The Father's Notebook

The Father's Notebook

by Leading Edge


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We are extremely pleased that you’re here. Good to come together, good to have you near;

Uniting one another, exhilarating where two or more are gathered in co-creating;

Prior to your entrance to this time space spot,

Your gauges point to eager, your engine running hot;

You knew you were eternal;

You knew you couldn't lose;

You knew you were fraternal;

You knew that you could choose.

When the ears of the student are ready to hear,

Then cometh the lips to fill them with cheer

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ISBN-13: 9781452539010
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 09/15/2011
Pages: 84
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.22(d)

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The Father's Notebook

By Leading Edge

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2011 Leading Edge
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-3901-0

Chapter One

Best seller, best seller, The Father's Playbook
Opportune time to get a good look
A look at His style, His humor, his grace
His laughter, His presence, His beauty, His pace
In the playbook of The Dad
Said I made joy to contrast sad
Curse it not, nor disagree
Bless the All, the place to be
When you praise game, you praise Me
And when you don't, I say I see
You come and you go as you wish
What's up with Fridays and eating the fish


You are living a story that you created
A playwright asleep and dreaming sedated.
Dreaming of living out his own script.
A powerful pen, and the ink that he dipped.
You can play out the script to the bitter sad en
But you've been there before again and again.
The ending's predictable, always the same.
One day you awaken, you realize "nice game".

The Holy Allow

Next topic is want, another is need.
Kinda the same, related in deed.
Can't have and want, and here is why:
Simple rules always apply.
What you put out always comes back.
When you want and you need, you're saying you lack.
Instead, think "I have" or "It's coming now".
Thankful deliverance, The Holy Allow.
Two part riddle, one part new.
What you do unto others you do unto you.
One part done, both parts true.
What you fail to do for others you fail to do for you.


All of the angels come to me thanks.
Help me have money stored in the banks.
Help me have plenty, plenty to share.
To use in my life to show that I care.
Help me give freely of money and time.
Thank God He is funny and in charge of the rhyme.

The Moment

The topic, The Moment, why it was created
The subject has been pondered, mulled over, debated
The Moment a gift, a gift from who?
Bigger, Broader, Wider View
In The Moment you have a choice
Go with what you got, or hear Love's Voice
Alignment with All, The One, Holy Spirit
Calling it forth by choosing to hear it

We are writing a book that's already written
Another look of how good you are sittin'
Sittin' with The Father, sittin' real nice
Playing with The Father's loaded dice
The book that this is was written before
A collection of words from the home store
People will read, some will shout
Fulfilling in deed, the turnabout

Universal Law

Be grateful before and for the creation
Tuning in appreciation
Thankful, thankful is saying it is there
Powerful tool, thank you now share
Good idea for when you pray
And what you choose now give away
To remember the laws, share them with others
The others are sisters, mothers, and brothers
Thank you, thank you, it's on the way
Universal law I heard him say

Leading Edge

The question posed by everyone
The answers loaded in my gun
Why it takes so very long
For what I choose to come along

The reason you have not gotten
What you desire is you are not in
Vibrational harmony
With what it is for it to be


So raise your glass and down the hatch
For it to come gotta be a match
You and I the intervention
Manifest by your intention

Understand the knowing how
First you ask then you allow
In between Source says yes
Nothing more and nothing less

Something now good to know
It's all there in escrow
So bit by bit and piece by piece
Up to you to release ... the thought


What you call resistant thought
The only reason you are not
Having now what you desire
Living a life that you aspire



Touchdown 6 Extra Point 7
Life is like a football team in heaven
I am The Coach, and you are the quaterback
I call the play, see through the lack
Lack is false, so it can't be
When you see it, remember Me


Day by day I get to the pad
And write the words from dear ole Dad
Today's subject or dissertation
How to activate celebration
You activate with your attention
The things you think, the things you mention
So think and say and activate
The things you choose to celebrate
As above, so below

Mom's Game

As above, so below
And as you reap, you same time sow
For so and reap are one and the same
Helps to know in our Mom's game
Cinnamon, cinnamon, smells so nice
Of course it does, The Father's old spice
It's an aqua velva fantasy
It's the smell of The Father, and The Mother's agree

There is Much You Can Do

Behold the darkness, curse it not.
You can remember what you forgot.
Be a light on the dark, and shine before man.
Remember the Ark, and know that you can.
My sheep are lost, and now must be found.
Be ye therefore good shepherds, and turn it around.
Lead them home, lead them free.
Lead my sheep back home to me.

Our Mom made spaghetti, our Moni made us cake
The Rubbles like Betty and Barney She make
You may even say our Mom is the bomb
She is crystal, and she is the dom
Her party is rockin', Her dance floor is large
She deejays the "clockin", our Mom is in charge
My Mother is happy that I am Her son
She and my Pappy, the moon and the sun

There is Enough

About enough, clear up the confusion.
Insufficient funds, another illusion.
A digital output, it's a projection.
A sure sign of being in disconnection.
Connection is a choice, begins with decision.
Choosing your thoughts with God-like precision.
Making feeling good #1.
Relax on the way, you'll never be done.
Think and speak of things that are pleasant.
Using the moment, the gift, or the present.


Tattoo, tattoo, makes you think.
What makes it permanent, permanent ink.
Yet nothing's forever except for our Dad.
Our loving Father who never gets mad.
He said, 'Got be whatever you want'.
1st and ten, it's okay to punt.
Punt on 15t down? What did you say?
I said it's okay to have it your way.
'Your way is My way, my promise to you,
I am with you whatever you do.
Wherever you go, wherever you stand.
I am the glove and your helping hand.
So raise your hand and tell the glory.
The glory of me, a true love story.

Polarization of Creation

Control Panel picture in your mind
A magic way you will find

Turn up the levers to let it in
Return quite often, again and again

Repetition will help, help you see
Everything is a matter of degree

To what degree, it's up to you
And what color, and what hue

Make the adjustment on the inside
To let it go and enjoy the ride


Excerpted from The Father's Notebook by Leading Edge Copyright © 2011 by Leading Edge. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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I have read this book over and over and thank god for it