The Golden Cylinder

The Golden Cylinder

by Bernard Mawby-Jones


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The question dominates global news and stalks the streets and alleys of towns and cities around the world. The masses pray; others laugh, nervously. Why?
Well, what if God were to... Ah, telling now would spoil the surprise in store for the reader! Instead let's ask: when it comes to the idea of God what's your belief? Every individual is a believer, atheist or agnostic. Indeed, some believers are orthodox defenders of their faith and would willingly die for it, and do; some atheists are determined anti-theists actively seeking to convert people of faith to atheism. On the balance of faith and reason - what some would call the balance of heart and mind or of the secular and the religious - where do you stand?
For many people, belief in God or lack of it is shaped, not by independent conscious choice, but by the cultural environment they are born into and the religious dogma and practices or otherwise of their families and peers. Lacking the motivation - and in many instances having to submit and conform in the face of penalties for non-belief and non-adherence - many believers never research or reflect in any depth on other religions; they shy away from exploring the arguments put forth for non-belief in a Supreme Being, the soul and salvation. Around the world, people live and die under the strictures and blows of religious extremists.
Employing an original fiction and referencing many highly respected, wide-ranging and contemporary science and religious sources (including Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion; Roger Penrose, Shadows of the Mind; Gregg Braden, The God Code; Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels; Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species; John Brockman, editor, Intelligent Thought), this novel, Inherit the Cosmos: Is there the Will?, represents the author's personal search for enlightenment.
This journey begins with the appearance of a mysterious prophet who makes an extraordinary pronouncement against a background of strange writings and unexplained events causing riots and violence around the world. To calm things down, the United Nations establishes a hearing with an international panel of judges to investigate the prophet's claim before an anxious and expectant global audience. Violent extremists attempt to abort the hearing.
Ultimately, the authenticity of the prophet's message hinges on the answer to a monumental question. The panel of judges must address this question and issue a judgment based on the testimony of expert witnesses and the prophet.
Serving this UN hearing into faith and reason are two lawyers from distinctly different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. Will they be drawn together romantically? Spiritually?
The author has a long interest in philosophy, science and religion. He did not know what the court's judgment would be when in researching and writing this book he began his personal quest for enlightenment. Are you ready to travel this challenging paranormal path, seek your Golden Fleece and discover what your own independent judgment on the monumental question might be? Are you courageous enough to test your faith or atheism? Then this book is for you. After reading it and you are prepared to share your thoughts comments are welcome at

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Publication date: 05/02/2012
Pages: 348
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