The Monday Revolution: Seize control of your business life

The Monday Revolution: Seize control of your business life

by David Mansfield

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Does all the good stuff only happen at weekends? Have Sunday evenings become depressing, as the working days ahead come into view? Has your week been reduced to pointless meetings, over-complicated tasks and disillusioned colleagues?

You’re convinced there’s a better way of getting things done. But where to start? Well, this book has the answers. David Mansfield shows you how to reclaim your work week.

In a lifetime of work, David has encountered, tolerated, conquered and failed at most of the things you’ve come to accept as the natural order. The business world is a messy place. Processes and systems that were meant to help result in information overload, and just staying on top of the day-to-day feels like some sort of result.

But there are solutions, and The Monday Revolution has them. Every chapter contains stories, anecdotes and uncomplicated real-world advice on how you can Revolutionise your working life.  

Simple, immediate, actionable examples show how directors, managers and business owners can get more done, more quickly. David covers all the basics needed to fast track profitable growth. If you want to look back on your working week with satisfaction and eagerly anticipate the next, read this book. And start your own Monday Revolution, this week.


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ISBN-13: 9781788601474
Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing
Publication date: 03/19/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 232
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

David’s advice is widely sought. From startups to established organisations. All looking for outside help to solve those tricky everyday problems. And there isn’t too much he hasn’t seen. His early career in the commercial operations of the advertising and media industries exposed him to the best and worst excesses of the business world. Eventually leading Capital Radio PLC, he ran the team that built one of the most admired and successful businesses of its era. David’s many years of experience encompasses a wide range of companies and sectors. From retail, research, events, digital transformation and corporate finance to name but a few. Present in lofty board rooms and lowly management meetings, he’s been at the table when both brilliant and foolhardy decision were made, seeing first-hand how company and personal reputations can be built or destroyed. In his evolving career he has encountered the vast number of challenges that face everybody who’s trying to get ahead. His capacity for observation, clear thinking and pragmatic application will help any business leader looking to revolutionise their working week. He’s a no-nonsense visiting business school professor, academic fellow, management consultant, investor, author and public speaker.

Table of Contents

Introducing The Monday Revolution PEOPLE1. Who’s in charge around here? Good leader, bad leader 2. The Horse’s Mouth: Communication from you 3. Join us, there’s a Pret next door: Hiring4. Sticks and carrots: Pay and reward5. Who’s made the cut? Building high-performance teams NUMBERS6. Numbers, it’s a game you know: Measurement matters 7. Pass the spreadsheet: Data. Wood. Data. Trees. Data 8. I’m not paying that: The price is right?9. Black holes: Disappearing money and how to avoid it SELLING10. A sales story or two: No sales, no business 11. Right message, right place, right time: Making the most of marketing money 12. We made the shortlist! Improving the odds of winning a pitch 13. Cross-selling: Theory to practice without losing your temper14. It’s showtime! High-impact seminars and events15. Getting to know you: How to look even more attractive 16. It could be love: Relationships that count for something ORGANISATION17. Sorry, I’m in a meeting: Spending time doing the right stuff 18. I need help, with my help: Independent advice 19. Fast digital: Mandatory transformation. No exceptions 20. How did that happen? Screw-ups and left-field moments 21. Deft decisions: Evidence-based. Always.GROWING22. I want one of those! Acquisitions 23. Buried treasure: Discovering a new business in your
business24. Who’s your friend? Partnerships and pitfalls 25. Three-year plans and other nonsense: The tyranny of prediction EVERYTHINGThe Monday Revolution conclusion: One step at a time Viva la Revolución! An Afterword

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