The Duke's Embrace

The Duke's Embrace

by Erica Ridley

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Unpaid and under-appreciated journalist Miss Eve Shelling never goes anywhere without a trusty notebook and her overprotective Duenna—who happens to be a bullmastiff. Eve learned the hard way that men are not to be trusted. She's definitely not falling head-over-heels for the deceptively charming subject of her front-page column.

Local blacksmith Monsieur Sébastien le Duc is the pillar of his community—when he's not pillaging elsewhere. He's a rakish dandy with a heart of stolen gold and two teeny tiny secrets. One happens to be a wee international smuggling operation. The other involves losing his heart to an ambitious journalist determined to expose the truth at any cost...

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Erica Ridley's newest regency romance series features twelve delightful laugh-out-loud romps... and plenty of delicious dukes!


1. Once Upon a Duke
2. Kiss of a Duke
3. Wish Upon a Duke
4. Never Say Duke
5. Dukes, Actually
6. The Duke's Bride
7. The Duke's Embrace
8. The Duke's Desire
9. Dawn with a Duke
10. One Night with a Duke
11. Ten Days with a Duke
12. Forever Your Duke

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BN ID: 2940161250174
Publisher: WebMotion
Publication date: 12/03/2019
Series: 12 Dukes of Christmas , #7
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 12,638
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Erica Ridley is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of heartwarming historical romance novels. Her most popular series include the Dukes of War, Rogues to Riches, and the 12 Dukes of Christmas, featuring charming peers, dashing war heroes, and delightful scoundrels. When not immersed in a book, Erica can be found riding camels in Africa, zip-lining through rainforests in Central America, or getting hopelessly lost in the middle of Budapest.

