The Ex Recovery Blueprint: The Quickest Way to Get Your Ex Back Guaranteed!

The Ex Recovery Blueprint: The Quickest Way to Get Your Ex Back Guaranteed!

by Zac Miller


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There is Hope! You Can Get Your Ex Back!

**WARNING: Use the information contained in this book with care. The tactics provided are powerful, and some have even compared them to mind control.

In The Ex Recovery Blueprint, author Zac Miller dives deep into human psychology to show you techniques you can immediately start using to get your ex back into your arms. Each chapter is packed with useful information that will keep you reading to the very end. Not only will you learn how to get your ex back, you'll also learn about the human mind, why relationships begin, and end, and how to successfully keep you and your ex together for the long run. Zac Miller takes your hand and guides you every step of the way!

Learn These Secrets As Soon As You Get The Book:

  • If you continue making these ALL TOO COMMON mistakes you will certainly lose your ex! (Page 11)
  • Use these tips to stay in control of the relationship so your partner will NEVER want to break up with you again. (Page 12)
  • Has your ex said he or she wants to "just be friends"? I show you EXACTLY what to do to use this line to your advantage! (Page 19)
  • Has your relationship already ended? Send your ex this message and immediately make them regret their decision and start thinking about you. (Page 21)
  • Here is where I explain the most IMPORTANT rule in the book! By breaking this one rule, you can forget about ever getting your ex back. (Page 27)
  • Confused on why your partner broke up with you? Use the info I teach you here to determine the cause of the break up. (Page 35)
  • I teach you the most important emotional button which you can hit in order to make your ex want you back. (Page 38)
  • I told you this book is for the modern world! Start using these techniques on Facebook, Snapchat, or Tinder to make your ex immediately start missing you. (Page 41)
  • Is your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend dating someone else already? Find out how to get them to leave the zero and get back with the hero here. (Page 47)
  • Did you make a mistake and CHEAT on your partner? You're going to have to approach the situation differently. I devote a whole chapter on what to do if you find yourself in this situation! (Page 51)
  • I show you the PROPER WAY to restore contact with your ex so they answer your texts and calls. (Page 57)
  • Use the "Secret Techniques" in this chapter and cause a spark of re-attraction between you and your ex when you meet again for the first date. (Page 67)
  • Don't lose your ex again after you get them back! I show you not just how to get them back but how to keep them for the long run! More can be found in this section. (Page 69)
  • Zac's personal email address
  • And so much MORE!!!

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