The Mistress

The Mistress

by Tiffany Reisz


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There's punishment—and then there's vengeance.

Nora Sutherlin is in handcuffs, held captive by two men. . Under different circumstances, she would enjoy the situation immensely, but her captors aren't interested in play. Or pity.

As the reality of her impending peril unfolds, Nora becomes Scheherazade, buying each hour of her life with stories—sensual tales of Søren, Kingsley and Wesley, each of whom has tempted and tested and tortured her in his own way. This, Nora realizes, is her life: nothing so simple, so vanilla, as a mere love triangle for her. It's a knot in a silken cord, a tangled mass of longings of the body and the heart and the mind. And it may unravel at any moment.

But in Nora's world, no one is ever truly powerless—a cadre of her friends, protectors and lovers stands ready to do anything to save her, even when the only certainty seems to be sacrifice and heartbreak….

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ISBN-13: 9780778315704
Publisher: MIRA Books
Publication date: 07/30/2013
Series: Original Sinners Series , #4
Edition description: Original
Pages: 458
Sales rank: 482,063
Product dimensions: 5.46(w) x 8.04(h) x 1.28(d)

About the Author

Tiffany Reisz is a multi-award winning and bestselling author. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, author Andrew Shaffer. Find her online at

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When Nora came to she was fifteen years old again. She had to be. What else could explain the cold, industrial chair she sat in, the unforgiving metal of the handcuffs on her wrists and the terror in her heart?

Inside her aching and addled mind, Eleanor Schreiber opened her eyes and raised her head. Across from her in the interrogation room at the police station sat the new priest at Sacred Heart—3:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning and here he was before her, a mere twenty-nine years old in the face but with eyes ancient enough they'd probably seen Christ in the flesh. She kind of hoped he had. She'd always wondered how tall Jesus was.

The priest—Father Stearns to the church but Soren to her—said nothing. He merely stared at her with a little smile lurking on his lips. At least someone was enjoying her misery. Where was her father? Her dad should be here now. She needed her father, not her Father. Her dad was the reason she'd ended up arrested in Manhattan in the hours before dawn. But no, she only had her priest and the desire to wipe the smile off that perfect face of his.

"So I've been meaning to ask you…" She decided to take control of the moment and be the first to break the silence. "Are you one of those priests who fucks the kids in the congregation?"

Whatever reaction she'd hoped for from her priest, she didn't get it.


Eleanor took a deep breath and exhaled heavily through her nose. "Too bad."

"Eleanor, perhaps we should discuss the predicament you're in at the moment."

"I'm in a real pickle." She nodded, hoping to annoy him. A useless plan. They'd met twice before tonight and she'd done her damnedest to get under his skin both times. No dice. He'd treated her with kindness and respect both times. She wasn't used to that.

"You were arrested on suspicion of grand theft auto. Supposedly five luxury vehicles with a combined value of over a quarter of a million dollars have disappeared from Manhattan tonight. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"

"I take the fifth. That's what I'm supposed to say, right?"

"To the court, yes. To me, you will tell the truth always."

"I don't think you want to know the truth about me, Soren," she said, her voice not much more than a whisper. She wasn't stupid. She only had to look at him to know that he and she had nothing in common. He looked liked money, talked like money. He had the whitest fingernails she'd ever seen and hands that belonged on a statue or something. All of him looked like a work of art—his hands, his face and lips, his height and beauty…. And here she was, chipped black nail polish, wet from the rain she'd been arrested in, hair falling in lank waves into her face, her school uniform a sodden mess, no money, no hope, and her whole life a fucking train wreck.

"There is nothing I don't want to know about you," Soren said, and seemed to mean it. "And I assure you, nothing you tell me will shock or disgust me. Nothing will make me change my mind about you."

"Change your mind? You've already made up your mind about me? What's the verdict?"

"The verdict is simply this—I am willing and capable of helping you out of this mess you've gotten yourself into."

"Can we call it a 'pickle'? Pickle sounds less scary than mess."

