The Life of Frederick Douglass

The Life of Frederick Douglass

by Booker T. Washington


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THE chance or destiny which brought to this land of ours, and placed in the midst of the most progressive and the most enlightened race that Christian civilization has produced, some three or four millions of primitive black people from Africa and their descendants, has created one of the most interesting and difficult social problems which any modern people has had to face. The effort to solve this problem has put to a crucial test the fundamental principles of our political life and the most widely accepted tenets of our Christian faith. Frederick Douglass's career falls almost wholly within the first period of the struggle in which this problem has involved the people of this country,--the period of revolution and liberation. That period is now closed. We are at present in the period of construction and readjustment. Many of the animosities engendered by the conflicts and controversies of half a century ago still survive to confuse the councils of those who are seeking to live in the present and the future, rather than in the past. But changes are rapidly coming about that will remove, or at least greatly modify, these lingering animosities. This book will have failed of its purpose just so far as anything here said shall serve to revive or keep alive the bitterness of those controversies of which it gives the history; it will have attained its purpose just so far as it aids its readers to comprehend the motives of, and the men who entered with such passionate earnestness into, the struggle of which it gives in part a picture--particularly the one man, the story of whose life is here narrated.

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In the succeeding chapters, an effort has been made to present an account of the life of Frederick Douglass as a slave and as a public man during the most eventful years of the anti-slavery movement, the Civil War, the period of reconstruction, and the after years of comparative freedom from sectional agitation over the "Negro problem."
To bring this study within the plan and purposes of this Series of Biographies, such subjects as "The Genesis of the Anti-Slavery Agitation," "The Fugitive Slave Law," "The Underground Railway," "The American Colonization Society," "The Conflict in Kansas for Free Soil," "The John Brown Raid," "The Civil War," "The Enlistment of Colored Troops," and "Reconstruction," have been given more space than they have received in earlier biographies.

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