The Mavericks [DualDisc]

The Mavericks [DualDisc]

by The MavericksThe Mavericks


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On The Mavericks, their first studio album since leaving MCA in 1999, the Mavericks find themselves at a creative crossroads. While vocalist and songwriter Raul Malo is able to freely indulge his muse on any number of projects, the band as a whole has been making numerous musical decisions. The results are not always positive. First, the good news: when at their best, as they are for a good part of this recording, the Mavericks are simply the best there are. On tracks such as "In My Dreams," informed as it is by Roy Orbison's ghost and Malo's deeply expressive singing, the band becomes larger than life. Singing a midtempo ballad, the band gathers around him and allows him to walk out on the emotional edge of his vocal and dig a lot deeper than the arrangement would normally suggest. Likewise, on the son-infused "Shine a Light," a sheen of Cuban soul acts as the fiber the tune is woven from. A well-placed horn section and numerous strains of polyrhythmic drive make this the party tune everybody's been waiting to hear from them. Likewise, the slow rhumba feel of "Wondering," with Malo's '50s-influenced singing, makes this the greatest song k.d. lang never recorded. "By the Time" showcases the band's still-deep country-waltz roots, and the B-3 touch that hovers in the background is positively haunting. The slightly funky country-AOR roots of "Time Goes By" make it one of the dirtiest and most emotional tunes the group has ever recorded. The Latin lounge of "San Jose" -- not the Bacharach tune -- would be the best thing on the album if it weren't for the badly intoned synthed-out strings. Likewise, "Would You Believe" and "Because of You," with their thickly textured busy-ness, draw away from the emotion inherent in them and are swallowed by their own arrangements. The performance of "Air That I Breathe," while valiant and seemingly heartfelt, cannot redeem this song from the schmaltz pile. The Mavericks are still more than capable of coming up with the goods when it comes to fine songwriting and performances, but next time they should hire a producer to rough up their overly rounded surfaces. Malo may indeed be the problem, trying to maneuver his band into playing for his solo moods, but with a unit this fine, he should be writing for them. [The album's DualDisc version features surround sound and bonus multimedia content.]

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Release Date: 11/02/2004
Label: Imports
UPC: 0676628454121
catalogNumber: 8454121
Rank: 77895


Disc 1

  1. I Want to Know
  2. In My Dreams
  3. Shine Your Light
  4. I'm Wondering
  5. By the Time
  6. Would You Believe?
  7. Too Lonely
  8. Time Goes By
  9. San José
  10. Because of You
  11. Air That I Breathe

Disc 2

  1. I Want to Know
  2. In My Dreams
  3. Shine Your Light
  4. I'm Wondering
  5. By the Time
  6. Would You Believe?
  7. Too Lonely
  8. Time Goes By
  9. San José
  10. Because of You
  11. Air That I Breathe
  12. Would You Believe?
  13. [Behind the Scenes Footage]
  14. [Artist Photos]
  15. [CD-ROM Track]

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mavericks   Primary Artist
Eric Darken   Percussion
David Davidson   Concert Master
Paul Deakin   Drums,Group Member
Chris Dunn   Trombone
Kenny Greenberg   Guitar
John Hobbs   Keyboards
Jim Hoke   Tenor Saxophone
Raul Malo   Guitar,Vocals,Melodica,Group Member
Doug Moffet   Baritone Saxophone
Gordon Mote   Keyboards,Mellotron
Robert Reynolds   Bass,Background Vocals,Group Member
Jim Williamson   Trumpet
Glenn Worf   Upright Bass
Glen Caruba   Percussion
Matt Nygren   Trumpet
Jimmy Bowland   Alto Saxophone
Jannelle Guillot   Voiceover

Technical Credits

Albert Hammond   Composer
Ray Benson   Engineer
Kenny Greenberg   Producer
Don Hart   String Arrangements
Mike Hazelwood   Composer
Jim Hoke   Horn Arrangements
Mills Logan   Engineer
Raul Malo   Composer,Producer
Dave McNair   Engineer
Dale Watson   Composer
Chris Haynes   Engineer
John Trickett   Executive Producer
Bob Michaels   Executive Producer
Alan Miller   Composer
Jeff Dean   Executive Producer
Matt Nygren   Horn Arrangements
Jaime Hanna   Composer
Steven Goldmann   Video Director
Chuck Ybarra   Graphic Design
Kristian Storli   Authoring
Chris Burns   Engineer
Kehni Davis   Quality Control
Susan Bowman   Producer
Tameron Hedge   Producer

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