"It's a disaster, young lady. You could easily spend years in juvenile detention for what you did tonight. One of the cars you stole belonged to someone important and influential, and he's apparently determined that you don't see sunlight until age twenty-one. Keeping you out of juvenile detention will take a great deal of doing on my part. Blessedly, I have some connections. Or, more accurately, I have someone who has connections. The time and expense will be considerable," he said in a tone that seemed to imply he relished the time and expense, which made no sense. But nothing about the man or his interest in her made any sense at all.

"And you'll go to all this trouble for me…why?" Eleanor lifted her head a little higher and stared straight into his eyes.

"Because there is nothing I wouldn't do to protect you, Eleanor. Nothing I wouldn't do to help you. And nothing I wouldn't do to save you. Nothing."

A chill passed through Eleanor's whole body. Someone walked over her grave, as her grandmother would say. She never understood that phrase, that feeling before. Now she did.

"But my assistance doesn't come without a price."

"Right." Eleanor smirked at him. "So this is when we get back to my first question and the fucking of the kids at church. Oh, well, if you insist."

"Do you value your worth as a child of God so little that you think the only thing I could possibly want from you is sex?"

The question hit Eleanor so hard she almost flinched. But she wouldn't let him see he'd gotten to her. Her mom would disown her for this. Her dad was probably eight states away by now. Her grandparents were seven minutes from death. Her entire future was about six feet under. Still she wasn't about to let anyone take away her pride. She at least had that. For now, anyway.

"So that's a no?"

Soren raised his eyebrow at her and she almost giggled. She was beginning to like this guy. She'd fallen in love with him already—utterly, completely and until the end of the world or even after. Never guessed she'd end up liking him, too.

"That would be a no. I will require something of you, however, in exchange for my assistance."

"Do you always talk like this?"

"You mean articulately?"



"Weird. So what price am I paying? Hope it's not my firstborn child. Don't want kids."

"My price is simply this—in exchange for my assistance, I only ask that you do what I tell you to do from now on."

"Do what you tell me to do?"

"Yes. I want you to obey me."

"From now on? Like…how long?"

And he smiled then and she knew she should have been afraid but something in that smile. It was the first time that night she felt safe. "Forever."

"Wake up, Sleeping Beauty."

She heard a voice tinged with a French accent and tried to ignore it as she always tried to ignore French-accented voices. The last thing Nora wanted to do was wake up. In her dream she was with Soren and he was twenty-nine and she fifteen and their story had only begun. And she knew if she opened her eyes, she could very well be facing the end of their story. She wanted to stay in her dream and would have stayed in it forever but for the cold, delicate fingers dancing across her face like spider legs.

Nora opened her eyes.

The Kingsley Edge stood in front of the mirror in his large walk-in closet studying his wounds as he changed from his torn shirt into another. The layers of marble-colored bruises Soren had left on him after their one night together had already turned from red to black. He could have hated the priest for the reminders upon his body of a night he feared would never be repeated. Still, he cherished the bruises now as much as he did when they were boys at school. Far more than the scars on his chest, gifts from enemies with guns, he wore them as badges of honor.

He raised his hand to the worst of his old wounds—a scar on the left side of his chest a few inches below his heart. A strange injury that looked more like he'd been stabbed than shot. Who knows? Maybe he had been.

The mission that had left him with that scar, with two of his four bullet wounds, he remembered almost nothing of. His mind had buried the memory, and he had no desire to dig it back up. Waking up in the hospital in Paris. That moment he would never forget. He would probably think of it on his deathbed. That hospital bed…it should have been his deathbed, could have been. But for the visitor.

He had come to consciousness slowly, arduously, crawling through the deep dark on his way back into the light. He had dragged himself up through the trench of drugs and pain, bitter pain and the failure of the mission. Sensing white light in the room, he'd kept his eyes closed, unable yet to confront the sun.

From over his shoulder he'd heard low voices—one female, crisp and careful, and one male, authoritative and unyielding.

"He will live," the man's voice said in French. It wasn't a question he asked the woman, but an order given.

"We'll do what we can for him, of course." Of course, she said. Bien sut. But Kingsley had heard the lie in her voice.

"You will do everything for him. Everything. From this moment on he is your only patient. He is your only concern."

"Oui, mon pete. Mais…" Mais…but… Her voice betrayed her fear. Mon pete? Kingsley's muddled mind had tried to wrap itself around the words. His father had been dead for years. Who was the father she spoke to?

