The Ghost of Christmas Past

The Ghost of Christmas Past

by Angie Fox

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Southern girl Verity Long needs a Christmas miracle...
Verity is ready to deck the halls, jingle some bells, and maybe, just maybe have a merry Christmas with her boyfriend's stuffy family. Truly, if she doesn't extend the proverbial olive branch to the overbearing Wydells, she's afraid she'll hit them over the head with it.
But when her boyfriend's mother pulls a shocking stunt, Verity finds herself with a big decision to make. And if that's not enough, there's an unexpected guest at her door. It's the ghost of the woman who helped rescue Verity's pet skunk three years ago that very night. And now she's there to change Verity's life as well.

*A "between the books" stand-alone holiday story you don't want to miss!

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BN ID: 2940160928852
Publisher: Moose Island Books
Publication date: 11/29/2019
Series: Southern Ghost Hunter Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 133
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About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Angie Fox writes sweet, fun, action-packed mysteries. Her characters are clever and fearless, but in real life, Angie is afraid of basements, bees, and going up stairs when it is dark behind her. Let’s face it. Angie wouldn’t last five minutes in one of her books.

Angie is best known for her SOUTHERN SPIRITS™ mysteries, and for her ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER books. Visit her at

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The Ghost of Christmas Past 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
BizzyReader 10 hours ago
Verity was looking forward to a great evening with Ellis at his Uncles estate for Christmas Eve that is if she can let her pride go, and just enjoy the night. Virginia is still up to her toxic tricks. She literally delivers the last straw that finally breaks Verity, and has her vowing not to darken the same Christmas Eve party as Elli's Mother Virginia..... Can the help from some ghosts including Franky, and some cute baby bear in need help Verity realize her mistakes. This was a cute quick reminder that Christmas is about more than just presents and soooo much better when celebrated with family. Even if that family includes people who don't always support us! Sometimes we may want to cut the difficult family out of our lives but those are the ones who need our love all the more! I really enjoyed this quick short Christmas story. It was nice to have Verity focusing on her relationships and the ghosts stories not taking the prominent focus. Here's to Verity drowning Virginia with the kindness she needs in future stories! I received this book for review purposes but this in no way effects my review.
Angaleanie 4 days ago
Great holiday book. Uplifting and entertaining. Great for anyone interested in reading romance, mystery, and paranormal. Verity Long is a smart and quirky heroine that you can't help but enjoy. She has a way of finding trouble every where she goes, if she doesn't, Frankie will. She has the ability to make the best of every situation, even when dealing with Virginia Wydell. Can Verity find her Christmas cheer and save the holiday?
Hawkeye83 5 days ago
Angie Fox has done it again with this fun and feel good novella! With a familiar nod to a Christmas Carol, Verity enlists the help of her ghostly sidekick, Frankie, to accompany her on what should be a quick rescue mission. Well, the mission ends up turning into a lot more! Family, friends, ghosts and animal rescues make this a wonderful Christmas story. Enjoy!!
Rockport_rocker 5 days ago
With a nod to A Christmas Carol, The Ghost of Christmas Past delivers complete satisfaction two times! First, Verity tells off Ellis's mother! Haven't you been waiting for that since the first book. Not to be miss. Then, well that is about how the tales ends and you will have to read the whole book to appreciate it. Christmas Eve doesn't turn out anything like what Verity expects which isn't surprising but as all of the books in the Southern Ghost Hunter series, it is brings so much more than anyone could expect. When the ghost of the friend who brought Lucy into Verity's life drops by kindly ghost needs a little favor. Naturally Verity can't refuse. Frankie as usual is not pleased but before life returns to normal, even he is glad he took part in this adventure.
Rockport_rocker 5 days ago
