The Elements Series: Green Hope

The Elements Series: Green Hope

by Ryan D Pearson


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After a day spent signing autographs for fans, and completing his last few classes of high school, Reagane Jameson prepares to fight crime in Oracle City, alongside his gifted team of friends... Just another day in the life.

After losing both his parents in a tragic car accident, Reagan Jameson inherits his Grandfather's multi-billion dollar company and fortune, whilst facing his final year of high school alone. Having been sheltered from the pressures of a Jameson heir his entire life, Reagan must brave city living, private school, unpredictable fans, continual hounding by the media and falling in love with his best-friends sister, without any parental guidance.

Once he is finally able to navigate through his new life, Reagan and his new friends are accidentally granted the power to control the elements. Initially the idea of being a superhero is enticing, but he soon realizes how difficult it is to juggle the day-to-day strains of being a teenager in the public eye, in addition to sustaining his dangerous secret persona at night.

Filled with family secrets, kidnappings, forbidden love and more, Green Hope will show Reagan's attempts to overcome typical teenage stresses, paparazzi, relationships, love and death, whilst also being the head of an elite crime-fighting team. Green Hope sports several twists and turns as well as characters that you either love or love to hate; you will be sitting on the edge of your seat until Reagan utters his final three words.

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ISBN-13: 9781468587234
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/20/2012
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.72(d)

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The Elements Series

Green Hope
By Ryan D Pearson


Copyright © 2012 Ryan D Pearson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-8723-4

Chapter One

My First Day

"Reagane Jameson, heir to the multi-billion dollar De Ja Empire, has officially arrived in Oracle City this morning," the reporter announced.

The Entertainment Updated reporter was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair, thin stomach and legs, so long and toned, that they seemingly went on forever. As she referred to me, the screen suddenly changed to earlier footage in the day when I was walking out of the airport, surrounded by a sea of paparazzi and fans snapping photo after photo, screaming my publicly recognized name.

It was a bizarre welcome back to my birthplace.

Thankfully my Grandfather had organized for security to escort me through the airport and out to the limousine waiting, else I would have been in severe trouble. I continued to watch the video footage of myself, seeing how much my attempt to disguise my identity, with thick glasses and hat covering my blonde hair and green eyes, failed.

Fans and media were obviously not easily fooled.

"The Grandson of De Ja owner, founder and Chief Executive Officer, Reubane Jameson, returned to our beautiful city after the tragic death of his parents only a few weeks ago. Since being confirmed as Reagane's legal guardian, Reubane welcomed his Grandson to the Penthouse of the ninety-storey De Ja building, located downtown, where he will reside with his Grandfather and cousin-heiress Reanae Jameson."

As she referred to my Granddad and cousin, past photos of both appeared to her right. My Grandfather; a stern man with a full head of black curled hair, a plump tanned face, sporting the latest thick pair of designer glasses and designer business suit, was pictured from his Forbes 'Top 10 Richest Men' photo shoot.

He wasn't smiling, just staring at the camera with his big green eyes.

Reanae, or as she preferred Renae, was pictured signing autographs for fans on the street. She sported her new shoulder-length, permanently straightened brown hair, as opposed to the natural blonde hair color we were both born with. When we were young we were often thought to be twins, given our matching natural brown skin, blonde hair and our Grandfather's big jade-green eyes.

Now that we were older, I liked the fact we were slightly different.

"There is no official word as to the date of the funeral however it has been confirmed that Reagane will be attending the city's elite Quintessence College for his final year of schooling. Unlike Reanae, who is born only one day before him, Reagane will not be advancing a grade and attending university at this stage."

That's when I turned the television off.

I hated being compared to my cousin like that, sounding like I was stupid just because I didn't excel as much as she did in my schooling. It wasn't as if I was being kept down a grade-I was in the appropriate year level for my age.

Renae had told me not to watch these shows for this exact reason.

