The Message

The Message

by Devon Rahman


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Greetings of peace the world over!

Being the middle child in a family of ten siblings of Preston/Nettie Simms-Hale, this afforded me of what is considered having a blessed life. At the ripe young age of fifty-two years, the spirit of that ultimate power of the ruling force in all universes taught me one great thing humanity is lacking: how to love everyone on Earth. That includes the good, bad, and what we think is the ugly. You need to both read, hear, and possibly feel this message!

It’s a message aimed at every one of the human life forms, and their pets as well, who claim Earth as their home! Having noticed the many, many transformations the human species have gone through since day one of all beings of life on and in Earth, these new revelations revealed by those so-called men-in-charge have revealed one importance. No, one very important fact: we’re not all of that! Life is not simply about one individual but humanity as that fifth race in our universe. Thus, naturally posing the question of who are one, two, three, and four!

This new revelation has been delivered to me by that ultimate ruling power us human beings have come to be identified by name as God Jehovah, as well as that name used by other languages spoken on Earth. Jesus Christ is the one who laid down his life specifically for you—the human being.

The Message was designed to show that message from a visual perspective of why. From that relationship—or partnership, if you will—with me, the author, and my professor, Mr. Holy Spirit. Listen, learn, then enjoy the only chance you were freely given: life on Earth!

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Publication date: 07/18/2018
Pages: 78
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