The Imposed Covenant

The Imposed Covenant

by Dwayne Norman


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Every Christian has been given the great honor and privilege of operating in a new and eternal Blood covenant with Almighty God! Think about that! You are in a covenant with your creator and heavenly Father! Do you really know what that means?Many Christians do not realize that the Bible is made up of the old and new covenants, and the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation is the Word of His covenant to us today.In this book you will gain great insight into your union with Christ Jesus, as a result of your identification with Him in this wonderful Blood covenant. The precious Blood of Jesus which was shed for you and me won't be thought of as something that just happened in the past, but it will become very real to you in the present, and you will receive a greater revelation of how powerful and alive His Blood is in your life today!IF you haven't understood how important it is to "Plead the Blood", then get ready for a greater reality of the power and blessings that the Lord has made available to you through His Blood! All the victories and accomplishments of our Lord Jesus Christ are ours through His all-powerful covenant Blood!

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ISBN-13: 9780998101361
Publisher: Empyrion Publishing
Publication date: 10/26/2017
Pages: 138
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About the Author

Dwayne Norman is a 1978 graduate of Christ For The Nations Bible Institute in Dallas, Texas. He spent 3 years witnessing to prostitutes and pimps in the red light district of Dallas, and another 3 years ministering as a team leader in the Campus Challenge ministry of Dr. Norvel Hayes. He was ordained by Pastor Buddy and Pat Harrison of Faith Christian Fellowship in Tulsa, Oklahoma in September 1980. He also goes in and teaches at Dr. Hayes' Bible school in Tennessee.

In 1982 the Lord led him to start ministering in churches all over the country. He ministers powerfully on soul winning, and on how God wants to use all Believers in demonstrating His Kingdom not just in Word but also in Power!

He teaches with clarity, the work that God accomplished for all believers in Christ from the cross to the throne, and the importance of this revelation to the church for the fulfillment of Jesus' commission to make disciples of all nations.

He strongly believes that we are called to do the works Jesus did and greater works in His Name, not just in church but especially in the marketplace.

He and his wife Leia travel and teach Supernatural Evangelism, Faith, Grace, Healing and train Believers in who they are in Christ and how to operate in their ministries. He teaches the Word on internet radio Monday through Friday at 4PM Eastern Standard time on (The Word of Faith Radio Network). His program is called Victory in the Word. If you would like to hear the radio program on your phone, you can do so by dialing (605) 477-5254 Monday through Friday at 4PM.

He has over 230 audio messages on that you can listen to, and he has written 19 teaching books which are available on their ministry website: Many of his books are also available on as Kindle books.

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