With a nod to A Christmas Carol, The Ghost of Christmas Past delivers complete satisfaction two times! First, Verity tells off Ellis's mother! Haven't you been waiting for that since the first book. Not to be miss. Then, well that is about how the tales ends and you will have to read the whole book to appreciate it. Christmas Eve doesn't turn out anything like what Verity expects which isn't surprising but as all of the books in the Southern Ghost Hunter series, it is brings so much more than anyone could expect. When the ghost of the friend who brought Lucy into Verity's life drops by kindly ghost needs a little favor. Naturally Verity can't refuse. Frankie as usual is not pleased but before life returns to normal, even he is glad he took part in this adventure.
TerriK6 5 days ago
Another winner by Angie Fox! I love Verity and always enjoy seeing what trouble she and Frankie can get into. Although this one is a short one, I definitely recommend picking it up for a quick, fun read. You will not be disappointed.
BobbieLCLA 6 days ago
I received a free copy of THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST (Tale 8.5 of the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries) by Angie Fox in exchange for an honest review. Verity Long’s anxious about spending Christmas Eve with her boyfriend Ellis’ family, the Wydells. Ellis’ mother Virginia has a lengthy history of making Verity’s life miserable, especially financially. When Virginia pulls another evil stunt, Verity takes the opportunity to tell Virginia where she and her narcissistic personality disorder can go-straight to the party without Verity. Verity changes into her comfy jammies just in time to receive a ghostly visitor. While still alive, Donna helped Verity save the life of the newly rescued skunk kit, who grew up to be Verity’s loyal, loving companion and best friend Lucy. Now ghostly, Donna’s there to call in the favor. Donna sends Verity on a mission to save some furry babies. In doing so, Verity’s given the option to save her future as well. Heart eyes times 3! I love this series and really, really, really loved this take on the Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. It was a great story. I highly recommend this book and the series to fans of supernatural cozy mysteries. #TheGhostofChristmasPast #NetGalley
SarahSmith 6 days ago
I have never gone wrong with an Angie Fox book. This is a short Christmas story and is essentially a modern retelling of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol as only Angie Fox can do with her ghost hunting heroine Verity. Virginia and Verity are still at it, and Ellis and the rest of the Wydells are all caught in the middle. Verity finally stands up to Virginia, after an extremely outrageous encounter, and refuses to go to the Wydell family Christmas Eve party. She essentially wants Ellis to choose her over his family. After Ellis leaves Verity learns the hard way what hatred in your heart can do to your soul. This is was a great quick read. I love Christmas stories, especially when there is a happy or at least an acceptable ending.
finallyfifty 7 days ago
A modernized portrayal of the Dickens’ classic gone sideways. This novella details the importance of Verity to the wellbeing of Ellis and his family through a series of ghostly visions. A fine balance exists between the happiness of individuals and the group. Verity gains knowledge thru her interactions with the ghosts. Frankie provides a much needed balance of character to the novella as the reader sees a more mature development with the addition of a steady girlfriend ghost. This Christmas novella depicts past, present, and future scenes linked to Verity and her character. The lightness of the writing style and vibrancy of the characters make the scenes jump off the page as the reader rushes to see how the plot twists resolve. This is definitely a novella to read while relaxing when wanting a break from the everyday. I received an ARC for review. I would highly recommend this novella.
ajenkins979 7 days ago
Loved this book! I always get so wrapped up in Angie Fox's books. Frankie was wonderful in this story, he has a heart (lol) I really enjoyed the spin this author put on "A Christmas Carol" for this story. A great addition to the series. *I received my copy in exchange for an honest review
Buecherwurm161 7 days ago
A Fun Novella, perfect for the Holidays. I was lucky enough to have received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for a review, which I am happy to provide. This was as usual such a fun read by Angie Fox, and even though it was a novella it was jam packed with action and suspense. I love the characters and storyline, and I can't wait for the next book in the series. I would recommend that you read the books in order to really appreciate how far Variety has come and all the hurdles she has mastered. A great Series and very entertaining.
Tangen 8 days ago
