The Healthy Flexitarian Diet: A Lifelong whole food plant-based diet of going vegetarian while still eating small amounts of meat, chicken, and fish

The Healthy Flexitarian Diet: A Lifelong whole food plant-based diet of going vegetarian while still eating small amounts of meat, chicken, and fish


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Are you looking to improve your overall health? Does vegetarianism interest you, but would you prefer an element of flexibility in a lifelong eating plan?

The flexitarian lifestyle is becoming an increasingly popular way to switch over to a mostly plant-based and whole food diet, while also enjoying meat and other animal products in moderation. It is the best of both worlds.

Most people struggle to make the leap from an omnivorous diet to a vegetarian diet despite the numerous health benefits the latter provides. The reason for this struggle is that the groundwork is not laid before the switch, and a solely vegetarian regime is too strict for most omnivores.

The numerous health benefits of a whole-food plant-based diet cannot be ignored, though, and it is therefore vital to find a happy medium so that you can begin to enjoy better health and lose weight, while also not feeling like you are punishing yourself. The environmental damage the meat industry does is also well-documented, and you can help to minimize this damage by reducing your consumption.

This is where the Flexitarian Diet makes all the difference, and when you enter into this eating lifestyle with the right foundation and guidance, it could not be easier to make a successful switch.

The Healthy Flexitarian Diet is your guide to undertaking a sustainable change in your diet. If you are ready to get your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels back in a normal range, then this is your starting point. You will also see shifts in your risk profile for serious chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

Food should be fuel for your body, and it certainly should not leave you feeling like you have low energy levels. The correct combination of whole plant-based foods, with just a small amount of meat or other animal products, is the key to vitality and good health.

Inside The Healthy Flexitarian Diet, enjoy expert guidance for your dietary transition on topics like:

  • The difference between flexitarian, vegetarian, and vegan diets.

  • Using intermittent fasting to amplify the health benefits of the flexitarian diet.

  • How juicing and smoothies can help you to make the change and make it stick.

  • How to successfully move over to a whole-food plant-based diet without feeling restricted.

  • Detoxing your body before making the shift to a flexitarian diet.

And so much more helpful guidance that you will have to read it twice to absorb it all!

Included in The Healthy Flexitarian Diet are food lists so that you know exactly which foods fit into this new regime. Our recipes will also help you to easily introduce flexitarian cooking to your kitchen.

For those wanting to make a dietary shift that will provide a myriad of health benefits, as well as helping you to feel better about your impact on the environment, this resource is the perfect guide.

You deserve to live a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying your favorite foods. If you are ready to start reshaping your health and diet, click "add to cart" now!

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