The Farrier's Son: A Novel of Colonial Australia

The Farrier's Son: A Novel of Colonial Australia

by Robert D Prince

Paperback(Ingramspark ed.)

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In 1877 young Barney Simpson leaves colonial Sydney town in search of his fugitive father who, as farrier for the police, murdered a trooper two years earlier.

His journey takes him to a gold rush town in northern Australia where thousands of fortune seekers are digging for gold. Barney becomes immersed in life on the frontier, witnessing its highs and lows.

While employed as leading hand at the Cavalier hotel in Cooktown he conducts his search. His investigations take him to places beyond his imagination, challenging his courage and at times his sanity. He is unaware of the identity of Abbey’s husband and mistakenly engages her in a passionate embrace behind the stables. He could never have guessed the dire consequences that flow from the interlude.

Street-wise Barney wrestles with the problems encountered, trying to side-step some and confronting others. If his initiatives fail then his father will surely go to the gallows and others, including the Police Inspector will face ruination. And further, how is he to reconcile the conflict between the two lovers who have come into his life?

The Farrier’s Son, well researched and true to the times, gives a colourful commentary of Australian colonial life.

The story relives history telling in dramatic fashion how the rich and the poor collide with one another and the law.

The portrayal clearly describes the ethnic conflict between the Europeans and the Chinese who flock to the diggings and the Aborigines defending their land.

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ISBN-13: 9780994470805
Publisher: Robert Prince
Publication date: 12/07/2015
Edition description: Ingramspark ed.
Pages: 266
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Robert Prince is something of a hybrid, a man equally happy mustering wild cattle on horseback in the Australian bush or sitting quietly researching history. His writings reflect this love for outdoor adventure and academic research, combining the two to present racy stories based on historical themes.

A snapshot of his life includes being raised as the son of a sugar-mill manager in the tropical paradise of Mossman, North Queensland, Australia; graduating from the University of New England with a B Econ; marrying a country girl; raising four beautiful children; and being a successful businessman.

As principal of his own accounting practice he enjoyed the freedom to choose and diversify, with side interests being sugarcane farming and cattle grazing. He has been referred to as the Phantom Accountant, to describe his absence from the office while attending to his spread of interests.

Since retiring from business, writing has become a passion, with the publication of his novels The Farrier's Son and Shadows of the Mountain.

After experiencing the rigors of life he has come to the conclusion that creative writing is the ultimate escape.

To speak with Robert, email: or locate him via the internet.

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