The Eternal Worlds of Richard Crombie

The Eternal Worlds of Richard Crombie

by Dennis Hill


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Wow, Richard Crombie is a determined man!

Intriguing action is found in Dennis R. Hill's The Eternal Worlds of Richard Crombie, where Richard Crombie travels through various creatively presented after-life environments. This story has an original plot with a good combination of humor, philosophy, historical fiction, and even some futuristic science. Its ending is fun, solid, and satisfying: a great culmination of what came before.

Crombie relives dreams from his past life as well as those of people throughout history. As these people, he fights mammoths, endures the bubonic plague, lives as a pregnant woman, survives the sinking of a WWII ship, explores the moon, and has many other experiences in preparation for his eventual cognitive union with a spiritual super being. Throughout these worlds, Crombie stubbornly persists at holding onto his sensual corporeal being, instead of relinquishing himself to a spiritual existence.

Hill takes the reader on an exciting journey through four major after-life worlds where the destiny of humanity is discovered. It's a fun and intriguing adventure and Crombie's experiences will stick with you.

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ISBN-13: 9781732703933
Publisher: DRH Publishing
Publication date: 12/01/2018
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Dennis R. Hill has written several books on a variety of topics: Science Fiction, Philosophy, Microbiology, Infectious Diseases, Children’s Books, and Books of Poetry and Art. He has also published several scientific articles and an original interpretation of consciousness.

Hill puts energy and rapid story progression in his writing. He also incorporates in his writing advanced knowledge of science, history, and philosophy to create a respectable science fiction story.

