The Great American Turquoise Rush, 1890-1910, Hardcover

The Great American Turquoise Rush, 1890-1910, Hardcover

by Philip Chambless, Mike Ryan


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The Great American Turquoise Rush was the period of the largest concerted effort to mine, process and market turquoise in the history of the United States. It started when traditional markets for the clear sky blue Persian turquoise closed and the east coast jewelers, who controlled the jewelry trade in the United States, were forced from necessity to reappraise the quality of turquoise from the southwest. The efforts to control this new market were begun in New Mexico but would expand into other states. This is the true story of that time, largely forgotten or remembered only from oral tradition.

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ISBN-13: 9781632931665
Publisher: Sunstone Press
Publication date: 12/15/2016
Pages: 246
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

Philip Chambless has lived in the mountains outside Grants, New Mexico since the 1970s and is a full time turquoise prospector, lapidary and jewelry designer. He has researched this period of the history of turquoise for more than twenty years.

Mike Ryan retired from a thirty-year career as a financial advisor, author and teacher in 2011 and reawakened a passion for turquoise first begun in the 1970s. He is the author of Asset Allocation and the Investment Management Process and The Colors of Money: Finding Balance, Harmony and Fulfillment with Money.

Table of Contents





1.The First American Turquoise Rush

Turquoise and Conquest
The Chaco Phenomenon

New Mexico

2. Cerrillos

William Phipps Blake and Discovery
Entrada and Uprising
Renewed Interest in Mining
D.C. Hyde and Mount Chalchihuitl
New Opportunities
The American Turquoise Company
Doty and Andrews
A New Superintendent at Turquoise Hill
The Land Grant Lawsuit
Indian Trespass
The New Mexico Turquoise Company
Mike O'Neil's Blue Bell and the Cerrillos Hills
The Quest for a Cartel

3. Burro Mountains (Tyrone)

Rediscovery of the Old Mines
The Azure Mining Company
The Azure Mine and the Elizabeth Pocket
"Azure Turquoises Do Not Change Color"
The Tiffany Brand
The Porterfield Brothers
The Parker Mines

4. Hachita and Jarilla

Jarilla - Orogrande
Murder in the Mountains
Other Mines


5. Courtland

Competition for a Cartel
Transition to Tannenbaum
Rascom Rising

6. Mineral Park

Haas to Doty
The Aztec Turquoise Company
Markets West and Matrix

California, Nevada, and Colorado

7. Crescent Peak, Halloran Springs, and the Royal Blue

Discovery at Crescent Peak and the Toltec Gem Mining Company
Discovery at Halloran Springs
Tannenbaum and the Himalaya Mining Company
The Royal Blue
Tiffany at Tonopah
Ambush and Murder
"Beautiful Woman's Beautiful Jewel"

8. An Ending and a New Beginning

Price and Value
American Indian Jewelry: Curio to Craft to Fine Art
After the Rush
Burro Mountains
Hachita and Jarilla
Mineral Park
New Beginnings


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