The Dreamers

The Dreamers

by David Teves


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The Dreamers, the second book in the Land of Dreams series, is the exciting follow up to the first volume, The Lady of the Rose. When we last left Abby Henry and her companion, Trigalfa Ferrin, they had entered a place of mystery called the Blur and tumbled through a dark opening to unknown fate.But before the adventure continues, the first part of the novel tells the story of Trig, his family and how he was able to forge the Sword of Renown that would eventually be named Heart. It also tells of his transition from a young man of humble origins to a fearsome warrior, loyal to his loved ones and loyal to Abby until the bitter end.The Land of Dreams is a place like no other. Abby and Trig find themselves plunged into a reality where the normal laws of nature hold no sway. A world of daytime yet there is no sun. A place where the veil of night might fall at any moment. Rivers turn into roads and transform into the back of a seven mile snake. It is a land filled with living beings taken from their home worlds and stranded until a prophesy is fulfilled-liberation by a young woman with fiery hair and a will of steel who wields a magical sword.In the Land of Dreams, Abby and Trig meet Sven, a charming yet tortured soul with a sharp tongue who has been waiting for Abby's arrival for countless years. Together they meet the Oracle who tells them they must find the elements of earth, water, fire and air to help them on journey to reach the Outer Rim and into the great Singularity known as the Mystic. It is there that Abby will reach her ultimate goal-rescuing her mother and securing the safety of all who think and breathe. The Land of Dreams is a series of four books. The Dreamers continues the saga and sets up what will come after-somewhere in the faraway stars....

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ISBN-13: 9781502968999
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/14/1914
Series: Land of Dreams , #2
Pages: 250
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