The Led Zeppelin Curse: Jimmy Page and the Haunted Boleskine House

The Led Zeppelin Curse: Jimmy Page and the Haunted Boleskine House

by Lance Gilbert


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"I loved the book, quite frankly. Once I began reading, it was evident that the author's experience in the occult and the paranormal would provide me with the most truthful and logical analysis of the band I would ever get concerning this topic."

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"His words spoke loudly, and he was intellectually sound in his opinion on many levels. It was extremely well written and obviously the author knew enough about Crowley to write an accurate account of his influence on Page."

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"Probably the most in-depth book that will ever be written on the Led Zeppelin occult/curse subject. The fact that the author has dabbled in rituals heightens the intensity." "I've always wondered about the claims of Jimmy and the magic. This book explains a lot of things."

"Loved it! A great read for anyone curious about Jimmy Page's fascination with Aleister Crowley and the history of Boleskine House." "It has everything that I would want in a read: rock n roll, magic(k) and new information about rock gods that I didn't already know."

"As a fan of Led Zeppelin, mother to a teenaged daughter who wants to be the next John Bonham and obsessive researcher of the occult and paranormal, I really enjoyed this book. It is written in a friendly tone that sounds like Lance Gilbert is chatting directly with you."

"Aleister Crowley crops up in so many different group's rock songs and it is worth reading about the influence this man had directly and indirectly on the music of the time and specifically on Led Zeppelin."

Who or what is responsible for the Led Zeppelin Curse?

There has long been rumour that the members of Led Zeppelin made a pact with the Devil, selling their souls for fame and fortune. The legend of the Led Zeppelin Curse emerged in the late 1970's after multiple accidents, deaths and other bad luck began to plague the band and those close to them.

Led Zeppelin founder Jimmy Page was known for his intense interest in the occult and in particular the notorious magician Aleister Crowley. In the early 70's Page collaborated with underground filmmaker and fellow Crowley enthusiast Kenneth Anger on his film Lucifer Rising. The partnership ultimately soured, and Anger sought revenge.

This is a unique and objective analysis of rock's most enduring mystery. No other book ties together all of the details while taking the reader backstage in the all too real and dangerous world of the occult.

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ISBN-13: 9780473410537
Publisher: Lance Gilbert
Publication date: 03/29/2018
Pages: 174
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