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The Duke's Embrace 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Sunshine1006 3 months ago
Another of the Twelve DUKES of Christmas. Miss Eve Shelling is a journalist and works for her father's paper in the little village of Cressmouth or Christmas as it is sometimes known. There is a holiday spirit there year round. Eve wants to write as a serious reporter and her father wants only positive news as always. As she goes on her investigative assignments with her Duenna, a bullmastiff, she meets the la Duc brothers. Sébastien and Lucien. The more she sees Bastion, the more she wants to. He makes her tingle. Lucien is determined to go back to France and expects Bastion to go with him. Bastion doesn't want to go now that he has gotten to know Eve. When Eve finds out there are some illegal activities, she is torn. Will it be love or justice? I loved both of these characters. They have to be together to be happy. Now I'm waiting to see if Lucien will be hit by Cupid as well. I received this book from Net Galley and the publisher for a honest review.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Both suffer from other's ideas and expectations of how their lives will unfold, and breaking free is never easy.
KindleLady 4 months ago
This is my second book in the Twelve Dukes series. This one gets 3-1/2 stars, because I didn't completely "buy" into the story. I feel more length would have made the story more realistic and the love story more believable. I received and ARC for my honest opinion.
Cali-Jewel 4 months ago
Highly entertaining, fun, engaging and action packed adventure filled with interesting charters, witty banter, emotional thrills and undeniable passion.... was a great read from beginning to end. Really enjoyed this journey!
Tanja_OMGReads 4 months ago
I'll be honest and say this was not my favourite. Don't get me wrong it WAS an enjoyable read but something about Eve was bothering me and I just can't seem to find the reason behind it. I did like Sebastian; I mean who doesn't like a dandy with all the right words. Once again the banter was funny and the chemistry/love between the characters was believable. I'm excited to see who'll be paired with Lucien; i have a feeling he'll be my favourite in the series. ***Review copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads Blog***
PegC51 4 months ago
Eve and Bastien know what they want. Eve wants to be a journalist and write “real” news. Bastien wants to return to France and help his bother restore the family name and reclaim their birthright. As these two help each other towards their goals, they begin to see each other in a different light. It doesn’t matter how they feel about each other; they can’t stay together, can they? Bastien and Eve’s story takes place in Cressmouth, a beautiful little village in the far northern part of England where Christmas is celebrated year-round. Lovable quirky characters, snarky banter, and a happy story with a few twists and turns make this one to enjoy. The story includes a spoiled hog, a large Mastiff named Duenna, and a story featuring the last seven swans a-swimming on the town pond before they migrate. The Duke’s Embrace is another lovely addition to the 12 Dukes of Christmas. I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley. My review is voluntary.
McM0mmy-PW 4 months ago
Loved the story! Eve and Bastien were perfect for each other after never noticing the other for 18 years. I loved how they figured out what's most important to each other by the end and can't wait to find out who/what the next "Duke" is!! Thank you for the advance copy!
georgia1 4 months ago
Back to beloved Cressmouth, England or "Christmas" where anything can happen, especially if there is a Duke around!! But one young lady, Eve Shelling was determined to be a good journalist and write about other items beside the same old aritcles. Of course, her father was the owner of the paper and he was determined to make her follow the rules, drat it! Determined to write her own article, she continues to take matters in her own hand. The new subject, Local Blacksmith and dandy Monsieur Sebastien le Duc will make a fine contribution! Of course his and his family's goal is to get back to France. But as they get to know each other, it sees Eve determines there is a lot more to Bastien than meets the eye! Such a fun story with a determined lady and a charmer of a man, who get to know each other and find out they may just be right for each other!! Lori D
Kristen Bergh-Lewendon 4 months ago
I find it so frustrating when I come to the end of a book and I’m at a complete loss for words. This was a mostly light story that was fun and I enjoyed reading it, yet somehow it didn’t have the same impact on me that I usually expect this author’s work to have. Perhaps it was the shorter length of this book that didn’t allow me to get as completely swept away in their world as I’d hoped, because I’ve been anxiously awaiting the stories of the le Duc siblings. Though I have to give Ms. Ridley honors for one of the most reprehensible parental figures I’ve ever read. For me, Eve and Bastien’s story is all about the choices we make and being true to your heart. I’m already excited to see what Lucien’s book will bring us. I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book from the author through NetGalley.
clarkws 4 months ago
The Duke’s Embrace by Erica Ridley is book 7 in the 12 Dukes of Christmas Series. I have loved each of Ridley’s stories. They can truly be read as stand-alone books. I think this hero was one of my favorites. Monsieur Sebastien le Duc is a dandy - an incredibly masculine dandy. That sets him apart from most Regency character heroes. In other books, a dandy ( someone who is unduly devoted to style and appearance) is generally seen as foppish. But in The Duke’s Embrace, Sebastien is an incredibly masculine blacksmith. “She let her gaze linger on the muscles of his upper arm, on the breadth of his strong shoulders, on the thrilling familiarity of his wide, firm mouth and how sensual it had felt against her own.” There is a very steamy sex scene. Looking forward to the next book in this series. I was given a copy of this book.
HeyerFan1 4 months ago
The Frenchman and the Journalist. Eve Shelling desperately wants the Cressmouth Gazette to be more than “a long-winded promotional pamphlet” but her father, who owns the newspaper, is resistant to any article that might be deemed controversial. When Bastien le Duc asks for her help in selling the smithy, Eve sees a way to write a human interest story, little knowing that the le Duc family are hiding darker secrets. Another enjoyable story set in Christmas. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from the author and NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Rita0285 4 months ago
Eve and Bastien have dreams. Eve’s wish is to be a journalist and Bastien wants to return to France. When they help each other towards their goals, they realize that there is a whole lot more to each other then they thought. The banter between them is very cute. Sweet story
CathyGeha 4 months ago