pets, ghosts, gangsters, family-dynamics Of course it's a very good story, but my favorite is Lucy the delightful. Yes, the pet skunk! Second best is Frankie's abashed love for the three silly bear cubs. People? Ghosts? Well of course they are part of the story, but really! LOVED IT! I requested and received a free ebook copy from Moose Island Books via NetGalley. Thank you!
Krista17 8 days ago
Perfect Holiday Break A Christmas Carol goes ghost hunting with Verity Long and her eclectic cast of regulars, and its shorter length is just right for a rest from the hustling bustling season. The Ghost of Christmas Past, book 8.5 in the Southern Ghost Hunter series, opens with Verity preparing for holiday festivities with boyfriend Ellis’ family. The problem is, that includes his pretentious mother, Virginia, who never misses an opportunity to embarrass demean and cause trouble for her son’s girlfriend. When a perceived thoughtful gesture turns out to be an expensive jab, Verity has finally had enough and tells Virginia off in no uncertain terms, prompting a series of events straight out of a beloved Dickens’ novel. With Frankie, Ellis, and Verity’s pet skunk, Lucy, on hand, this is a poignant tale about how life and choices affect everyone around you in ways you never even consider, reflecting the lessons of the original seasonal staple. Fox’s writing is on point, as usual, and if you love stories with descriptive details as I do, this will not disappoint. Lucy features prominently in this installment, and we get a softer side of the usually grumpy gangster, Frankie, both of which make it particularly enjoyable. This is a quick read, just right for relaxing, recouping, and clearing your head during this time of year. I love holiday themed entertainment, music, movies, television shows, and books. They help me to get in the spirit of the season and provide a way to enjoy a little ‘me’ time. If that sounds like you, grab a copy of this latest work in the series, a hot beverage, a warm, cozy throw, curl up for a couple of hours and escape with Verity and company in a lovely Christmas novelette that will put you in just the right frame of mind to tackle the busy holidays.
ksnyder22az 9 days ago
Enjoyable Holiday novella What’s Christmas without juggling family dynamics along with a Southern twist to a Christmas Carol? Verity’s Christmas Eve starts with good intentions until Virginia‘s interfering ways leaves Verity alone for the night. Verity is visited by a ghost from her past and with Frankie’s help on an adventure on Christmas Eve. I loved the way Verity handles Ellis’ family dynamics through the ghosts of Christmas past and coming to the rescue of the latest crisis.
PenKay 9 days ago
I have been a fan of this author since the first time I read her Demon Slayer series. This series is one I love just as well. I do have to admit that short, and holiday, stories aren’t exactly a favorite, but of course I had to read it because of the above. Verity, Ellis, and Lucy are just adorable, and this author’s remake of A Christmas Story is a nice novella to read to tide her readers over until the next full-length novel comes out. Something happens between Verity and Virginia that sends Verity on the wrong path, and she must turn back before it’s too late. I don’t agree that that would actually have happened because of who Verity is, but it was a great story nonetheless (sorry, have to be vague because of spoilers). Great story and those who love this author and series are sure to love it. You can read it never having read the series before, but you will get much more out of the story if you read the series from the beginning. Recommend!
LisaS0 9 days ago
No Christmas could be complete without a happy/sad story that makes you cry and yet feel joyful. The Ghost of Christmas Past by Angie Fox (Part of the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries Series) is that story. It’s Christmas Eve and time for the Wydell Family Christmas Party. As Verity Long (Ghost Hunter extraordinaire) gets ready for the party her almost Mother in Law does her usual and performs a nasty deed. Nothing new, but Verity has had enough and tells her what she really thinks. Long story short, she ends up spending Christmas Eve with the dead instead of the living. The story is full of Holiday Hope, good feelings and just enough schmaltz to make it a new Christmas Classic story.
MusicInPrint 9 days ago
This one is a Dickens!!! Loved it! I sit down with a cozy book and Verity sits down with Lucy her pet skunk. Besides her live in fur buddy she also has a ghost named Frank living in the barn. This series is amazing that will make the reader smile and cry. Yep I had to get a Kleenex in one part. Fox has developed characters that stick with you until the next book comes out. "A copy of this book was provided by the author with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion."