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The Eternal Worlds of Richard Crombie 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Ima_Book_Reader 3 days ago
I found this story a fascinating look at what might happen in the afterlife. Yes, it's technically a "fiction" entry, but much of the author's conjecture is oddly akin to Buddhist teaching about the breaking free of the traps of worldly existence. In any case, I've got to love a book that begins with a person's death, not as a crutch to begin a murder mystery but as a legitimate tool to show us what happens to the main character as he traverses through many different worlds. For me, the big draw of the story was Richard's battle to give up his worldly self and enter into a kind of communal, overarching spiritual presence. The repetition of lives was the other allure of the story because it paralleled several other great books I've read in this same genre: The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin, Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson, and probably a half-dozen Buddhist works of fiction that describe what the life, or lives, after this one might hold for us. Author Dennis Hill expertly draws characters and describes action in a way that makes it all seem so real. That's my usual yardstick for judging fiction: was I wrapped up enough in the story to actually achieve a state of suspended disbelief? Hill did the job admirably and really brought me into the narrative after a careful, deliberate start. Dennis Hill's book easily earns five stars. Even if it's not your cup of tea, his writing style is good enough to make "The Eternal Worlds of Richard Crombie" a worthwhile time investment for anyone who appreciates a tale well told.
AmandaAckerman 14 days ago
This is a very unique book and unlike anything I have ever read. It starts, amazingly enough, with the death of Richard Crombie, the title character. We then follow Crombie as he progresses through various stages of the afterlife. First, he experiences dreams of events that happened over the course of his own life. Next, he moves on to dreaming about various figures through the progression of history. Finally, he has the opportunity to fuse with a higher consciousness. Then, a big plot twist occurs. I have a policy of not including spoilers in my reviews, so you will have to read it for yourself to find out what that is about. The book includes a lot of scientific and historical detail. These are both areas that hold a lot of interest for me, so I particularly enjoyed that aspect of the book. As we move through history via Crombie’s dreams, we see how society’s ideas progressed over time and we also see Crombie’s spiritual growth in the afterlife occurring in parallel with that. It’s an interesting perspective and can apply, not just to Crombie, but to all of us who are interested in learning the lessons that history has to teach us. I would recommend this book to anyone who is open-minded enough to consider alternative ideas about life, death, and our place in the universe. It’s very well written and, in spite of a somewhat heavy topic, is quite an enjoyable and pleasant read.
Anonymous 15 days ago
Reposted because the original post won't let me edit it. The Eternal Lives of Richard Crombie is reminiscent of the great Epic tales of old. Our unwitting hero- Richard, is content leading his mundane life catching up on some long put off yard work when he stumbles upon the Great Curtain of Air. Instantly transported into a parallel world, guided only by his Watcher, Richard must navigate the obstacles that stand in his course all while acclimating to a completely new and unexpected world system. Richard constantly comes up against his own selfish will to remain himself and struggles to discern the right choice for the greater good. On a quest to Oneness , Richard must pass through several worlds where he comes face to face with the failures and conquests of both his personal life and of humanity as a whole, all in an effort to refine his experience as a being. Richard enters into the 4th World, where he must decide to give up his self completely and rise as a hero or choose the selfish path of self. Will he do what he must to move on to the 5th world? If he does what lays beyond. The Eternal Lives is a great story- actually, it is great stories within a great story. Full of adventure, history, philosophy, and science all woven into a tapestry of the meaning of life.. If there is one. Allow yourself to get swept up in this book and I promise you will lose track of space and time as you become completely involved in the Eternal Lives of Richard Crombie.
Anonymous 16 days ago
OxfordCommaMomma 18 days ago
Now here’s a piece of speculative fiction that presents a view of the afterlife as a series of “dream worlds” where one must embrace highlights from both their own, and humanity’s, top, albeit fleeting, moments. From this reappraisal, the recently deceased is to compose and conform to a unified vision of humanity, integrate into an “assembly” of (un)like-minded peers (an impossible task, even in the afterlife) and then transcend to yet another higher level. I’ll say, I prefer a Christian afterlife, even with the judgment and threat of brimstone. But this is as much a love story to physical sensation as a suggestion of what awaits us after death. The narrator becomes enamored with his lost senses and repeatedly “returns” to his corporeal form attempting to retain it as long as possible. Readers interested in dissecting narration will enjoy Richard’s storytelling, as I found him increasing unreliable as the novel progressed. The story ends with me suspecting that the experience was only a dream all along, not an untimely plunge into death, and a dream of grandiose hubris at that… We are to believe that for thousands of years, and assembly of souls couldn’t reach unification without narrator Richard’s two cents. That in this same assembly of contentious souls, where we wouldn’t necessarily trust what we hear, Richard finds some physicists who tell him exactly what he wants to hear about time travel. And that while single-handedly bringing the unity necessary for the assembly to “transcend,” Richard himself rejects unification, invoking the age-old adage, “Do as I Say, Not as I Do.” I don’t have to like narrators or characters to like a novel, and I get mental exercise tearing narration apart, so I don’t hold Richard’s pompousness against the novel as a whole. I thought it was intentionally and thoughtfully crafted prose. It gives way to tedious philosophical musings more frequently as the novel progresses, but overall, it’s a beautiful read.