"Consider his life as precious as your own. Do you understand that?"

There it was. Kingsley would have smiled in his half sleep were it not for the tubes down his throat. He knew a death threat when he heard it. Consider his life as precious as yout own…. That was French anyone could translate. He lives and you live. He dies and…

But who cared enough about him anymore to make even an idle threat? When joining le Legion he'd put one name down on his next-of-kin line. One name. The only family he had left. And yet, he wasn't family, not at all. Why would he of all people come to him now?

"He will live," the woman had promised, and this time she spoke no "mais."

"Good. Spare no expense for his comfort and health. All will be accounted for."

The nurse, or perhaps she was a doctor, had sworn again she would do everything. She'd pledged that the patient would walk out whole and healthy. She'd promised she would do all she could and then some. Smart woman.

Kingsley heard her high heels retreating on the tile, the sound of her shoes as crisp and efficient as her voice. The sound died and Kingsley knew he and the visitor were now alone in the room. He struggled to open his eyes but couldn't find the strength.

"Rest, Kingsley," came the voice again. And he felt a hand on his forehead, gentle as a lover's, tender as a father's.

"My Kingsley…" The voice sighed and Kingsley heard frustration mixed with amusement. Amusement or something like it. "Forgive me for saying this, but I think it's time you find a new hobby."

And even with the tubes in his throat, Kingsley had managed a smile.

The hand left his face and he felt something against his fingers. The dark came upon him again, but it wasn't the deep dark this time, merely sleep, and when he awoke again the tube was gone and he could see and speak and breathe again. And the thing that had touched his fingers was an envelope containing paperwork for a Swiss bank account someone had opened in his name—a Swiss bank account that contained roughly thirty-three million American dollars.

He took the money and he took the advice of his one and only hospital visitor. He returned to America, to the country where he'd once experienced true happiness.

And in America he did as he'd been ordered.

He found a new hobby.

Kingsley finished dressing. He tucked his shirt in and pulled on and buttoned his embroidered black-and-silver vest. Once more he looked dashing and roguish all at the same time. The household knew something had happened and for their sake he would act the part of their fearless leader as always if only to comfort their minds. In truth, he'd never been so scared in his life, not even that day in the hospital.

He yanked on his jacket as he stepped away from the mirror. Never before had he dealt with a crisis of this magnitude in his world. As soon as he'd built his Underground, his Empire of S&M clubs that catered to the wealthy and the powerful as well as the scared and the shamed, he'd begun stockpiling blackmail fodder on all the police chiefs and politicians, on the media and the Mafia, anyone who could potentially threaten his borders. Now the thing he'd feared most, harm—real harm to a citizen of his kingdom—had befallen them. And he had only himself to blame.

As soon as he left his bedroom, his night secretary, Sophie, met him in the hallway. She rattled off half a dozen messages and meetings.

"Cancel all the meetings," he ordered as they reached the stairs. "Ignore the messages."

"Oui, monsieut. Master Fiske is in your office." Good. Griffin was on time today.

He dismissed Sophie and headed to his private office on the third floor. When he reached it, he found Griffin standing by the window talking in hushed tones to the young man with him. Kingsley watched them a moment, waiting for them to notice him. But they had been afflicted with the tunnel vision of new love. Griffin raised his hand and cupped the face of Michael, his new lover. One kiss turned into a second one followed by a whisper. Michael nodded and leaned into Griffin, and when Michael's silver eyes finally looked at something other than Griffin, Kingsley saw the terror in them. He could sympathize.

"You should have left your pet at home," Kingsley said, unable to resist goading Griffin.

