The Mammoth Book of Unexplained Phenomena

The Mammoth Book of Unexplained Phenomena

by Roy Bainton


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This fascinating compilation of some of the world's most baffling, still-unexplained wonders is sure to keep you thoroughly mystified page after page. Includes mysteries concerning the Titanic, UFOs, inexplicable astronomy, and much more bizarre phenomena that twenty-first century science can't explain.

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ISBN-13: 9780762448098
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers
Publication date: 04/09/2013
Series: Mammoth Books Series
Pages: 512
Sales rank: 506,893
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.50(h) x 1.60(d)

About the Author

Roy Bainton is a full-time writer whose work has been featured on BBC Radio and in the Observer. He lives in Nottingham, England.

Table of Contents

Introduction: E=mc2 or Not? 1

Part 1 The Age of Unreason 16

Faith v. Facts 20

One Truth or Two? 22

Measuring a Circle: Who Made Us? 28

Beyond the Bible: Non-Christian Creationism 34

Bugs from Space 35

When Worlds Collide 36

The Hindu View 37

The Great Spirit: Native America 38

Top Gun Meets Saturday Night Fever 42

Part 2 Hot Chestnuts - UFOs 45

Loving the Alien 46

A Brief History of UFOs 57

Biblical UFOs 60

Hover - You're on Camera… 64

Mysterious Airships, November 1896 66

Cowboys, Aliens… and Zeppelins 68

The Los Angeles Invasion, February 1942 70

Tulagi, The Solomon Islands, 12 August 1942 72

Foo Fighters and Ghost Rockets, 1944-6 74

The Coming of the Pie Plates, June 1947 76

The Summer of 1947 79

UFDs - Unidentified Flying Doughnuts: The Strange Case of the Maury Island Affair, July 1947 80

Enter "The Men in Black" 82

Men in Black II 87

Facts and Fabrications: What Made New Mexico Famous 98

The Roswell Story 1: The Basic Chronology 100

The Roswell Story 2: Alien Autopsy 107

Quick! Get the Kodak! The McMinnville, Oregon, Photos 111

The UFO Collision Mystery 113

The Real X-Files 115

They're on the Ground! Face to Face with the Men From Space: The Anomalous Life of George Adamski 121

An Uncanny Epilogue… 128

Little Green Men… Evolving Aliens and Other Entities 130

The Zamora Sighting 133

UFOs and the Military: The "Official" Projects 135

Alien Abductions 140

Shooting Stars: Celebrities and UFOs 147

Robbie Williams 148

Dan Aykroyd 149

Dwight Schultz 150

Billy Ray Cyrus 150

Sammy Hagar 151

John Lennon 151

Elvis Presley 152

Jackie Gleason 152

Jimi Hendrix 153

Walter Cronkite 153

David Bowie 154

Digging Deeper: Close Encounters of the Dangerous Kind 156

Fliege Heti! The Nazis and UFOs 159

Dreamland: Area 51 164

Part 3 Beyond the Veil 167

Life after Death 168

Science v. Quackery 172

Near-Death Experiences 173

Heaven and Hell 187

Reported Experiences 189

Knocking on Heaven's Door: The Sixth Sense 195

Spiritualism: Not as Old as You Think… 201

The Fox Sisters 205

Henry Slade 206

Daniel Dunglas Home 209

Florence Cook 212

Is There Anybody There? A Night with the Spirits 220

How to Be a Medium 229

Spiritualists, Witchcraft and the Bible 233

TV Psychics: Most Not Haunted 237

Away with the Fairies: Houdini v. Holmes 241

Medium Rare: The Search for Real Psychics 251

Psychics and Mediums: What's the Difference? 252

The Psychic Barber 252

Rosemary the Celtic Lady™ 254

Doris Stokes 256

Michelle Whitedove 260

Psychics for Sale 262

'Everything from bowels to bereavement": Power, Politics, Personalities and Psychics 265

In the Arms of the Angels: Help from the Heavenly Host 280

Heavenly Mechanics 284

Back from the Dead: Ghosts and Other Restless Spirits 288

Part 4 Inexplicable Astronomy 300

Copy That, Capcom 301

Dark Matter 317

Mars or Bust? 319

The St Valentine's Day Marsacre… 324

"It's life, Jim, but not as we know it": A Quartet of Mystery Moons 326

Inner and Outer Limits 329

The Goldilocks Zone 335

Part 5 Bizarre Biology 339

Rubbernecks Rule, OK? 340

The Elusive Nessie 346

Van Gölü Canavari, the Lake Van Monster 350

Mokele-mbembe 351

"Champ", The Lake Champlain Monster 352

Ogopogo and Caddy 353

Big Pussy or Lurking Lynx? 354

Cheshire Cats 355

The Beast of Exmoor 357

Bigfoot and Yeti: Hairy Relatives? 358

Hidden Horrors: Mothman, the Tatzelwurm and the Goat Sucker 361

Part 6 Shiver Me Timbers! Maritime Mysteries 364

Deathly Drifters 365

The Mary Celeste 368

The Flying Dutchman 374

The Unsinkable Titanic 380

The Mummy Takes a Trip 384

Triangles in the Fog: Bermuda, Rhubarb and the Great Lakes 389

Vile Vortices 396

Don't Believe the Hype 398

Dead Horses in the Doldrums 402

Fo'c'sle Frighteners 407

The Octavius 410

The Pamir 415

The Port Pirie 417

The Mystery of the Marlborough 419

Death Ship: The Curious Case of the Ourang Medan 425

Brunei's Folly: The Cursed Great Eastern 431

Anatomy of a Classic: Ghost Boat - UB-65 438

The Dark Ocean 447

The Mystery of Eilean Mor 450

Vanishing Act: The Philadelphia Experiment 456

Part 7 Panic and Paranoia 469

Scared Witless 470

The Zombie Bug 473

SARS: The Conspiracy Virus 475

Folk Devils and Moral Panic: Satanic Abuse 480

Part 8 Combing the Fringe: Fun, Fort and Fine Entertainment - A Miscellany of Mysteries 485

Bizarre Archaeology 486

The Acámbaro Figures 490

The Riddle of the Dropa Stones 490

The Horned Human Skull 492

The Map of the Creator 493

The Aluminium Wedge of Aiud 494

The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone 494

The Piri Rcis Map 495

Giants of America 496

The Kensington Runestone 500

The Shroud of Turin: Christ or Leonardo? 502

Skullduggery 505

Bones of Contention (and Other Body Parts …) 514

Himmler's Holy Lance 525

The Holy Lance: A Chronology 533

The Holy Lance: More than One Destiny? 544

Urban Legend Goes Underground: A Victorian Railway Mystery 547

The Laughter of the Gods 553

Crystal Balls 556

Coincidence and Synchronicity 562

Citadel of Secrets: The Mystery of Edward Leedskalnin 568

Epilogue: Through the Revolving Door 574

Select Bibliography 578

Index 585

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