The Hidden Truth: For Those Who Know There's More Than the Church Teaches

The Hidden Truth: For Those Who Know There's More Than the Church Teaches


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Millions of people accept Christ, wait for a life transformation, then wonder, “Is this all there is?” For those brave enough to ask, the answers seldom suffice. No word of man can bring the perfect peace Jesus promises. Faith, joy, and fearlessness are gifts of the Holy Spirit, not the cumulative result of scholarship or service. Where’s the joy and peace that passes understanding in your life?

Going to church and listening to well-intentioned, precisely prepared, or popular faith messages have no power without the Spirit of God. There must be more than what most churches teach, because most congregants don’t bask in the comfort, power, and peace of Christ. The mass exodus of people from western churches clearly shows that something is missing.If you’re not feeling what you think you’re supposed to, this book is for you. And for those who already know the delight of walking with Christ through God’s Spirit, but haven’t developed the reproducible method to share that joy.

The Hidden Truth offers useful lessons and insights.Jon Dean and Donna Smith wrote this book to help you through the discovery and discipleship process they documented and taught. This 2019 edition of their 2014 book makes it easier for readers to use and apply. Jesus says, “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” (John 14:15)

What does Jesus command? What does He promise to the obedient? The Hidden Truth lays out both His commands and promises (Chapter 11).We are called to daily become more like Christ. But what is He like? The Hidden Truth offers one-hundred eighty characteristics of Christ (Chapter 10).

Author Jon Dean (JD) Smith is an unusual man. He is fully Christ’s man, something many believe about themselves, but their thoughts and behaviors suggest otherwise. In the Foreword, Lynn Baber shares her experience working with JD and Donna to produce The Hidden Truth, and the testimony of their soul rest and peace during crisis and loss.

More churches teach congregational doctrine, service, and opinion than teach Jesus. The Hidden Truth is 100% Jesus; who He is, how He taught His disciples, what He both promises and commands, and what you can expect from walking daily in the Holy Spirit.

Yes, the Holy Spirit, the one Person of the Trinity seldom taught in mainline churches. If you’re not intimately related to this member of the Godhead, you miss the vital connection that makes Jesus real in your life today. Transformation is only possible through the Spirit of God.

The Hidden Truth is pro-church; the church that Jesus will greet with joy and love when He returns. Most churches are institutions of man, not discipling centers based on what Jesus lived and taught. Life mixes strife, conflict, and fear among beauty and blessings. God the Father created the human spirit to seek truth, but we don’t always recognize it. True soul rest becomes possible when the Spirit of God in you discerns what is real.

(Originally published in 2014 as Please Become Our Disciple!)

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Publication date: 01/06/2020
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