Now that I was officially not in the mood to watch any more television, I decided to look around my new home some more. The De Ja building was filled with the various subsidiary businesses of De Ja, the executive board of directors, staff of each division and also my new six-bedroom penthouse.

My bedroom alone was almost the size of my old house.

My new bedroom had a gigantic walk-in closet, complete with a small chair in the middle of it, and was easily the size of my old lounge room. I had a king-sized bed in the middle of the room, accompanied by two large bedside tables. There was also a desk and computer, a seven-tier bookshelf and a door to my fifteen-square-foot bathroom.

The eighty-inch LCD television was my favourite though.

I decided to start unpacking the boxes that had been placed around the room. That didn't last very long, however, given my clothes only fit into an eighth of the closet. All that was left now was to setup my PlayStation on my new television, which took five-minutes.

It was clear how much I didn't belong here.

As I looked out the window at the vast city below, and surrounded by the beautiful endless ocean, I really began to feel homesick. Though my home was ten-times smaller than this place, it had a quaint and homey feel to it that made you feel welcome.

This was the first time here without my parents, making me feel even lonelier.

The rest of the day was spent walking aimlessly around the apartment, wondering what to do with myself. Renae and Granddad had given me time to myself to settle in, which I was very grateful for, though it gave me more time to think about what I had lost. It had felt like the last two weeks had just flashed before my eyes, without giving me a chance to actually digest.

I was in such a stupor after the accident that I couldn't function.

Before I knew it, it was dark outside. Renae and Granddad returned to the apartment, after a day spent in meetings on the floors below, and we ordered my favourite Chinese food from downstairs. I talked and acted like my usual self over dinner, pretending as if nothing bothered me, but I knew they could see through my charade.

Thankfully they didn't pull me up on it though.

After dinner I decided to have an early night. I had a boiling-hot shower and lay in my new bed. They were hard pillows, the way I liked it, but still I struggled to actually go to sleep. I laid staring at the ceiling thinking about my Mom, my Dad, my old home, my new home, my Cousin, my Grandfather and eventually what school would be like tomorrow.

I couldn't help but think, how could this happen to me?

I was a boy from a small town of a few thousand trying to fit into this over-the-top lifestyle, but it wasn't me. I wasn't built for it. My parents never wanted this for me and yet here I was, without a choice.

There was no way I could get around it now; I was stuck here.

What felt like hours passed, as I laid staring through the darkness, before I eventually gave in and reverted back to the days of my childhood. Just like when I was seven, and last at this apartment, I walked into Renae's room and snuck under the covers of her large king sized bed. She smiled at me sympathetically before offering me a pillow.

Finally I drifted off to sleep.

Today was my first day at Quintessence College, the top private school of the state. My old school was a simple public school, which nobody had ever heard of, and had less than a thousand students in it. I had been lead to believe this school had over a thousand students in the senior school alone.

This was definitely going to be an experience.

From my previous experiences visiting Oracle City, I knew how high my Grandfather's expectations of us were in public. Knowing that, at all times, we would be representing him and his company, I decided to wake up early and ensure that I was presentable.

It was the least I could do for him.

As I left the bathroom I noticed that my Granddad had left my new uniform on my bed. I looked at the preppy school uniform; a navy blue blazer, white shirt, navy tie, charcoal grey pants and black leather shoes, and let out an exasperated sigh.

I didn't know if I could keep up this pretense for much longer.

My Dad never wanted this life for me. Having grown up in the shadow of my Grandfather, my parents decided to keep me out of the limelight for as long as possible. Every time I visited Oracle City I would get a taste of the spotlight and I never understood what was so wrong.

I trusted my Dad's judgment though.

Once I was dressed I grabbed a coffee downstairs before heading to the basement. Since rejecting my Grandfather's request to be escorted to school, he unveiled a surprise I was definitely not expecting-a brand new black Aston Martin Vanquish.

This was my favorite gift ever!

For the second time, in as many days, I drooled over this beauty in front of me and stood in awe once I was reminded it was mine. As I slid into my present, allowing the new-car smell wash over me and the feel of perfectly cushioned leather seats tantalize my fingers, I realized how much I would have loved to have my Dad here sitting beside me.

