The Joy of Accounting: A Game-Changing Approach That Makes Accounting Easy

The Joy of Accounting: A Game-Changing Approach That Makes Accounting Easy


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Discover a new, graphical way to conquer accounting.


The Joy of Accounting uses a revolutionary method of teaching that universities and businesses are raving about.

"...has the advantage of showing how accounting works visually. ...I believe that it is of value to anyone who is interested in understanding how accounting works (from high school students to undergrads to MBAs to business executives)." - Paul Healy, James R. Williston Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

The Joy of Accounting is different. It uses a diagram that shows accounting on a single page. The game-changing Color Accounting BaSIS Framework makes learning as simple as pointing a finger. The book is easy to read and fun, yet deeply rigorous.


Yes, the Color Accounting BaSIS Framework™ does for accounting what the mouse did for computers. When Apple introduced the Macintosh computer everyone could suddenly use one. The Joy of Accounting system makes accounting literacy available to anyone.


· An idiot-proof step-by-step sequence to follow

· Over 150 full-color diagrams

· Working capital, cash flow, liquidity, leverage, efficiency metrics, receivables management and depreciation.


· Confidently read balance sheets and income statements

· Take control of your profitability, cash flow and growth

· Budget effectively

· Revisit previous accounting studies for deeper understanding


· Managers wanting to take control of their business

· High school, home school and university students

· School teachers and university lecturers looking for new ways of explaining

· Sales people wanting to pitch more successfully by using financial drivers

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ISBN-13: 9781735312910
Publisher: Accounting Comes Alive, Inc
Publication date: 10/06/2020
Pages: 294
Sales rank: 839,217
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Peter Frampton is a businessman, educator, and advocate for the magic that accounting literacy can unleash in people's lives.

He has a passion for words, which led him to explore how people struggle to think and talk finance. It turns out that we battle with financial information because of the terms and definitions (that financial experts use casually and imprecisely), not because of the numbers.

When qualifying as an expert accountant at the world's largest accounting firm he began with his friend and colleague a twenty-year inquiry into the root cause of the widespread muddle about how accounting truly works. That began a quest to find a better, easier way to learn.

The unprecedented book The Joy of Accounting is the upshot of that odyssey. Because it uses color-diagrams throughout, its new approach only became possible with the graphic-design and color printing technology that arrived in the 1990s.

The Joy of Accounting is a breakthrough text that makes accounting easy for all types of learner. Its simplicity, lucid explanations and relaxed style appeal to anyone, regardless of prior experience. Authored with Mark Robilliard and with input from dozens of education-colleagues in schools, universities and workplaces, and drawing on techniques refined in thousands of workshops and classes, the book is a standout contribution to business education.

Driven by a deeply-held desire to support people to live their fullest lives, Peter Frampton has passionately advocated for accounting literacy as an essential life skill. Accounting illiteracy holds too many people back from jobs they want, business success they deserve, and financial abundance they strive for.

Peter Frampton was born in South Africa and lived in Sydney Australia and Washington DC. His home is now Geneva, Switzerland. Along the way he had three daughters, started a number of businesses in healthcare, technology and education, and founded an award-winning business incubator. He hikes, mountain bikes, does CrossFit and plays tennis. He is on the adjunct faculty of American University in Washington DC and has taught at numerous other universities such as Georgetown, Wharton and Exeter, in the US, UK and Africa.

Mark Robilliard is CEO of the Accounting Literacy Foundation and is a director of its founding sponsor, Wealthvox. He is co-developer of the revolutionary Color Accounting BaSIS Framework™ teaching and presentation technology.
Mark leads seminars in financial statement and business acumen skills, for lawyers, bankers and business people.
He is Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand and was the National Training Manager for KPMG Australia. Among many roles, he led the Human Resources Department for the largest insurer in Australia. As a group facilitator he has designed and facilitated hundreds of workshops and trainings for many thousands of participants from team problem-solving workshops to large-scale organizational change
Mark is on the adjunct faculty of American University and has taught at other secondary, tertiary and post-grad institutions in the US and Australia. He has studied advanced communication and is a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master-Level practitioner.
Mark recently moved back to Australia with his wife and daughter from his base in Wisconsin, USA. They love to travel and experience other cultures and lifestyles.

Cate worked in the banking sector in London UK before joining The Joy of Accounting publisher, Wealthvox Press, in 2013. After the birth of her daughter she was inspired to set up The Cool Head Company to bring financial literacy to women and children. It is a mission that continues to inspire her.

Cate completed grew up in South Africa and has an MBA from Ashridge Business School/ City University, London.

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