The Healing Waterfall: 100 Guided Imagery Scripts for Counselors, Healers & Clergy

The Healing Waterfall: 100 Guided Imagery Scripts for Counselors, Healers & Clergy

by Max Highstein


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The Magic Of Guided ImageryGuided imagery can engage the imagination like no other medium. Whether you're a counselor, teacher, healer, or pastor, in this collection you'll find the perfect script for your listeners. Choose from 100 evocative guided inner journeys that soothe, inspire, and delight. Topics include:• Finding Peace and Calm• Healing and the Mind-Body Connection• Improving Sleep• Emotional Wellbeing and Happiness• Visualization for Success• Learning to Meditate• Higher Guidance and Insight• Connecting with Spiritual Figures• Kids and Family• 12-Step Programs

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ISBN-13: 9780979424410
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 01/05/2017
Pages: 426
Sales rank: 637,834
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Max Highstein has been producing award winning, bestselling guided imagery for over 30 years. He holds MA degrees in both Counseling Psychology and Spiritual Psychology. His guided imagery audio programs are some of the most popular and influential programs of their kind. He uses guided imagery in private sessions and workshops to help clients explore within, release the past, and access higher guidance. His groundbreaking online courses help students tap their intuition, and make a personal connection to spiritual figures. And his original music is appreciated in healing rooms the world over.

Table of Contents

Also By Max Highstein ii

Gratitude & Appreciation vii

Introduction xv

A Few Suggestions xvii

Deep Relaxation & Healing

The Healing Waterfall 3

Gateway To Peace 8

Guided Meditation For Inner Peace 11

Step Into Serenity 13

Relax On A Tropical Beach 15

Dolphin Day 17

The Healing Well 20

Patience 24

Say Goodbye To Worry: Hot Air Balloon 29

Well Mind & Body

Sleep Well Tonight: Cottage By The Sea 35

Sleep Well Tonight: Overnight Train 37

Sleep Well Tonight: Under The Stars By A Mountain Stream 40

Sleep Well Tonight: Comfy Old Farmhouse 43

Releasing Pain 46

Lower Your Blood Pressure 50

Heal Your Body Image 53

Weight Loss: Transform From Within 58

Immune Support: Envisioning Good Health 65

Your Successful Surgery 69

Clearing Cancer, Part One: Clearing Your Cells With Love 73

Clearing Cancer, Part Two: Preparing To Receive Treatment 77

Clearing Cancer, Part Three: Emotional Support While Healing 81

Emotional Wellbeing & Happiness

Feeling Love Instead Of Fear 89

Healing Traumatic Memory: Guided Imagery For PTSD 92

Love & Forgive Yourself 96

Saying Goodbye: Healing The Loss Of A Loved One 99

Your Inner Child's Story 102

Trusting Yourself 105

Forgiving Your Father: Healing Inner Conflict About Your Dad 108

Forgiving Your Mother: Healing Inner Conflict About Your Mom 113

Good Boundaries 117

Letting Go Of The Past, Embracing The Present 124

Elevate Your Attitude

Contentment: Peaceful & Self-Contained 129

Paying Attention: Absorbing Every Lesson The First Time 132

Appreciation: Messages From A Deer 135

Lighten Up! Stop Being Hard On Yourself 138

Releasing Judgment & Embracing Life 145

Encouragement: Reconnecting To Life 151

Positive Thinking: Changing Your Inner Climate 153

Daily Focus 159

Finding Hope 162

No More Guilt 164

Visualization for Success

Opening To Wealth 171

Bringing Clients To Your Door 177

Envisioning Your Ideal Next Job 182

Finding Your Ideal Job 187

Winning Your Ideal Job Interview Or Audition 192

Finding Your New Home 196

Turning Self-Doubt Into Confidence 201

High Self Esteem 206

Break Free & Fulfill Yourself 210

Overcoming Shyness 215

Learn to Meditate

Morning Meditation 223

Sanctuary Of Peace 226

Deep Listening 1 What Is My True Nature? 229

Deep Listening 2 What Is Most Important? 233

Deep Listening 3 What Do I want? 236

Deep Listening 4 Who Am I? 239

Deep Listening 5 What Am I here for? 242

Deep Listening 6 What Does Life Want Me To Know? 245

Deep Listening 7 Your Own Question 248

Higher Guidance & Healing

Receiving Love From Above 255

The Arrow: Connecting To Higher Support 257

The Healing Light 261

Absent Healing: Calling In Grace For Someone In Need 264

Clearing Your Energy 269

River Of Light 272

Soul Overview One: A Higher Perspective 275

Soul Overview Two: Soul Awareness 279

The Healing Waterfall III 282

Connecting with Spiritual Figures

Meet Your Guardian Angel 289

Visiting Padre Pio 293

Visiting Mother Mary 297

Visiting Saint Francis 300

Visiting Archangel Michael 303

Visiting Archangel Gabriel 307

Walking With Jesus By The Sea: Love 310

Walking With Jesus By The Sea: Humility 313

Walking With Jesus By The Sea: Forgiveness 316

Walking With Jesus By The Sea: Faith 320

Walking With Jesus By The Sea: Devotion 323

Walking With Jesus By The Sea: Compassion 326

Walking With Jesus By The Sea: Acceptance 330

Visiting Yogananda 333

For Kids & Family

A Good Day For A Pony 339

Circle Of Light 342

Guest Of Honor 345

Worry Takes The Train 347

Lightbeing 350

12-Step Guided Meditations

12-Step Guided Meditations 359

Second Step 365

Third Step 370

Fourth Step 373

Fifth Step 377

Sixth Step 380

Seventh Step 384

Eighth Step 388

Ninth Step 392

Tenth Seep 396

Eleventh Step 399

Twelfth Step 402

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