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The Mistress 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 43 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Unlike other writers Tiffany's series are well thought out and complete. Tiffany Reisz does not trick her readers...she finishes the story in the series as promised. I thought 50 Shades of Grey was good.....until I read this series. Now 50 shades is a 3 star while 5 stars is not enough for the Siren series. I will look forward to new books from this writer.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars ~Reviewed by ANN & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog THE MISTRESS is the final book in the Red Years Quartet and what a journey it has been! Over the course of these four books (and the novellas) I have fallen in love with every single one of the characters in this series. One of the many talents of Tiffany Reisz is that she is able to breathe life to each of her characters. Beneath all the character kinks and their troubled pasts, there is a soul there and I feel it every time I read their POVs. However, I can say that I felt it even more in this latest book. There are so many moving threads in this book that I thought I’d do something different and talk about each character as I did in my THE SIREN review and bring it back to basics. First off, I have to discuss The Queen herself, Nora. Like caulk around a tile, like binding in a book, Nora Sutherlin keeps everything together. Reisz further explores the Soren and Kingsley dynamic in a way that puts Nora right in the center of it. In a series of stories, Nora recounts her memories of her time with the two. As I said, this time you get a far more deeper understanding of Nora’s feelings for Soren and also Kingsley. I like the way Reisz told these stories because it not only solidified their bond to one another, but it brought to the surface emotions that we haven’t seen from Nora before this. As a Dominant, we see her strong and powerful. As a sub, we see her willing and ready. But now, we see her as a woman head over heels in love, fighting for the people she cares about the most. Which leads me to Soren. I have always been intrigued by the Priest. He is intimidating, but with this character, I think Reisz may have created one of the most enigmatic personalities I will ever read. Though he inflicts pain for pleasure, he really is a selfless creature. He forgives those who have shunned him, he cares for those who has hurt him and he won’t allow anyone else to deal with the problem that arise because of him. I realized he really is a softy at the core. Grace, whom we know as Zachary’s wife in the series comes back into the picture and while I could guess what was going to happen, I found it very interesting to watch it all unfold. Grace is very content in her marriage and she and Zach are very open with one another, telling each other secrets that most married couples wouldn’t share with each other. When Grace finds herself in the folds of this mess, she is drawn to the lifestyle that Soren, Nora and Kingsley all share. I find it quite fascinating how Reisz can create so much chemistry between one couple and then later on, create just as much combustible energy between another, when you switch and split them up. I don’t know how she does it, but I’m floored each time she does! Since the book does start off where the last leaves off, you know that Wesley is going to have a big part in the story. I’ve been a fan of him, but in this book, I think I really began to understand him. He has never understood the need for pain to get off. And he never will. But after the events of this book, I think he’s come to accept that having a kink doesn’t make you deranged. It just makes it different from him. I think the books ends in a good place for Wesley but I wonder if we will ever see him again? A new character is introduced. She is Soren’s niece, Laila. At first I wondered what was the purpose of her involvement in this book, but it all works out in the end. I liked her presence and her POV gave further insight into Nora and Soren’s relationship from a more personal, familial standpoint. I liked what her presence brought to the series and one character in particular. And last but not least, my favorite character of them all – Kingsley. There is just something about this guy that does it for me. He’s so strong and so in control of himself on the outside, but when you add pain into the mix, he is a completely different person. The fascination between him and Soren lives on. If there was one thing I could have, I would want Soren and Kingsley together again. I get the feeling that he is genuinely happy with Juliette, but there’s still that ember burning for Soren that will never, ever burn out. I’m excited for what the White Years will bring. These characters and their stories continue to enchant me. Even though this is the end of one quartet, it definitely doesn’t feel like it’s over for these characters yet. *ARC provided by publisher
amyj17 More than 1 year ago