We always loved talking about cars together.

I started the car immediately, listening to the purr. Immediately I wiped any potential tears that may have formed around the base of my eyes, well aware that arriving at school with a tear-streaked face was not the ideal way to spend my first day.

Then I pressed down on the accelerator and felt the machine's true power.

Before long I was at my new school and was walking through the parking lot. As to be expected I saw an excess of fancy labels such as Porsche, Mercedes and Lexus. As I continued to walk I couldn't help but notice that no one was actually in the parking lot-a lot of empty cars and no students.

This could only mean one thing-I was late.

I checked my watch and it said it was only eight-fifteen; fifteen minutes early. I took a closer look at my old, worn out, non-branded watch, and realized that the second hand was not moving.

My trusty watch, one of the last things from my childhood, had failed me.

Immediately I picked up my pace to a speed-walk. As I walked past the huge brick building, staring at the gigantic arch in the middle, I almost walked into a fountain. A huge fountain, probably the size of my new bedroom, was here in the middle of a courtyard.

Courtyards? Fountains? What kind of school is this? I thought.

I kept walking, trying to find signs to the administration building but with no luck. I was seriously contemplating just skipping my first day, it was already off to a bad start and I hadn't even technically started school.

I decided to continue on, though, for my Granddad's sake.

About twenty-minutes had passed and I was pretty much resigned to the fact that my first day was over. I had been walking around aimlessly for what felt like hours and I had no idea where I needed to be.

That's when my luck changed.

The most beautiful girl I had ever seen started walking toward me. She looked like a supermodel straight out of a magazine. Her long black hair was tied up in a high ponytail and flying to the right from the wind. Her tight white blouse accentuated everything important and her knee-high grey skirt showed off her long, tanned legs. The loosened navy tie around her neck just sent my whole body into a frenzy.

I was in awe.

I could hear her heels hit the ground as she began to get closer, which to a normal person would indicate stop staring, but I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She tried to hide the fact she was looking at me too, though I was sure she was just checking whether I was still staring.

I definitely was and I definitely did not care.

As she passed me she looked up with her big blue eyes and rosy cheeks and gave me a small smile before she kept walking. At first I was really excited that she had smiled at me, then I realized that, during my aimless twenty-minute wandering, I had loosened my tie and undone my top two buttons.

She was likely smiling because she felt sorry for the hick.

I decided to leave once and for all. As soon as I turned to walk away, however, I was stopped in my tracks when I heard someone call my name. I turned around to see a lady, easily in her fifties, standing behind me with a clipboard and glasses slid halfway down her nose.

How cliché, I thought.

"Reagane Jameson?" She asked in an unenthusiastic tone, looking me up and down as she did so.

"Yes that's me, but it's Reagan," I clarified, preferring people to use my shortened name rather than my given name. "I couldn't find administration, sorry."

"Please fix your appearance, Mr. Jameson. Quintessence College has a standard that will not be compromised, regardless of the individual and who their relations may be."

I quickly retied my tie and redid my top buttons.

The administrator lead the way as we walked through another two buildings in silence before climbing up a set of stairs and reaching room 213. As she opened the door she cleared her throat, to quiet the students, before addressing the class.

As they saw her, the students all became silent immediately.

"This is Reagane Jameson," she began, still using the name the media knew me as. "He has just transferred in, though it is midway through the semester," the disdain in her voice was coupled with a look of disgust on her face, "and we expect you to make him feel as comfortable as the rest of you here. Please take a seat," she instructed, pointing to an empty one in the back row before addressing the teacher. "Pardon the interruption."

I searched the classroom hoping for the mystery model to be in here too but no luck. As I walked towards the seat in the back row I watched as three girls sitting together continued to stare at me, whispering and giggling to each other. I kept walking only to see a random guy death-staring at me from two tables away.

I didn't realize the 'new kid' jokes had started already.

