The Eagle and the Swan

The Eagle and the Swan

by Carol Strickland

Paperback(Reprint ed.)

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Within a manuscript that has not been read for a millennium and a half, there are secrets that will rewrite the history of an Empire…

It is AD 518 in Constantinople, capital of the glorious Byzantine Empire. A beautiful courtesan famed for her interpretation of the myth “Leda and the Swan” dances in the Imperial Palaces; stirring hearts, rousing desires, and indelibly changing the course of history. This woman, Theodora, was a circus performer and prostitute before catching the eye of an ambitious military officer. The soldier and the swan dancer set out on a treacherous path to power that leads all the way to the throne. The events that ensue, amid the struggles and politics of a society in flux, leave a city in smoldering ruins.

While researching the Hagia Sophia, a spectacular basilica built by Emperor Justinian, Strickland discovered references to his partner, Empress Theodora. In his Secret History the era’s official historian Procopius vilified Theodora as immoral and sexually depraved. Now the story of Theodora—the least understood and most maligned woman of antiquity—has been recast to give her a voice.

More than a compelling story about a remarkably strong but flawed woman, conveyed in gripping, literary prose, the novel pictures an empire at a crucial turning point, one that saw the birth of our modern Western world.

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ISBN-13: 9781635617719
Publisher: Echo Point Books & Media
Publication date: 11/09/2018
Edition description: Reprint ed.
Pages: 586
Sales rank: 838,856
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.19(d)

Table of Contents

Dedication & Acknowledgments



Chapter One : In the Scriptorium

Chapter Two : The Bird that Sits on the Rhinoceros

Chapter Three: The Curtain Rises

Chapter Four : A Fateful Night in Byzantium

Chapter Five : Courtly Conversation

Chapter Six : The End of the Banquet

Chapter Seven: A Last Lick of Lightning

Chapter Eight: No Rose without Thorns

Chapter Nine: The Last Shall Be First

Chapter Ten: Casting Off

Chapter Eleven: The Puppet and His Master

Chapter Twelve: Uneasy Rests the Crown

Chapter Thirteen: Into the Desert

Chapter Fourteen: A Righteous River

Chapter Fifteen: The Thirteenth Apostle

Chapter Sixteen: Barbarians at the Gates

Chapter Seventeen: Theodora’s Life on the Road

Chapter Eighteen: Back to Byzantium

Chapter Nineteen: A Meeting of Minds

Chapter Twenty: The Bull and the Butterfly

Chapter Twenty-one: Byzantine Banquet

Chapter Twenty-two: Theodora’s Tale

Chapter Twenty-three: Palace Life

Chapter Twenty-four: Belisarius

Chapter Twenty-five: Byzantine Quarrels

Chapter Twenty-six: Justinian at Bay

Chapter Twenty-seven: The Imperial Succession

Chapter Twenty-eight: Theodora the Bride

Chapter Twenty-nine: The Hunt for Gold - Death and Taxes

Chapter Thirty: John of Cappadocia

Chapter Thirty-one: Awaiting Deliverance

Chapter Thirty-two: On the Merits of Diplomacy

Chapter Thirty-three: The Struggle for Succession

Chapter Thirty-four: Scoundrel Time

Chapter Thirty-five: Princess Juliana’s Revenge

Chapter Thirty-six: From Clown to Crown

Chapter Thirty-seven: Courting the Sublime

Chapter Thirty-eight: Eyes Too New for Tears

Chapter Thirty-nine: Law and Love

Chapter Forty: Imperial Quarrels

Chapter Forty-one: My Ill-Advised Tale

Chapter Forty-two: Life in Byzantium

Chapter Forty-three: Travels with the Empress

Chapter Forty-four: The Turning Tide

Chapter Forty-five: Off to the Wars

Chapter Forty-six: Trouble in Paradise

Chapter Forty-seven: A Miracle

Chapter Forty-eight: Off to the Races

Chapter Forty-nine: The Ides of January

Chapter Fifty: An Incendiary Pact

Chapter Fifty-one: Skies Darken

Chapter Fifty-two: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Chapter Fifty-three: Winged Victory

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