The Everything Bartender's Book: Your Complete Guide to Cocktails, Martinis, Mixed Drinks, and More!

The Everything Bartender's Book: Your Complete Guide to Cocktails, Martinis, Mixed Drinks, and More!

by Cheryl Charming

Paperback(Fourth Edition)

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More than 1,000 recipes for any occasion!

You'll be mixing cocktails like a pro in no time with The Everything Bartender's Book, 4th Edition. Designed for every skill level, this essential guide boasts more than 1,000 recipes for shots, cordials, and punches, along with classic cocktails, mixed drinks, frozen blender concoctions, and even "virgin" versions of popular drinks. This all-new edition will teach you how to:
  • Choose glassware and use bar tools
  • Mix hundreds of crowd-pleasing drinks
  • Pick the perfect drink for every occasion
  • Create cocktails using beer and cider
  • Cure a nasty hangover
You'll also find exciting new recipes for making your own bitters, infusions, and syrups, as well as brand-new information on craft beer and fruit ciders. Completely updated and revised, this behind-the-bar handbook reveals the secrets every great bartender—or party host—needs to know!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781440586330
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 03/06/2015
Series: Everything® Cookbook Series
Edition description: Fourth Edition
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 68,123
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Cheryl Charming (aka Miss Charming™) is a bar manager at the Bourbon O Bar in New Orleans, and has more than thirty years of experience in the cocktail culture. She is the author of The Everything Bartender's Book (2nd and 3rd editions), Miss Charming's Guide for Hip Bartenders and Wayout Wannabes, and the "Just" series of cocktail recipe books. Visit her website at

Table of Contents

Top 10 Things Bartenders Should Know 10

Introduction 11

Chapter 1 History of Alcohol and Bartending 13

An Alcohol Timeline 14

History of the Cocktail 16

Alcohol in the Twentieth Century 18

Bartending Beginnings 19

Behind-the-Bar Etiquette 20

Service Tips 22

Chapter 2 Bartending 101 23

The Five Drink Families 24

Bartending Terms 25

Glassware 26

Cool Tools 29

Alcohol 32

Mixers 33

Garnishes 36

Measurements Matter 38

Chapter 3 Beer: The Oldest Alcohol Known to Man 40

Beer History 41

Beer Recipes 42

Chapter 4 Wine, Champagne, Cider, Cognac, and Brandy 54

Through the Grapevine 55

A Touch of Bubbly: Champagne 60

Hard Cider and Fruit Wine 64

Cognac and Brandy 67

Chapter 5 Aperitifs, Cordials, and Liqueurs 73

Aperitifs and Nightcaps 74

Chapter 6 Vodka: The Spirited Neutral 86

Vodka History 87

Chapter 7 Gin: Gin Is In 111

Gin Classifications 112

Chapter 8 Rum: How Sweet It Is 126

Rum History 127

Chapter 9 Tequila: Mexican Beauty 146

Tequila History 147

Chapter 10 Whiskey: Amber Waves of Grain 160

Types of Whiskey 161

Scotch 161

Ireland: Whiskey in the Jar 165

North American Whiskey/Whisky 167

Chapter 11 Shots and Shooters 175

Shot History 176

Types of Shots and Shooters 176

Shots 176

Shooters 180

Layered Shots 185

Flaming Shots and Shooters 189

Drops and Bombs 191

Chapter 12 Multi-Spirited Specialty Drinks 193

Multi-Spirited Drink History 194

Chapter 13 Punches and Party, Holiday, and Seasonal Drinks 210

Punches and Party Drinks 211

Holiday and Seasonal Drinks 215

Chapter 14 Starting from Scratch: Homemade Recipes 223

Homemade Supplies 224

Homemade Syrups 224

Basic Simple Syrups 225

Flavored Syrups 226

Homemade Mixes 232

Homemade Infusions 237

Homemade Bitters 240

Homemade Barrel-Aged Spirits and Cocktails 242

Homemade Liqueurs 247

Homemade Ice 251

Chapter 15 Mocktails 254

Reasons for Mocktails 255

Chapter 16 American Cocktail Culture Information 268

Top Cocktail Celebrities to Follow 269

Cocktail Festivals and Events 271

The Best Cocktail Blogs 273

The Best Drink Apps 275

Appendix A The Wrath of Grapes-All about Hangovers 276

The Top Five Hangover Preventions 277

The Top Five Hangover Cures 277

Global Hangover Cures 278

Appendix B Drinking Words Through Time 279

Index 281

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