The Fear of Crime
The Fear of Crime

The Fear of Crime

by Taylor and Francis

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Studies of the fear of crime have constituted what is undeniably the fastest growing research area within criminology in the last decade and this shows no sign of diminishing. The editors have a distinguished record of innovative research in the field, being responsible for a number of seminal empirical and theoretical articles. In this volume, they have collected together and for the first time, all the most significant contributions to the field. The collection includes an introductory essay by the editors and articles reflecting: an overview of the field; the causes of vulnerability; the sources of information on victimisation; the methods used to survey fear; the theoretical models employed to explain it; and the nature of policies designed to reduce fear.

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ISBN-13: 9781351544627
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 07/05/2017
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 584
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About the Author

Jason Ditton, Department of Criminology, University of Sheffield, Elmfield, UK Stephen Farrall, Keele University, Staffordshire, UK

Table of Contents

Series Prefacexiii
Part IAn Overview of the Field
1'Public Reaction to Crime in the Streets', The American Scholar, 40, pp. 601-10. (1971)3
2'A Cross-National Comparison of Victims of Crime: Victim Surveys of Twelve Countries', International Review of Victimology, 2, pp. 183-207. (1993)13
Part IIThe Causes of Vulnerability
3'Safe Conduct: Women, Crime, and Self in Public Places', Social Problems, 37, pp. 311-28. (1990)41
4'Boys Don't Cry: Masculinities, Fear of Crime and Fearlessness', British Journal of Criminology, 37, pp. 401-18. (1997)59
5'The Elderly's Fear of Crime: A Critical Examination of the Research', Research on Aging, 9, pp. 372-91. (1987)77
6'Fear of Criminal Victimization: The Effect of Neighborhood Racial Composition', Sociological Inquiry, 59, pp. 209-21. (1989)97
7'The Effects of Building Size on Personal Crime and Fear of Crime', Population and Environment, 5, pp. 203-20. (1982)111
8'The Impact of Victimization on Fear', Crime & Delinquency, 33, pp. 135-54. (1987)129
Part IIIThe Sources of Information on Victimization
9'The Impact of a Crime Wave: Perceptions, Fear, and Confidence in the Police', Law and Society Review, 17, pp. 319-35. (1983)151
10'Living With Television: The Violence Profile', Journal of Communication, Spring, pp. 173-99. (1976)169
11'Television Viewing and Fear of Victimization: Is the Relationship Causal?', Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 37, pp. 170-79. (1979)197
12'Television Viewing and Fear of Crime: Where Is the Mean World?', Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 8, pp. 97-123. (1987)207
13'Feeling Safe by Comparison: Crime in the Newspapers', Social Problems, 37, pp. 360-74. (1990)235
14'Fear of Crime: Read All About It? The Relationship between Newspaper Crime Reporting and Fear of Crime', British Journal of Criminology, 33, pp. 33-56. (1993)251
Part IVThe Methods of Surveying
15'The Measurement of Fear of Crime', Sociological Inquiry, 57, pp. 70-101. (1987)277
16'Methodological Problems in the Study of Fears', Journal of Psychology, 93, pp. 197-202. (1976)309
17'New Methodological Perspectives for Victimization Surveys: The Potentials of Computer-Assisted Telephone Surveys and Some Related Innovations', International Review of Victimology, 1, pp. 153-67. (1990)315
18'Methodological Problems in Victim Surveys and their Implications for Research in Victimology', Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 72, pp. 818-38. (1981)331
Part VTheoretical Models of Explanation
19'Criminology: Testing Alternative Models of Fear of Crime', Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 77, pp. 151-89. (1986)355
20'Fear of Crime in Residential Environments: Testing a Social Psychological Model', Journal of Social Psychology, 129, pp. 141-60. (1989)395
21'Vulnerability, Locus of Control, and Worry about Crime', Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, 6, pp. 99-111. (1987)415
22'Block Crime and Fear: Defensible Space, Local Social Ties, and Territorial Functioning', Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 21, pp. 303-31. (1984)429
Part VIPolicies to Reduce Fear
23'Fear of Crime: The Effect of Improved Residential Security on a Difficult To Let Estate', Howard Journal, 23, pp. 170-82. (1984)461
24'The Effectiveness of a Police-Initiated Fear-Reducing Strategy', British Journal of Criminology, 31, pp. 1-14. (1991)475
25'Reducing Fear of Crime: Strategies for Intervention', Victimology: An International Journal, 3, pp. 297-313. (1978)489
26'Community Crime Prevention: An Analysis of a Developing Strategy', Crime & Delinquency, July, pp. 405-21. (1981)507
27'Environmental Improvements and the Fear of Crime: The Sad Case of the "Pond" Area in Glasgow', British Journal of Criminology, 33, pp. 555-61. (1993)525
Part VIIThe Future?
28'Afraid or Angry? Recalibrating the "Fear" of Crime', International Review of Victimology, 6, pp. 83-99. (1999)535
Name Index553

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