The Healings: Three Stories of Miraculous Healing from Scripture

The Healings: Three Stories of Miraculous Healing from Scripture

by Lonnie-Sharon Williams


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I have always wondered why the Bible does not give names to certain of its characters. Scripture would stress "a certain man" instead of naming the man, or not give names to the people the Lord Jesus healed. It is noted that some names were of importance to the stories, while others only needed to be acknowledged as those who were healed.

For instance, Naaman the Syrian leper had an unnamed wife. The nameless leper who was healed (along with nine other men) returned to say thanks to Jesus for his miraculous healing. We know that nothing is said about him after his healing. There is also the man healed beside the pool at Bethesda by Jesus and, again, what happened to him after the priests and scribes questioned his healing on the Sabbath?

Hence, in the first story, Naaman's wife and her little maid now have names and a history. In the second story, I continued the leper's story as he relates it years later to his daughter-in-law. The third story gives a bit more insight to the character of the man who was healed by Jesus at the Pool of Bethzatha.


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