The Great Dane Puppy Handbook: A Complete Guide to the First Year

The Great Dane Puppy Handbook: A Complete Guide to the First Year

by Zach Reed


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In an age of instant communication and connected everything, finding good information about caring for Great Danes can be surprisingly difficult!

As one of the world's most recognizable dogs, this giant breed has unique characteristics that require special attention. This is especially true for their puppy years, a time that many new owners find stressful.

For the first time ever, this information has been distilled down into a single simple and easy to use guide. It focuses in on the exact information that every Great Dane owner should know including:

  • Food selection and feeding recommendations
  • Home preparation and house training
  • Common sources of diarrhea and treatments
  • Tips for socialization and addressing puppy biting
  • Crates and potty training
  • Critical grooming habits
  • Finding a veterinarian
  • Planned vet visits, vaccination schedules, and other expected treatments
  • Tips for handling a Great Dane heat
  • Spay and neuter timing

Zach Reed is the founder of, a website dedicated to improving the care for Great Danes. In addition to being a Great Dane fanatic himself, he has helped thousands of other people care for their dogs. Zach lives in Denver, Colorado with his family and enjoys spending time in the beautiful outdoors.

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