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The Girl Who Loves The World: For those experiencing depression, bereavement or loss

The Girl Who Loves The World: For those experiencing depression, bereavement or loss


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The Girl Who Loves The World' is a full colour, illustrated book about how The World is all around us, a constant companion through life when everything is changing. The story is suitable for those who may be dealing with and event or issue in their lives and they need reminding that they're not alone. At the same time, the book helps connect people back to the world, this is strengthened by the additional activities at the back of the book and accompanying music.

Lottie, the main character of the book, writes a letter to the world and a week later she receives a reply. Although the content of Lottie's letter is unsaid, the reply she receives from the world suggests she's is in a place where she requires reassurance and support.

"When I fall from the sky, like your tears to the floor,
Remind yourself just what they're for.
Each sparkling teardrop is a wish for you,
That'll make your world grow and you grow too.

I'm the world to you and you to me,
I'm in all you feel and all you see.
And when you're alone, I'm never that far,
Because in the dark I'll light up the stars."

Review from PTUK (Play Therapy United Kingdom)
"A picture book with accompanying music, written and illustrated by Lauren Reis and with music by Reid Anderson. Suitable for both children and adults alike, the story gives the reader a warm sense that they're not alone and though life is ever changing, the world is their ever faithful companion. The reader is invited to reconnect to nature using all their senses and in due course, feel reconnected to their world and others around them. The emphasis on paying attention to detail and feelings in the present tense, fits with the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness, has found to be helpful for promoting good mental health and more recently has been used with children. The music accompaniment fits perfectly with the story, a gentle piano piece with the complementary sounds of nature in the background.

The author's intention is that the story may be helpful for individuals who may be dealing with an event or issue in their lives; Those experiencing depression, anxiety, a bereavement or a loss of some kind and were consequently feeling unsettled, concerned and disconnected from their world. I appreciate how Reis acknowledges the existence of painful feelings yet still the book oozes positivity and offers hope.

I imagine the story would resonate with many, the illustrations are a delight and the gentle rhythmic story is sure to appeal. This book is a book to have on the shelf in the therapy room and one that could be used by teachers and social workers to facilitate conversation about feelings and emotions. I have great pleasure in adding this book to my play therapy kit and have every intention of using it in my work in CAMHS.

Nina Ridsdale, PTUK Full Member. Manchester.

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ISBN-13: 9781519588630
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/30/2015
Pages: 36
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.09(d)

About the Author

Lauren Reis is a UK published illustrator, her illustrations are used in campaigns by UK register charities; SANE Mental Health, Big Life (Big Issue), OCD-UK and in February 2015 she was published by Jessica Kingsley for the work done in collaboration with ReThink Mental Illness on a book called 'Pretend Friends', a story explaining Schizophrenia to children. Over the last year, Lauren has been working alongside Play Therapists UK to develop a selection of children's activities to support positive development, plus she has created three books of her own, including 'The Girl Who Loves The World', 'Where Happy Grows' and 'I Am'.

Through Lauren Reis's twenties, she developed a mental health condition called'Emetophobia', an OCD-Contamination phobia. Now approaching forty, Lauren Reis has experienced a range of situations, emotions and has come into contact with many people, also managing mental health. Her illustrations and stories are bound together with all these experiences, in the hope they will provide precautionary support to developing issues later in life, to help those currently experiencing difficulties or to offer insight to anyone, to help reduce the mystery of the 'invisible illness' that is mental health.

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