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The Life and Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: An Annotated Bibliography

The Life and Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: An Annotated Bibliography

by Kenneth E. Hendrickson IIIKenneth E. Hendrickson III


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The life and presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt not only epitomized the times of a remarkable individual thrown into the midst of one of history's most difficult periods, but his legacy also helped to define an entire generation and, to this day, continues to impact the course of American politics and history. The presidency of FDR (1882-1945) began during the Great Depression and extended into an unprecedented fourth term that concluded only with his death. Consequently, the amount of literature written about our 32nd president is enormous.

Historian Kenneth E. Hendrickson has completed the Herculean task of compiling the most comprehensive English-language bibliography ever on a single individual and his influence. The scope of this mammoth resource is exhaustive. It contains references and annotations to all books, articles, and dissertations concerning Franklin Delano Roosevelt, his life, his presidency, important people, and events written and published to 1994. Nearly 10,000 entries are arranged in nine chapters, each of which focuses on a particular aspect of FDR's life and career.

This three-volume set has been designed to provide researchers with easy access to all the books, chapters, articles, and doctoral dissertations written on Roosevelt, his career, his family, his associates, the America in which he lived, and all the major events of his presidency. Save for battle literature on World War II, every important topic related to FDR and his presidency can be found.

The author and subject indexes, coupled with the Table of Contents, provide accessible data on any relevant topic. The researcher is advised to begin with the Table of Contents and then cross-reference both topics and authors with the index. This technique will produce a considerable list of annotated references on any desired topic.

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About the Author

Kenneth E. Hendrickson has been chairman of the History Department at Midwestern State University for more than 35 years. He is the author of Profiles in Power: Twentieth Century Texans in Washington, The Spanish-American War, and Essays and Commentaries in American History.

Table of Contents

Part 1 VOLUME 1 Part 2 Preface Part 3 Acknowledgments Part 4 List of Acronyms and Abbreviations Part 5 Chronology Part 6 1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Chapter 7 General Biographical Material Chapter 8 Political Life: Prepresidential Part 9 2. Overview of the Roosevelt Presidency Chapter 10 General Accounts Chapter 11 The White House Chapter 12 Political Scandals Chapter 13 Presidential Leadership Chapter 14 Roosevelt's Presidential Ranking Chapter 15 Third-Term Issues Chapter 16 Roosevelt and the Media Chapter 17 Roosevelt as Commander in Chief Chapter 18 Executive Office and Cabinet and Executive Appointments Chapter 19 Roosevelt and Congress Chapter 20 Advisory Commissions and Committees Part 21 3. Personalities: Political, Military, and Diplomatic Chapter 22 Executive Branch Chapter 23 Vice-Presidents Chapter 24 White House Staff Chapter 25 Cabinet Chapter 26 New Deal Agencies Chapter 27 Advisers Chapter 28 Diplomats Chapter 29 Army Officers Chapter 30 Navy and Marine Corps Officers Chapter 31 Congressional and Political Leaders Chapter 32 Western Senators Chapter 33 Southern Congressmen Chapter 34 Southern Senators Chapter 35 Northern Congressmen Chapter 36 Northern Senators Part 37 4. Domestic Affairs: Agriculture, Business, Industry, Labor, the Economy, and Veterans Chapter 38 Agriculture and the Environment Chapter 39 Business, Energy, Housing, Trade, and Transportation Chapter 40 New Deal Agencies and Legislation Part 41 5. Domestic Affairs: The Arts, Culture, Health and Welfare, and Science and Technology Chapter 42 General Works Chapter 43 Arts and Music Chapter 44 Entertainment Media Chapter 45 Immigration and Migration Chapter 46 Health and Welfare Chapter 47 Society and Culture Chapter 48 Science, Technology, and Military Planning Chapter 49 New Deal Agencies and Legislation Part 50 VOLUME 2 Part 51 6. Domestic Affairs: Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, Politics, Public Opinion, and the Supreme Court Chapter 52 Civil Rights, Segregation, and the Problems and Black Americans Chapter 53 Political Affairs Chapter 54 Third Parties and Pressures Groups Chapter 55 Public Opinion and the Media Chapter 56 Civil Liberties and Internal Security Chapter 57 Supreme Court and Federal Courts Part 58 7. Foreign Affairs: Prewar Chapter 59 General Accounts Chapter 60 Africa Chapter 61 Australia Chapter 62 Canada Chapter 63 Europe: Western Chapter 64 Europe: Eastern Chapter 65 USSR and the Recognition Question Chapter 66 Asia Chapter 67 Middle East Chapter 68 Latin America Chapter 69 FDR and Foreign Affairs Chapter 70 Diplomats and Advisers Chapter 71 Congress and Foreign Affairs Chapter 72 Public Opinion and Foreign Affairs Part 73 World War II: Home Front, Diplomacy, and Strategy Chapter 74 Homefront Chapter 75 Diplomacy and Strategy Chapter 76 Ideology Chapter 77 The Jewish Question, Refugess, Immigration, and the Holocaust Chapter 78 Personalities Chapter 79 Military Activities and Intelligence Chapter 80 Origins of the United Nations Chapter 81 Origins of the Cold War Chapter 82 Postwar Planning Part 83 9. Bibliographies, Documents, and General Reference Works Chapter 84 Bibliographies Chapter 85 Document Collections Chapter 86 Historiographical Essays Chapter 87 Roosevelt Library Chapter 88 Oral History and Oral History Collections Part 89 VOLUME 3 Part 90 Author Index Part 91 Subject Index

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