WELL, WELL, WELL That was ....different. I utterly love Tiffany Reisz and this series is a unique, fun, and intense read.  The story starts off with the most fantastic one liners and the flow of the story is easy to follow especially if you did not re re read the series prior to reading. The series begins by telling us Nora's story and shows us what a sexy (yep I said it), quick, witty, and tough character she is.  Though vulnerable , Nora is the queen of bad ass even when tied up! The Mistress pretty much starts where the last book ends and is told from several points of view with the most appropriate nicknames.  The book is more about the story than the lifestyle; the lifestyle which created this story.  I was so happy to see Zach via his wife Grace in this book but that said I was disappointed there was no Michael and minimal Griffin.  All my other favs were included even Daniel.  Kingsley's attempt and the surrender were written so perfectly and true to their characters, I actually teared up. There is a couple twists and turns along the way with a couple of SHOCKERS.  You see some of them coming and the others not so much.  If you ever had doubt in the primal and eternal love this couple shares it will be put to rest by the end of the story.  Their love goes beyond the physical and is a spiritual connection, I see that now.   This final installment summed up and finished the story exactly as it needed to, without any or maybe just a couple of loose ends.  If you read this series for the steam and or lifestyle then you may be shocked.  There are a couple steamy scenes but not like in the other installments.  Its not a different story but it is the final story so keep that in mind as you read and review. OH and as you read the surprise ending!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is a great addition to The Siren series. Even in this fourth book of the series, the characters keep getting better and better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series is not for the faint of heart. I was a bit taken back after reading the first book but was hooked with Nora and wanting to learn more. I have enjoyed each book equally and this one just told more of the things a reader like myself was dying to learn. I can't help but to want to read more of Soren and Nora and hope one day they can find their happily ever after without all the drama to keeping the relationship hidden at all costs. Love what Tiffany Reisz does to draw you into this secret world and keeps you there. The characters are well developed and the story is well written!!! Highly recommend!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was so good. You really get to understand Soren's feelings for Nora. TR's stories are so well written. All of te characters are so well rounded, that it pulls you into the story. This story was a non-stop roller coaster and you don't want to get off. I'm sorry to see the end of this series.
BookFanatic132 More than 1 year ago
Hoooly crap. I am in shock. The Mistress is… amazing, as all of Tiffany Reisz’s books are. The way Ms. Reisz has with words is beyond hypnotic. It’s captivating; it draws you in and takes you for a wild ride. (And by wild, I mean wild.) With Ms. Reisz’s books, I can safely say that I never know what is going to happen. She the only author who never fails in that aspect for me. I never know how her books are going to end, and The Mistress is no exception. Nora is, as always, brilliant. I know I couldn’t have been as brave as she was in her situation. She was so brave, so loyal, so utterly fantastic. Marie-Laure may not know why Søren loves her, but I definitely do. And Søren… dear, dear Søren… he breaks my heart every time I hear his stories. To go through so much and still be as forgiving, loving, and caring as he is… it’s a miracle. Kingsley. Oh, Kingsley. The situations he’s put in would make a grown man cry. And yet, he doesn’t, because he’s so strong and huggable. Okay, not huggable, that may be just me and my wishful thinking. But you know what I mean. Dear, sweet Kingsley. Can I just put him, Søren, and Nora in a happy bubble of love? No? *sigh* I loved learning more about Nora, Søren, and Kingsley. I loved being able to peek into their background and see how things were. Flashbacks are the best, because we get to see how these people came to be who they are. (Which is one of the reasons I loved The Prince.) There were so many freaking twists in this book. Nicolas was a huge surprise. I want to know when Nora’s going to tell people about him! (Tiffany is a big fat meanie for keeping us in the dark about that!) What’s going to happen about that?! And then Fionn. What? What? WHAT? I can’t—just—I’m not even coherent right now. SO. MANY. FREAKING. TWISTS. And then Tiffany Reisz leaves us hanging. I shouldn’t even be surprised. The ending—this is so hard to say—fits. It really does. BUT SHE CAN’T JUST—Of course she can. She’s the writer. We’re just the measly pawns she gets to play with. And we let her because we love it. Honestly, if you haven’t read this series, what are you waiting for? Why are you reading this? Go read them! They’re much more eloquent than I could ever hope to be. (Especially right now. I have no words to describe the immensity of emotions coursing through me right now. Though I can tell you frustration is a huge one.) As always, a big huge thank you to the amazing Tiffany for writing this series. It was a privilege to let us be in the passenger seat while you took us on this wild ride. I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Except for maybe that ending. I JUST CAN’T—)
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