The Duke’s Embrace by Erica Ridley 12 Dukes of Christmas #7 Monsieur Sebastien “Bastien” le Duc is one of three French children brought to England by their during the French revolution. They lost their parents and land but have made a life and home in Cressmouth, England. Their income comes from the blacksmith shop and a side business with t heir illegal business that sees them all much more financially comfortable. In the last book their sister met the man she would marry and in the next story it will be older brother Lucien’s turn to meet and marry. But, this is Bastien’s story and a fun one it was indeed. Miss Eve Shelling is the woman that Bastien will fall for and she will reciprocate by falling for him, too. The two will have a few hurdles to overcome as they move toward their happily ever after. She has dreams and so does he but as the two are dreams are not on the same continent it might be difficult to fulfill booth dreams...or will it? I liked Bastien even though he was a bit of a dandy...a strong, wise, intelligent dandy who also is strong and manly from his work at the smithy. I also liked Eve and felt sorry for her having to deal with her rather repressive father and the backstory she has had to live with. I LOVED Duenna the bullmastiff at Eve’s side...and then there was Chef the pig...I wonder if Chef and Duenna will become best of friends as time goes on? I can’t wait to read Lucien’s story next. Thank you to the author for the ARC – This is my honest review of this novella length story. 4 Stars
AmyHi 4 months ago
This is the seventh book in the twelve book Dukes of Christmas series. Like all the others, it can be read alone. Eve is a woman trying to make her way in a man’s world of newspaper reporting. She must decide whether to publish a story that will hurt the people she knows and loves. Sebastien must choose between going home, to France, or staying in England with Eve. I am enjoying this series and can’t wait for Lucien’s story! I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.
Kaye_Gunter 4 months ago
ONE MAGNIFICENT EXPERIENCE!!! Blackguard! Erica flipped the coin, placed the bet, ramping up the stakes, mastering the game and owning the whole shebang blasting this baby to life brilliantly. Establishing well rounded scenario's, revving up the anticipation and adrenaline with such intensity and precision, fusing this gem together flawlessly. Sparks fly as drama, intrigue, deception, secrets and mounting suspense swirls, blasting this baby into the eye of the storm, breaking it down, throwing it into a tailspin with astonishing impacts. The chemistry builds as each layer is peeled back exposing an undeniable bond and amplifying affections that fuses this jewel together beautifully. The personalities are well matched and blended with just enough flaws for diversity. The characters and scenes are strikingly sharp with abundant details and colorful descriptions so rich and lively, they blend and flow magnificently. Remarkable job Erica, thanks for sharing this little jewel with us.
ViperSpaulding 4 months ago
Bastien and Eve lay it all on the line for love! This wonderful couple just about broke my heart. They're both so perfect for each other, building each other up and wanting the best for the other. They've each had such tragic losses in their early lives; the emotional healing they received from sharing with each other was cathartic even while reading about it was heart-wrenching. I loved seeing both these characters let their guards down and be real with each other. But this isn't a sad story; there's plenty of humor and a dash of steam as these two figure out how to fulfill the le Ducs' dream of returning to France as well as securing Eve's independence from her father. The HEA was as satisfying as it was inventive. I'm looking forward to the next visit to the charming community of Cressmouth. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Diana Aden 4 months ago
Erica Ridley offers another charming, witty, laugh out loud moments addition to her well-received 12 Dukes of Christmas series with The Duke’s Embrace. Eve Shelling is a journalist for the local newspaper in the village of Cressmouth, popularly known as Christmas. She yearns to be a true journalist, doing investigative reporting, rather than rehashing the same local news in the monthly publication. Her father opposes her wishes as he is the publisher of the Gazette and insists she writes happy stories about Christmas and its happenings and people. The local blacksmith and handsome dandy, Monsieur Sébastien le Duc, becomes captivated by Eve one day when she rebuffs him and walks away. He is very used to females fawning over him so Eve is quite unusual. Ms. Ridley did a wonderful job with how she portrayed the developing friendship between Eve and Bastien which was turning into something more than either expected. There are surprises and secrets which are revealed and challenges to overcome. Overall, this was a very romantic, sweet read. I’m looking forward to the next tale in the series, about Bastien’s brother, Lucien, and Miss Margaret Church. I was fortunate to receive an ARC of this work and voluntarily submit this review. All opinions stated are my own. I rate this work at 4 ½ stars with a mild heat level.
Historical_Romance_Lover 4 months ago
Eve doesn't go anywhere without her notebook. She is constantly writing down things that she would love to print in her newspaper, if only her father would allow it. When Sébastien comes to her with a request to put an advert in the paper about selling his smithy, she jumps right on it. She then has a brilliant idea about featuring one person from the village it each edition of the paper and wouldn't Sébastien be the perfect person to be highlighted first. Ever since Sébastien and his family arrived from France, they have been dreaming of the day they will return. Their uncle finally owns his property outright, so now it is time to sell the smithy and use the proceeds to start their life back home. As these two spend time together, they realize that they share a mutual attraction. But with Sébastien moving back to France and Eve wanting a career writing for a newspaper, can those feeling amount to anything? I really enjoyed Eve and Sébastien story! I loved watching them get to know one another and see that the impression they had of the other wasn't who they truly were. I'm so excited for the next book in the series as it stars Sébastien's cranky brother!!
ECD 4 months ago
THE DUKE’S EMBRACE by Erica Ridley I loved this simple story of a young lady who dreams of becoming a renowned journalist in London. Miss Eve Shelling’s father owned the only printing press in Cressmouth famous for its yuletide cheer Christmastide feeling all year round. Eve no longer wanted to write puff pieces for the paper. She wanted to write hard hitting action pieces. She needed the experience if she was ever to make it big in London. Monsieur Sebastien le Duc is one of the local smithies. His eldest brother Lucien was the other smithy. The reason they were in England is a terrible tragic story. They escaped France during the peasant revolution. Bastien’s family’s dream has been to return to France and try to reclaim their title and lands their parents had. It has been eighteen years and now the time was at hand to leave. That had been the plan. Eve fought her attraction to Bastien at every turn. When Bastien set his eyes on her there was no going back. If you read the last book in the series you know the type of other business the le Duc’s were involved with. Eve found out and was going to expose all those involved. I liked the characters very much. Strong, loyal, determined and honest. Family first was something Eve and Bastien had in common. What was to happen to Eve and Bastien’s budding romance? What was going to happen to the le Duc family if Eve printed an expose? Will they flee to France or be stuck in England? I enjoyed the story. It was entertaining and fun to read. I do recommend this story. I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.