Paigenook More than 1 year ago
An interesting take on life after death. I started reading this story and thought it was strange that it began where most tales end- with the main character's death. Richard is innocently enjoying the beauties of nature ... when he walks through a window in the air ... and appears in another world. (Think of the invisible doorways between worlds described in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy.) In this spirit world, Richard learns that he is dead and must experience his dreams in order to ascend to the next plain of existance. I liked how Descriptive the author was with vivid imagery of Richard's incredibly unique adventures. I also really enjoyed Richard's experiences as other people, such as a Stone Age mammoth hunter, an Egyptian woman, a young boy during the Trojan war, among others. When Richard was living snippets of other peoples lives as them, it kind of reminded me of the book, A Swiftly Tilting Planet from Madeleine L'Engle's Time Quintet, where Charles Wallace Murray went through a similar situation. During Richard's time as these other people throughout history, he learned something about the human condition with each persons life experiences. I felt like I was going through a history lesson, only told in a much more entertaining way then when I was at school. Even though the book was a little difficult to get into, it was a very enjoyable read, just slow going at first. I would definitely recommend this book to all fans of supernatural fiction.
KatherineArmstrong More than 1 year ago
The Eternal Worlds of Richard Crombie is an entertaining novel written by Dennis Hill. Dennis created a truly captivating novel about the afterlife. There is so much vivid imagery throughout the book which makes it quite the sensual experience. As a reader, we are taken through the many worlds of the afterlife and we analyze the life choices and decisions of the main character, Richard. As Richard travels through the worlds, he can reflect on himself and others and is able to better understand his own actions and consequences. He is faced with many internal and external challenges that he has to overcome in the novel. Overall, this book is unlike anything I have ever read before. It is mesmerizing and also daunting. It made me think about what life could be like after death and even though the book is fictitious, I wonder if I too will have the same experience as Richard? As I reached the end of the book, I began to question myself and my own decisions in life. Challenging my actions and how their consequences have impacted me throughout my life. Makes me wonder if I need to re-evaluate and make changes- If there is an afterlife, I want to have no regrets.
Xaverii More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book much more than I had anticipated, and it sounded nice to begin with. The action started instantly, no waiting for a story to finally get going here. The novel had an air of Lewis Carroll meets Quantum Leap; the journey certainly must have felt so to Richard! Every environment writer Dennis Hill created was picturesque and ethereal. The progression Richard makes through the afterlife, from infancy to adulthood, was interesting. I enjoyed seeing Richard's life in this linear way; you gets a great perspective looking through Richard's eyes. I felt this a profound novel; looking back on one's life and re-discovering what your choices meant to you and those around you? Powerful stuff. It was as if life was forgotten, and I become somewhat a Watcher (great character!) myself. What surprised me, was Richard's voyage through humanity's history. I did not expect that, and greatly enjoyed the added experience and unique glimpses throughout history. My perception of the book tells me, Richard is experiencing past lives, but this is just my guess. Once I started reading, I couldn't put the novel down. I definitely recommend this book, and will now be on the lookout for more of Hill's works. Enjoy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So I read the eternal worlds of Richard Crombie and found it to be a most entertaining book. It was very well written. An interesting thought experiment on a souls post mortem journey. There’s no car chases or exciting trysts here but just a well written story of a man traveling the many worlds that may or may not be found after death. It was hard for me to get into the book but once it had its hooks in I just could not stop reading it. It’s best quality is how different it is. How it’s a professionally written book I feel falls outside the normal commercial Categories. It’s hard to make money now a days writing without having a wizard or a vampire thrown in the mix. Its refreshing to see something different. Something that doesn’t cling to the status quo or trends. This book is worth taking a chance on and spending an evening exploring the musings of Richard and the various well described and mentally illustrated afterworlds. I know I sure have not regretted my decision to purchase it! And neither will you!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story begins where most books end-at the death of the main character, Richard Crombie. Instead of a typical death by accident or disease, he notices and walks into a shimmering curtain in his backyard emerging in an alternate world of swirling colored clouds and confusion. He eventually meets The Watcher, a guide who helps Richard begin to explore the moments from his life on Earth. The many worlds that Richard travels to begin with himself, then expand into the past lives of many others from the beginnings of humankind up to the present day. It is through exploring the lives of both himself and others that the true joys of this book present themselves-people who aspire to provide for themselves the things that all humans desire-love, admiration, security, wisdom. The worlds are a passage onto greater knowledge of himself and other people. Richard begins to understand as he advances from one world to the next of his unique role in the life of a group of souls. Richard has a conflict to resolve-should he give up his individual body and mind for the good of a group? The pull towards individualism verses merging with an entity of one mind is a part of the struggle. It also leads to a commentary about extremist views and partisanship-they are the antithesis to becoming of one mind or ideal and ultimately lead to the inability to advance to the next level. The story grapples with these themes well and it is an enjoyable read.