The Mistress Tiffany Reisz ARC supplied by Netgalley. I'd read the prequel (little red riding hood?) and the first book The Siren. Love, love, loved them both, but with so many unfinished trilogies/quartets on my kindle I’d made a new years resolution not to read any more of those until all parts are out – then I can indulge in a mammoth back to back reading session. Then this popped up on Netgalley...and I couldn't resist. I did wonder how it would read with my not having yet read the two middle books but I needn’t have been concerned, it was all very easy to follow – in as much as anything about Nora's life makes sense anyway! The best bit for me was that all the characters from earlier books are brought together. The magic in Tiffanys' writing is that she has the talent to take what seems an unshakable belief in the readers thoughts about the rightness of an action or person and transform it. I really didn't like Soren, a priest having a long time affair that started when Nora was just fifteen? And a man that’s a self admitted hard core Sadist? And has a sexual relationship with a long time male friend Kingsley? (not that I'm against m/m relationships but he's a Catholic priest and all this seems so hypocritical) – but I ended the novel under his seductive spell like the rest of the cast. Soren has a way of weaving his love for God and the way its part of his life, together neatly with his actions and explains it all in such a believable way. Wesley – so very protective of Nora and a fellow Soren hater found the same happened to him. I love Wesley, one of life’s wonders, a sensitive and moral man who's a deep thinker and loves with his whole being. He's a fab man – but so very much younger than Nora, a real “vanilla” lover with none of her penchant for the BDSM lifestyle – and it is an essential part of Nora's life so can they make it work? Kingsley, I can't help liking what I know of him and yet – he's not called The King for nothing, he too has a very dark side that's the greater part of his life and a love/hate relationship with Nora. Then there’s Nora’s friend Grace, wife to Zachary who we met in The Siren, and Sorens teenage niece. They also play a strong part in this book. It's erotica – but as with the rest of the series its a very, very dark erotica. Its BDSM at its extreme with some very graphic moments though reading reviews for other books not as graphic as they seem to have been. Its not a gentle spanking novel but one with strong whippings that leave marks, and other actions that leave bruises and welts. I love novels that have a proper story to carry the sex scenes, and Tiffany has done that here and so much, much more. I simply have to buy the two middle novels now even knowing how the series ends, as I want to read the rest and how the characters ended up as they did. I'll probably start from beginning again and have a Norafest day...All these people seem so real I feel like I know them. This book turns what I thought about many of them upside down, and made me really think about why they were as they were – and made me realise that though much of the BDSM elements are very dark, in fact so long as the participants are all happy and consenting what’s the harm? I don't understand how giving or receiving a beating can be sexually stimulating, but clearly to some it is. I do understand how self inflicted pain can be used as a control of oneself so I suppose its just one step (or a few more ) further on. Like Wesley I found the interaction between Soren and Nora shocking at times, and yet by the end I felt much more understanding of their relationship crept in. Noras' tales she tells to her captor to keep her alive were the perfect vehicle for showing some of what happened in earlier books in a different light – after all each person sees actions and motivations differently, and I loved the way this gave us her insight into what happened, and answered many questions the earlier books will have raised. Nora herself is an amazing person with a huge heart full of love. That’s not to say she doesn't make mistakes, we're all human, but she embraces everything Soren does and asks for more. The dead stick being watered for six months will stay with me – its a perfect example of Sorens' control – he needs it and Nora needs him to exert it. I can't say more – well I could go on for ages :) but don't want to give anything away. What I will say is this is the perfect ending to the series, brings everything up to speed and ties up all ends. I'll miss Nora and friends but am very much looking forward to my Norafest day when I have a free one. Its a fantastic book, one that will stay with you for ages. I love the psychology of the story, why each person was as they were and had the need to do what they did. Very satisfying and thought provoking. A book to engage the brain and not just a switch off brain fluff type but one you need to really concentrate on, never the less it's also a real escape from the tribulations of everyday life. My favourite sort of book. Its £5.03 for a massive 560 pages on kindle, and with the re reading factored in its great value on my VFM scale. With so many novels now being only 120-150 pages its a real treat to get one so long and that length allows the reader to get fully immersed into the story. Huge thanks to Tiffany from a reader who loves these long books :) Stars: Five – five all the way, in fact I wish I could give it five plus :) its that good.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ah, Mistress Tiffany, you evil, evil woman! Ending the book with such a teaser! Will we ever find out what Zach said to Soren? Is Wesley destined to call our favorite Priest, Uncle Soren? So many questions! So many satisfying answers. This one is a terrific read. The best of the four, I think. Everything you thought you knew, you find out that you really don't! Can't wait to see what comes next. And after that, and after that.....
