The Mars Club: And You Thought The Mile-High Club Was The Club To Join

The Mars Club: And You Thought The Mile-High Club Was The Club To Join

by W.E. Sinful

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Mars Club is a fictional account of two very different space flights to Mars. The first mission is a disaster because of human issues resulting from sending a mixed-gender crew on a long space flight. The crew would be separated from their loved ones for years. No hugs, kisses, or… sex, at least, from the ones on Earth. A second attempt is a whole lot different, as the crew joins the Mars Club!

This book will explore the human side of a long space flight to Mars. This book tells the story of two different space flights, two different approaches, and two very different outcomes.

Most people tend to ignore the significant sociological difference between sending three men on a short ten-day trip to the Moon and sending both men and women to Mars for a multiyear voyage. This book explores the human side of a journey to Mars, its sexual implications. Early explorers, whether it was an expedition on land or a journey by sea, were typically all males. Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue with an all-male crew, even NASA used three-man teams when first exploring the Moon. Modern society no longer has the gender roles of old. An all-male crew would not be acceptable in today's society. Today men and women are expected to be equal partners in all aspects of life and share in the risks and rewards of exploration.

A journey to Mars would be several years long. How is this to occur? Married astronauts, or anyone in a close personal relationship, would be separated from loved ones for years. No hugs, no kisses and no… sex. At least, from the ones on Earth. Would crew members of the opposite gender, be allowed to socialize, or for that matter, could it be stopped? If the astronauts were married or in close relationships, there would be a high probability that their relationship with loved ones on Earth would be destroyed. The spouse on Earth would have many opportunities to wander and explore potential new relationships and what of the one in space, in a cramped, confined space, working with members of the opposite sex. They will have to endure hours of boredom on the journey to and from Mars. The only humans they will have a direct contact for those two years will be the other crew members. Even if innocent at first, will they not explore potential relationships with the others.

In the 'Mars Club,' the world's first mission to land humans on Mars was a disaster, as predicted by Dr. Smith, a Physiologist working for NASA. It failed not because of mechanical iproblems with the spacecraft but from personal issues resulting from sending a mixed-gender crew on a multiyear space flight. I was, as Dr. Smith feared it would occur. The young doctor proposes a radically different approach for a second attempt, a concept that would shock the world. The head of the Space Agency liked the doctor's idea, and the two hide the details of their new approach, until after launch. The second attempt is successful, but not without issues and unintended consequences. Their sexual discoveries are far greater than the discoveries about Mars.

If you think joining the Mile-High club would be a wild ride, wait until you read about joining… the Mars Club.

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About the Author

Our latest book is Mars Club, an erotic space adventure, with humor, incite to human relationships, and plenty of sex.

We also have books published in two different series, the Orange Blossom nudist series and the Payton series. The Orange Blossom series consists of three separate books, and the Payton series currently has 12 short stories. All stories are written in explicit detail, but humor, romance, and the complications that sex creates are not ignored.

We must remind readers, as a practicing nudist, living in Florida, the Orange Blossom stories are fantasies. They do not represent a typical nudist lifestyle. Nudist resorts or beaches are not one big orgy, there actually quite sedate and relaxing. We must confess, though the sights do spark the sexual imagination, essential for an erotic writer.

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