After English, History and Math classes, lunch was finally here. All day girls would whisper and giggle and guys would just glare, so at lunch I decided to go sit on the grass, outside the cafeteria, and listen to my iPod alone.

It was definitely one of my better decisions of the day.

While I was alone, I noticed the model once more. She was sitting with a group of two guys and another girl only three trees away. I recognized the two guys, both from my English and Science classes. One guy had a shaved head, similar to that of the military, complete with massive biceps.

He looked angry or annoyed, so I knew to steer clear of him.

The other guy had spiked black hair and oversized red sunglasses on. The other girl was leaning on this guy with erratic blonde hair flapping around her face. Although she was wearing the same clothes as the model, it somehow looked different with the way she pulled up her socks and undid a few of her buttons.

It was an odd friendship grouping-it didn't look like they fit together.

As I was studying the model and her friends, a girl had been trying to get my attention. My distraction and the iPod were a bad mix in this situation as she was practically yelling so I would notice her, causing all four members of the group to look over to see what was going on.

That was embarrassing.

I took my earphones out and looked at the girl. She had been one of the first girls I had noticed staring and laughing at me, in my morning English class.

I immediately went on the defensive.

"Can I help you?" I asked icily.

"Yeah you kind of can," she answered smiling. "My name is Tamara, Tamara Gold." I looked at her with a confused expression on my face. "From your English class this morning."

She had misread my confusion for why she was here talking with me, as confusion to how I knew her. I didn't have a lot of experience talking with girls, that weren't my cousin, so I was even more confused why she was here.

I decided to play along with this bizarre charade.

"Oh yeah, sure. What's up?" I asked, still on the defensive.

"Well I know you're new and I was wondering whether, maybe, if you're, like, not busy, or if you are that's cool, you might like to go do dinner with me? Or lunch? Or just coffee? Whatever. Or I could just show you around if you wanted?"

I was in complete shock.

Is she asking me out on a date? I thought to myself.

Tamara was very attractive by normal standards. She wore the uniform quite conservatively whilst also leaving nothing to the imagination in regards to her cup size. She had long, perfectly straight blonde hair that she let out over her shoulders. I usually would have accepted her offer without any hesitation, given I had never had any other similar offer from a girl in my life, but I wanted someone a hundred times better sitting only a few metres away.

I looked over and noticed the model's group was still staring at me.

"Look Tamara," I said, trying to be a bit nicer this time but also trying to make it clear to the model what I was trying to do here. "I really appreciate your offer however I kind of like someone else; another girl from school. It would be unfair to use you like that, when I just want her. Thank ..."

"Use me!" She interrupted, before I could continue. "I don't care."

Though that offer was definitely tempting, I shook my head.

"Thanks Tamara, maybe some other time."

My tone made her immediately aware that the conversation was over.

Not wanting to continue the conversation any further, I put my earphones back in hoping to make sure the model saw that I was still alone. Tamara stormed off and the model smiled at me for the second time today.

I hoped that my plan worked.

I spent the rest of my lunch listening to my iPod and watching the various friendship groups forming around the place. A lot more groups had come out to the grass area now and I found it interesting to people watch, though I did spend most of my time looking at the model.

She was just like nothing I had ever seen before.


Excerpted from The Elements Series by Ryan D Pearson Copyright © 2012 by Ryan D Pearson. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


1. My First Day....................1
2. The Thoughts....................17
3. The Powers....................35
4. The Darkness....................49
5. The Secret....................64
6. The Misunderstanding....................80
7. The Uninvited....................96
8. The Dream....................106
9. The Accidents....................114
10. The Addition....................129
11. The Explosion....................141
12. The Superheroes....................154
13. The Success....................163
14. The Anniversary....................174
15. The Stone....................185
16. The Enemy....................199
17. The Paparazzi....................211
18. The Finals....................223
19. The Summoning....................233
20. The Lake....................243
21. The Hostage....................259
22. The Swap....................271
23. The Unexpected....................282

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