The Green Book - Ode to Love

The Green Book - Ode to Love

by Helene Lundbye Petersen


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The Green Book – Ode to Love, is the fifth book of artist and thinker Helene Lundbye Petersen's 'Colour Spectrum of 11 Spaces'. The Colour Spectrum is an artwork comprised of eleven manuscripts that seek to explore the complexities of contemporary life and represent spaces of courage, perspective, inspiration and hope. Five of the books within 'Colour Spectrum of 11 Spaces' form the series 'A Mythology on our Current Condition of Life'. Through their dramatic narratives and use of visual language to unfold existential questions, myths have a unique ability to express complex aspects of life. Working from the premise that we are existentially faced with a new human condition, these books suggest a way to criticize, deconstruct and eventually comprehend contemporary life via five fundamental concepts: Wisdom (Blue), Pleasure (Orange), War (Red), Love (Green) and Balance (Yellow). These five concepts are embodied by five Goddesses, each of whom explores Her roles and responsibilities - to question the way She sees the world, to relate to what has changed in the human condition, to grasp the overwhelming complexity of our current conflicts and to understand the technological revolution that is dissolving the borders that once defined human existence. The Green Book - Ode to Love is the fourth book in ‘A Mythology on our Current Condition of Life’ Series, and unfolds the realm of A Goddess of Love, which is the invisible world that binds us all together. Love consists of ties that no one can see nor fully grasp, we can only feel them, and when felt, they are stronger than anything else. A Goddess of Love floats as an ephemeral presence throughout all times and spaces to inspire love. She has always resisted definition, until the arrow sent by A Goddess of Wisdom (whom we meet in The Blue Book - Ode to Wisdom) hits her. The arrow opens her eyes to our suffering; a suffering that comes from our inability to genuinely understand love. Realising that only by naming love will She be able to teach us how to genuinely love life, She sets out to guide us through the different patterns of love that She has recognised throughout times and spaces to show us the other, the more, that which is greater than ourselves alone.

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ISBN-13: 9788799557950
Publisher: WhitePageProject
Publication date: 05/08/2017
Pages: 300
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