LindaC1 9 days ago
This is a holiday novella with a little Dickens thrown in, part of the Southern Ghost Hunters series. After a disastrous change in her holiday plans, Verity finds herself helping some animals at the request of a ghostly friend. There she learns what may happen in her future and she doesn’t like what she sees. Does she have the strength to change it? A fun heartwarming read for the holidays.
hyrollin 9 days ago
The Ghost of Christmas Past is a wonderful addition to the series. Verity and Ellis are planning to spend Christmas Eve with the Wydells. While things don't go as planned we get to learn more about Lucy and how she came to live with Verity. Frankie and Verity also have quite an adventure trying to save a family of bears. I loved Frankie's interaction with the cubs. We also get to see how the Wydell family celebrate Christmas. It is a good rewrite of A Christmas Carol. I would love to see the location this story takes place in be restored in a future story. The only issue I really had with this story was Ellis. I really wish Ellis would have done a better job standing up for Verity to his mother. That portion of the story disappointed me. Overall the book is a great addition to the series and I think anyone would find this an enjoyable read.
Linda535 9 days ago
An Excellent Christmas treat Angie Fox has given us another excellent read in Ghost of Christmas Past. Of course, it’s about Verity, who sees ghosts and has become a ghost hunter. She helps both the living and the dead in very interesting and suspenseful situations. This surprising and exciting twist on A Christmas Carol is another winner. For fans of Lucy, the skunk, this one really is a great Christmas gift as we get to see how Lucy came to be Verity’s sweet buddy. We also see a different side to Frankie, Verity’s ghost sidekick, and Ellis, her boyfriend. Her somewhat nemesis and Ellis’s mother, Virginia, also plays a very important part in this story. Angie pulls it all together to make a story that’s surprising at every turn. The Southern Ghost Hunter series just keeps getting better.
ArizonaJo 9 days ago
The Ghost of Christmas Past by Angie Fox is a lovely and magical Christmas short story. It's Christmas Eve and Verity is ready to join Ellis at a Wydell family gathering to celebrate. As usual Ellis' mother, Virginia, acts obnoxious and Verity has had enough. Thanks to a ghost that was a dear friend of hers that pays her a visit, Verity is on a ghostly journey through the Wydells Christmas past, present and future that will allow Verity to think about what really matters to her. It's a sweet short story that reflects the best of the season. The author provided me with a copy of this book to review. This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.
Sugarskull 9 days ago
The Ghost of Christmas Past is a great book to get you in the holiday spirit. Verity and Ellis have a rocky start when Verity refuses to go to the Wydell Christmas Eve party. Virginia, Ellis’s mother, is the cause of this. Surprisingly, Ellis goes to the party without Verity. Verity and Frankie then get roped into helping a mother bear and her cubs escape danger. This takes place in an abandoned cider mill on Wydell property. This is where Verity meets the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. She learns about the Wydells and herself in the process. We also see a warm and fuzzy side of Frankie. Great holiday message and a fun read!
TheLostSlayer 9 days ago
I really enjoyed this story. It was a lovely holiday story with a Christmas Carol Vibe to it. Showing that peace & goodwill to all - even the horrible people who may not deserve it, can reap the best results.
KrisAnderson_TAR 9 days ago
The Ghost of Christmas Past by Angie Fox is a “between the books” holiday story. It can be read as a standalone, but The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries are an entertaining series of books that are not to be missed. I was instantly drawn into The Ghost of Christmas Past with Verity, Frankie, Lucy and Ellis. I like Angie Fox’s engaging writing style which makes for a pleasant to read story. The book has delightful characters (except for Virginia) with my favorite being Frankie the German. He is a ghost that was a gangster in the 1920s. I just love his snarky dialogue and he finds some new friends in this story that allows us to see Frankie’s softer side. Virginia is my least favorite character who decides to humiliate Verity once again. This is a humorous retelling of Charles Dickens classic tale. The Ghost of Christmas Past is a magical tale with surprising spirits, a grating gift, alarming animals, lopsided lights, a gangster ghost and one painful party.