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The Full Cycle Minute: A Construct for Peak Sales Performance

The Full Cycle Minute: A Construct for Peak Sales Performance

by Jeffrey A Harrison


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Yes, sales can be about numbers if that's your end game. Number of phone calls, cold calls, and networking events, etc. The real number is revenue. If you don't have revenue yet but have "numbers" you've missed to boat because figures lie and liars figure. By liars I mean lies to yourself about what is not working yet not having another solution. It's right here.

More importantly, are you a complete person in every facet of your being and salesperson self?
Or as a manger do you have productive and performance from your current team with the mentality, personality, personal character, sales ability and skill set to achieve revenue goals?

Today's selling environment is all about relationships and you need to be one who is capable and competent enough to succeed. And that takes a shift in thinking and the current approach to an ageless challenge, consistent performance without burning out.

The basis for relationship building starts with a solid personal foundation. From this all things are possible; a happy personal life, a prosperous career and a sense of evolving that allow your dreams to come true creating an upswing in life's joy.

The Full-Cycle Minute is a systematic approach which reveals two successful models to help evaluate your beliefs and behaviors while helping evolve your professional sales skills. These two models will help you achieve peak sales performance by providing a directed approach to becoming the salesperson that any sales manager would love to hire.

Develop your ability to elevate your sales performance on a daily basis effortlessly. The Full Cycle Minute model provides a reliable process to build your Personal Foundation on solid principals and proven fundamentals evolving into A Peak Sales Performer.

Learn how to:

• Develop rewarding and sustainable relationships

• Communicate successfully with your customers, friends and peers

• Evaluate employers and managers

• Provide professional customer interface

• Create effective presentations

• Understand the competition

• Easily adjust your sales performance

• Develop successful lead generation

• Evolve personally and professionally

Does your profession performance, relationships and sales goals suffer because your reaction or response depends on the situation? Are you tired of trying to fit in by compromising? Have you ever wondered how your character, integrity, ethics, attitude, behavior and personal belief system impacts your life and your selling efforts on a daily basis?

Perhaps you have suffered from personal compromise, self-deception, bad habits, bad decisions and poor choices that may have buried your authentic self so deep you may not recognize yourself. Asking; Where did "I" go? How did I get here? How can I get back to the person I was once, my authentic self?

In any of these cases a helpful, sometimes painful, yet very powerful self-evaluation is in order to reconnect to your authentic self. To do that you need to take the first step with complete honesty and honestly look at your character as reflected by your behavior.

This honesty can open your mind to endless possibilities, open your heart to compassion and open your emotions to joy and happiness. Your honesty allows you to move forward toward your authentic self.

An honorable character is the backbone of your true nature, thinking and emotions that directly affects your behavior, attitude and performance.
Until now there has been no demonstrated, repeatable process to help develop your character, re-visit your belief system or calibrated new information to help develop your true nature.
Today there is... The Full-Cycle Minute - A Construct in Peak Sales Performance!!!

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ISBN-13: 9780990590903
Publisher: Harrison & Associates
Publication date: 09/11/2014
Series: Full Cycle Minute , #1
Pages: 138
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