The Indianology of California: Volume Two, Containing Series Three

The Indianology of California: Volume Two, Containing Series Three


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The Indianology of California is a compiled reprint from a series of 151 newsprint articles originally published by Alexander Taylor (1817-1876) in the California Farmer Journal of Useful Sciences between 1860 and 1863. Much of Taylor's writing was original work that he transcribed from his personal research, his large collection of Franciscan documents, and from interviews with Native Americans. In this book, Taylor conveys facts about California Native American ethnography as accurately as his experience permitted and many details of his research have never been reprinted. The Indianology of California reports on the history, languages and customs of many native people of California. Taylor also includes some vocabulary and linguistic material about various California tribes. This book reprints Taylor's extensive collection of diverse notes about Native Americans throughout the state, and includes his reprinting of Boscana's Chinigchinich and Reid's The Indians of Los Angeles County. This book is interesting to a casual reader and useful to professional anthropologist and archaeologist.

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Publication date: 03/07/2015
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