The I Love You Bridge: And Other Poems

The I Love You Bridge: And Other Poems

by Rowan Blair Colver


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An assured local legend, The I Love You Bridge is one of the most famous parts of the iconic city of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Alongside the numerous quality museums, galleries, libraries and beautiful outdoor spaces, Park Hill estate is one of the must see places for locals and visitors alike. The brutalist structure of the Park Hill building, with its cubist vision and compartmental housing solutions brings discussion and emotions to most who have been touched by its shadow. The one unifying factor which seems to complete the understanding for anyone with doubts about the humanity that took place there almost in secret in the late 20th century, is this bridge. On the highest walkway, of the highest block, a daredevil graffiti artist has made an immortal declaration of love. As the message of unity, with love literally building bridges became widely known, more people have turned to the I Love You Bridge for an insight into life up on Park Hill. Rowan Blair Colver, a long term resident of the estate wrote a poem that keeps coming up time after time when the bridge is mentioned.
A Grammar School education and fourteen years life experience as a resident on the infamous Sheffield Park Hill estate in its bustling heyday may sound like an unusual combination. However, the result of this alchemy of soul and landscape has produced what is arguably a truly significant contribution to the local culture. Colver, self-published author of A Poet, on Park Hill?, a book about his life and experiences within the brutalist architecture, put pen to paper after finding success with internet poetry competitions. Since then, his work has been picked up by BBC Radio 4, local radio and internet users worldwide including bloggers, readers and promoters. "The I Love You Bridge", one of the writer's most quoted works was written about the famous graffiti landmark, hidden within the concrete and windows on the highest bridge. It has inspired this collection of romantic and heartfelt favourites, each poem carefully chosen to reflect the soul of building bridges through acts of love and understanding. Compassion, wisdom and care are here shown to be fundamental aspects of life, no matter where it may be.

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