts that add to a fuller, more rewarding appreciation of Ashanti’s “cherry blossoms”; “morning dance of Mother Earth’s prayers” and humanity’s struggle for peace and freedom. What an artistic, courageous triumph-whew! JULIE O’YANG Novelist & Visual Artist Amsterdam, Netherlands As I read, I find that Mr. Ashanti is a master poet and a prolific writer. Mr. Ashanti carefully has crafted the long standing struggles and repression on the mainland of China, as well as the trials and tribulations of Chinese-Americans. With extensive and accurate research on Chinese culture and mythology infused together he conjures a substantial and impressive collaboration of immense passionate writing. The Moon and The Dragon depicts a very expressive descriptive poetical outlet of hardships endured yet enriches a full immersion of Asian culture–specifically Chinese. TINA CHAN Poet--New York, NY

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Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 05/13/2013
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