The Inner Mounting Flame

The Inner Mounting Flame

by Mahavishnu Orchestra


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Jazz-rock fusion - - as distinct from the jazz-funk character of the genre - - came to full fruition with The Inner Mounting Flame.Where the groundbreaking fusion recordings of Miles Davis were spacious and rambling and those of the Tony Williams Lifetime were often bumptious and diffuse, the debut recording from the soon-to-be-legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra offered compact, precisely arranged performances that unashamedly made use of the sonic intensity and aggressive rhythms of contemporary rock. Highlighting the breathtaking virtuosity of guitarist and group leader John McLaughlin (an integral associate of Miles Davis and a former member of Tony Williams Lifetime), drummer Billy Cobham, violinist Jerry Goodman and the then-novel electronic keyboard wizardry of Jan Hammer, the Mahavishnu Orchestra had all the dramatic impact of the finest rock bands of the time, with the added plus of unparalleled musicianship. The gripping highpoints of THE INNER MOUNTING FLAME - - McLaughlin and Goodman divebombing through lightning fast unison passages or McLaughlin and the apparently super human Cobham going head to head - - offered a new jazz-rock sound that instantly sent the burgeoning fusion movement into overdrive. Steve Futterman

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Release Date: 08/18/1998
Label: Sbme Special Mkts.
UPC: 0886978790224
catalogNumber: 787902
Rank: 5410


  1. Meeting of the Spirits
  2. Dawn
  3. The Noonward Race
  4. A Lotus on Irish Streams
  5. Vital Transformation
  6. The Dance of Ma
  7. You Know, You Know
  8. Awakening

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