The Library of Work and Play: Mechanics, Indoors and Out

The Library of Work and Play: Mechanics, Indoors and Out

by Fred Hodgson

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I. A Pathway of Cement
Purchasing property, River Passaic�Removing rocks and other obstacles�Preparing for cement sidewalk�Digging trench and purchasing materials�Making, laying, and properly placing concrete�The lever and roller and application�Moving heavy bodies with lever and roller�Finishing the cement sidewalk�How to make good concrete walks. 3
II. Building of a Boat House
Qualities of the inclined plane�Dismantling an old barn and out-houses�Blocks and tackle, ropes and pulleys�Strength and care of ropes�Building a boat-house, using old materials�Strength of timber floors�Method of construction�Holding power of nails�Doors and windows for boat-house�The use of rollers in moving heavy weights�Sliding ways for boat�How heavy stones were raised to tops of Egyptian Pyramids. 36
III. Bridge and Boat Work
Dimensions of the launch�Arrival of The Mocking-Bird�An interesting boat talk�A sail on the river�Building a small foot-bridge�The same completed�Some rules for sailing a launch�Fitting up boat-house and dock�Preparing block for keel�The winch and its construction�The wheel and axle as a mechanical power�The fusee, and what it means�Some problems solved. 65
IV. Making a Gasolene Launch
Arrival of boat material�Laying keel and keelson�Setting up the boat and giving her shape�Laying engine bed�Installing engine and propeller�Nailing on planking�Table of offsets�Gasolene engine and carburetor�Dimensions of engine and propeller�Gas engines, generally�Danger of using gasolene�The proper use of yacht flags for signalling. 84
V. A Talk About Engines
Water around the cylinder�The carburetor and spark coil�Running the engine in boat-house�Varnishing the boat�A steamboat on the river�A story of the first steam engine�How the steam acted in the case�The slide valve, piston and steam chest�Internal and external engine heaters�Horse-power and how calculated�Foot pounds, dry steam and condensation�Expansion of gases, turbines�Gilding the name�Constructing picnic tables and seats�Height of tables, chairs and benches. 110
VI. Propeller and Other Screws
The launch of the Caroline�Trial of the new boat�Description of the screw as a power�The wheel and worm and endless screw�Formula for counting power of wheel and worm screws of various kinds�Archimedian screw and water lifter�Some data of power of "wheel and worm"�The screw propeller, with data�How to calculate force of propeller screws�Finding pitch and other lines for propeller�The screw auger or boring tool�Adhesion of ordinary wood screws�How to loosen and withdraw rusty screws. 136
VII. Aeroplanes
Seats for riverside�Model aeroplane for the "Fourth"�Dimension on construction of planes�Why a monoplane rises from the earth�The gyroscope as a balancer�The biplane and its construction�Aeroplanes generally�The French aeroplane "Demoiselle"�How to make a model aeroplane�Illustrations and details of model aeroplane�Some general remarks. 158
VIII. Kites, Sundials, Patents
The theory of kite-flying�The highest kite ascent�The flat plane kite�The kite a small aeroplane�A box kite of common type�Cellular kites of various kinds�Pairs and bevies of kites�Bird flight and motion�War kites of various kinds�Wind gauges and wind force�Patents and how to secure them�A simple sundial�How to make an oval flower bed. 185
IX. Tides
The "why" of the tides explained�Globular form of the earth proved�Day and night�Phases of the moon�Attraction of the sun and moon�Newton's theory of the tides�Height of tides�A simple hygrometer�The Australian boomerang�Theory of the pump. 212
X. Wall Making and Plumbing
Protecting the river bank�Concrete retaining walls�Big dams in the West�Galveston sea wall�The great dam across the Nile�Proposed irrigation works in Babylon�Some properties of light and sound�Hints on amateur plumbing�The peppermint test�Barometers of various kinds�Thermometers, and their uses�Something about steel springs�How to make a cross-bow�The gyroscope and its uses. 237

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