The I Love My NutriBullet Green Smoothies Recipe Book: 200 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss, Heart Health, Improved Mood, and More

The I Love My NutriBullet Green Smoothies Recipe Book: 200 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss, Heart Health, Improved Mood, and More

by Adams Media Corporation


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Green smoothies have never been so easy—or delicious!

Unlock the amazing health benefits of leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables using the amazing NutriBullet! These great-tasting, fiber-rich smoothies help you lose weight, gain energy, fight aging, and improve your bone and gut health with a tasty and nutritious blend of vegetables and fruits that will keep you feeling full and satisfied for hours. And it's easy to whip up these simple, healthy drinks any time of day!

This recipe book is your all-in-one guide to the many benefits of delicious and nutrient-rich green smoothies. Energize your morning with a sweet Mango Tango. Try a Cantaloupe Quencher to improve your immunity. Drink an Apple Pie for Weight Loss for dessert. You'll meet all your wellness goals with the versatile NutriBullet and these easy-to-make recipes!

This book is unofficial and unauthorized. It is not authorized, approved, licensed, or endorsed by NutriBullet, LLC. NutriBullet is a registered trademark of Homeland Housewares, LLC.

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ISBN-13: 9781440598425
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 09/02/2016
Series: "I Love My" Series
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

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Table of Contents

Introduction 7

Chapter 1 Green Smoothies: Good for You and Your NutriBullet 9

Chapter 2 Smoothies for Better Immunity 18

Cantaloupe Quencher 19

Orange You Glad You Got Up for This? 20

Ginger and Spice Make Everything Nice 21

Cucumber Zing 22

Luscious Lemon 23

Illness Preventer 24

Citrus Berry Blast 25

Herbal Peach 26

Fruity Fresh Immunity Blast 27

Wake Up and Smell the Grapefruit Smoothie 28

Chapter 3 Smoothies for Weight Loss 29

Green Tea Metabolism Booster 30

Cantaloupe Creation 31

Beet the Bloat 32

Slim Down with This Sweet Treat 33

Colors of Success 34

Cinch Pounds with Citrus 35

Apple Pie for Weight Loss 36

Smooth Carrot Apple 37

Sweet Ginger Melon 38

Gorgeous Greens for a Gorgeous Body 39

Asparagus Carrot 40

A Spicy Blue Blast 41

Ginger Green Tea Smoothie 42

Savory Slim Down 43

Garlic Gets the Pounds Off 44

Minty Mango Metabolism Maximizer 45

Zap Pounds with Zippy Zucchini 46

Refresh That Body 47

Flush Out Fat with Fiber 48

Manage Your Weight with Mangos 49

Splendid Melon 50

Super Celery Smoothie 51

Ahhh, Sweet Greens! 52

Chapter 4 Smoothies That Cleanse and Detox Your Body 53

Cleansing Cranberry 54

Papaya Berry Blend 55

The Bright Bloat Beater 56

Ginger and Apple Cleansing Blend 57

Alcohol Recovery Recipe 58

Broccoli Detox 59

Cleansing Broccoli Smoothie 60

The Spicy Savior 61

Spinach-y Sweet Smoothie 62

Berries for Health 63

Carrot Cleanser 64

Green Tea Carrot Smoothie 65

Garlic Zucchini Cleanse 66

Green Garlic Smoothie 67

Kale and Carrot Flush 68

Fiber Flush Smoothie 69

Colorful Cleansing Combo 70

Apple Broccoli Detox Blend 71

A Glad Gallbladder 72

Cleanse Your Body with Sweet Citrus 73

Liven Up the Liver 74

The Deep Colors of Detox 75

A Fruity Flush 76

Refreshing Reprieve 77

Strawberry-Rhubarb Healing Smoothie 78

Green Clean Smoothie 79

Chapter 5 Smoothies for Better Digestive Health 80

Indigestion Inhibitor 81

Perfect Pears and Pineapples 82

Amazing Apples for Digestion 83

Dreamy Digestion 84

Pineapple-Papaya Protection 85

Cucumber Cooler 86

Ginger Ale Smoothie 87

Smooth Citrus for Smooth Digestion 88

Sweet Fiber 89

Pears, Apples, and Ginger 90