Mapetite69 More than 1 year ago
Great finish to the series (I think). I fell in love with all the characters to the point I continued to think about them and their stories weeks after finishing each book in the series! Writing is well done. I laughed, cried, held my breath and at the end still felt like I was on the edge. As many questions were answered I think as many were left open. Will there be more????
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this whole series. It is unique, addicting, and well written! I could not put it down! I will definitely buy anything this author writes! As always AMAZING!!! Keep these great stories coming
CJC67 More than 1 year ago
This series has been unforgettable. I came across The Siren book I think last year or the year before as a .99 book. I thought "Hey what can I lose." Lets just say I lost NOTHING I only gained the love for another wonderful author. I started the book and fell in love the concept of this series. The character's, passion, love, heart break, humor, frustration and respect made me devour these books as quickly as I could get my hands on them. There were times I wanted to either smack one of the characters or just give them a hug. Their lives are fast paced and always full of twists and turns. This series makes you stop and think about how we look at each other and ourselves in a way. We are all guilty of judgement on others. But Nora seems to make you really consider who and what you judge. She is a outspoken woman who is strong and yet weak at the same time. She loves everyone in her own and unique way. That is what I thinks makes the characters in this book drawn to her. She sees them for who they really are and doesn't try to sway them. She lets them be who they are and they better watch it if they cross her. She loves deeply and protects ferociously. This series was such an amazing read, its hard to put into words what these books make you feel and see.  Now if I can just hold out for the red series. Thank you Tiffany.
Harleygirl2011 More than 1 year ago
I utterly love Tiffany Reisz and she is one of two authors that I recommend when people ask about BDSM authors. Every book keeps getting better and drawing me in further. I absolutely adore this crazy little family of Nora, Soren, Kingsley, Wes, Griffin, Michael, Zack, and Grace. The Mistress made me run through every emotion, I laughed, I cried, I got angry, and I sighed with relief and joy. I loved having all the juicy bits of history given to us..makes you understand the characters so much more. Sometimes I literally feel as if Nora, Soren, and Kingsley are sitting next to me actually telling me the story instead of me reading it. And the ending..way to go Tiffany for the little cliff hanger..looking forward to the next one :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another brilliant masterpiece by Tiffany Reisz! I laughed, I cried & fell even more in love with The Original Sinners family.
Katee_Robert More than 1 year ago
Every time I think Tiffany Reisz couldn't possibly get better, she goes and proves me wrong. The Mistress was tragic and beautiful and made me cry like a baby. I found myself flipping past the last page, reluctant to leave the world of the Original Sinners behind. Suffice to say these books will be re-read time and time again.
JulieEsparza More than 1 year ago
Fantastic follow up to her other books. I do believe that she is a sadist in how the ending goes. I loved it and I fall more and more in love with her characters every time!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Im going out on a limb here, after only having read the first books in this series. Ms. Reisz is an amazing writer, I have never read "erotica" like this, She wil make you question everything you held as a moral value, and give you the greatest insight into how different we all truly are. These books should not be missed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love all these books. Being Catholic, I was a little WOW, when I read the first one. NOW I've read almost all of them and I still say WOW. Great characters/stories, so funny. You are awesome.
260GMA More than 1 year ago
I love this woman. I love Nora and Tiffany. I love Wesley, Griffen, Michael, Zachary, Grace, Kingsley, and yes I now love Soren. It was bound to happen Soren has had a bad rap and in this book well you just have to read it. Oh, and that surprising connection with Grace. OMG was that ever unexpected and awesome. I just love this author and pray that she will continue to write her wonder books until I am no longer on this world. Tiffany Reisz walks on water. Again thank you Mistress Tiffany.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Must Read. I hated Soren until this book. This book changed my opinion on everyone! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is even better than the first three books, and Ioved them. Tiffany Reisz is an excellent writer, her books are funny, intense with great characters
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it. Best series ever.
ssmommie75TB More than 1 year ago
The Mistress made me wish I had read other Tiffany Reisz books first, but regardless this was an amazing book. I would recommend reading her others first so that it makes better sense, but it was awesome without the other books.