Move Over, Motion Sickness! 91

Heartburn, Be Gone 92

Spicy Stomach Soother 93

Get Rid of Gas! 94

Tummy Protector 95

Red Pepper Relief 96

Keep It Moving 97

Cabbage Calms Indigestion 98

Mega Magnesium 99

The Constipation Cure 100

Cool Off Colitis 101

Mango Digestion Smoothie 102

Beany Spinach 103

An Apple Pie Day 104

Pleasantly Pear 105

Minty Madness 106

Mango Berry 107

Ginger Apple 108

Chapter 6 Smoothies for Antiaging, Better Skin, and Body Care 109

Spicy Refreshment 110

Bone Up with Blackberries 111

Backwards Berry 112

Double-Duty Delight 113

GrAppleBerry 114

Sunburn Soother 115

Agent Pineapple Against Arthritis 116

Fat-Burning Fuel 117

Ache Aid 118

Bright Fight Against Disease 119

Smart Start 120

Very Green Smoothie 121

Root Veggie Variety 122

Colorful Combo for Cancer Prevention 123

Cocoa Strong Smoothie 124

Savor Cancer Prevention 125

Red Bells Make Hearts Ring 126

Antioxidant Assist 127

Carotenes Against Cancer 128

Cauliflower to the Rescue 129

Pear Splendor 130

Calming Cucumber 131

Cool Cucumber Melon 132

Chocolatey Dream 133

Chapter 7 Smoothies that Energize 134

Carrot Top of the Morning to You 135

Mango Tango 136

Grapefruit and Cucumber Energy 137

Luscious Lemon-Lime 138

Apple Peach 139

Trail Mix Smoothie 140

Tomatillo Mary Smoothie 141

Fennel-Cucumber Smoothie 142

Berry Pretty Smoothie 143

Energetic Artichoke Smoothie 144

Chapter 8 Smoothies for pre- and Postworkout 145

Carrot Commando 146

Rapid Recovery 147

Broccoli Blastoff 148

Zoom with Zucchini 149

Sweet Spinach Spinner 150

Powerful Parsnips 151

Killer Kale Kickoff 152

Protein Packer 153

Collide with Collards 154

Popeye's Favorite 155

Metabolism Max Out 156

Banana Berry Boost 157

Vivacious Vitamin C 158

Sweet Potato Smoothie 159

Cacao Craziness 160

Runner's Delight 161

A Biker's Best Friend 162

Swimmer's Sensation 163

A Yogi's Favorite 164

Oh My! Omegas 165

Fabulous Fructose 166

Wonder Watermelon 167

What the Hill Smoothie 168

Chapter 9 Smoothies for better Brain Function 169

Mental Makeover 170

Memory Maintainer 171

Blueberry Burst 172

A Berry Great Morning 173

Splendid Citrus 174

Very Important Vitamin C 175

The Slump Sumper 176

Romaine to the Rescue! 177

Pears with a Tart Twist 178

Green Sweet Citrus 179

Watercress Berry 180

Peas, Please! 181

Chapter 10 Smoothies for Total Health and Disease Prevention 182

Pomegranate Preventer 183

Cantaloupe for Cancer Prevention 184

Blackberry Watercress Smoothie 185

Breathe Easy Smoothie 186

A Sweet Step to Great Health 187

Berries and Bananas for Bone Health 188

A Grape Way to Bone Health 189

Vitamin C Cancer Prevention 190

A Cool Blend for Blood Sugars 191

Cherry Vanilla Respiratory Relief 192

A Sweet Smoothie for Health 193

Apple Celery for Hydration 194

"Pea" is for Prevention 195

Gear Up with Garlic 196

A Peppery Way to Promote Health 197

Garlic and Onions Keep the Doctor Away 198

Savor the Sodium of Celery 199

Spice It Up! 200

Pear Prevention 201

Health's No Joke with Artichokes 202

Turnip Turnaround 203

The Pollinator Smoothie 204

Go, Go, Garlic! 205

Banana Nut Blend 206

Veggie Variety 207

Fantastic Fennel 208

Sweet and Savory Beet 209

Green Citrus 210

Great Grape 211

Chapter 11 Smoothies for Pregnancy and Women's Health 212

Fabulous Fertility 213

Apple-Ginger Delight 214

Nausea No More Smoothie 215

Mango Maternity Smoothie 216

Cranbaby Smoothie 217

Tummy Love Smoothie 218

Cankles Be Gone Smoothie 219

Bundle of C Smoothie 220

Li'l Pumpkin Smoothie 221

Berry Bump Smoothie 222

Hot Mama Smoothie 223

Fertility Booster Smoothie 224

Stork Alert Smoothie 225

Folate for Fine Spines Smoothie 226

Pregnant Brain Smoothie 227

Appendix A U.S./Metric Conversion Chart 228

Appendix B Smoothies by Type 229

Index 237

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