The Dove Shall Fly: a Texas Revolution novel, sequel to Bones at Goliad

The Dove Shall Fly: a Texas Revolution novel, sequel to Bones at Goliad

by Judith Austin Mills


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A sprawling novel focuses on the burgeoning revolution in 19th-century

Texas. …a substantial piece of thoughtful historical fiction.

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In the Texas Revolution of 1836, fighters and those fleeing after the Alamo and Goliad brace for a last clash. Born in Mexico’s San Antonio, Captain Juan Seguin risks all in championing the break-away republic. Private James Trezevant, one of few Georgia Battalion survivors, makes his way toward the attack at San Jacinto. The Harper women scramble for the safety of the American border. Yarico and anyone else identified as a slave stay wary during calls for “liberty or death.”


Judith Austin Mills has given us an impressive third volume in her moving saga of the birth of Texas. This novel of survival, struggle and redemption is character driven and emotionally charged from beginning to end. We see the battlefield intimately, not just heroically, and the hard won happiness of the "winners" has its cost. The Dove Shall Fly is not just a fine novel by an extraordinary writer, but a tribute to morality not often seen in our times.

Sharon Kahn, Scribner novelist, University of Texas Press author

The Dove Shall Fly is a moving tale of adventure and sacrifice driven by characters torn from the pages of Texas history. All those who enjoy imagining themselves witnessing our rich past will love this book.

Jeffrey Kerr, author of Lamar’s Folly and Seat of Empire

Another captivating novel by a master at historical detail. The interlocking stories of three Texas Revolution participants grip from the first page.

Karen Casey Fitzjerrel, award winning historical fiction author of Forgiving Effie Beck and The Dividing Season

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781632100368
Publisher: Plain View Press, LLC
Publication date: 05/24/2018
Series: a Texas Revolution novel , #3
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

Judith Austin Mills Moved to Texas from up north when she was ten. The absence of distinct seasons and the spare, sprawling landscape in her adopted state may have been what taught her to look closely for signs of change. Her writing, both fiction and poetry, portrays awakenings. Since 2010, the complex shifts brought on by the Texas Revolution have fascinated her.
In 1989 at the University of Texas, the author earned her English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Stories from her collection, Lost Autumn Blues, have appeared in literary journals. One piece from her poetry book Accidental Joy received a Pushcart nomination in 2015. The novel manuscript Tripping Home won the Writers' League of Texas mainstream competition in 2001.
Since retiring from the French classroom and from Austin Community College as an Adjunct, Associate Professor of English, Judith Austin Mills devotes her time to writing and to family. She is more and more convinced that hopeful change springs from a careful look at history.
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 6

Truth in the Telling 11

In This Forgotten Spot 13

Chapter 1 Scattered Angels 15

Chapter 2 Long Lullaby 28

Chapter 3 Tendrils 43

Chapter 4 A Day of Reversals 54

Chapter 5 The Approach of Thunder 67

Chapter 6 What’s in a Name? 80

Chapter 7 Along Comes Chaos 99

Chapter 8 Farewell, Light Heart 116

Chapter 9 No Way But Forward 137

Chapter 10 The Shortest Dreams of Mercy 151

Chapter 11 Riding the Aftermath 155

The Hum of Elegies 163

Chapter 12 A Hard Path Home 165

Chapter 13 Long Shadows 182

Chapter 14 Remains of a Battalion 199

Chapter 15 Word of Mouth 217

Celestial Fire 233

Chapter 16 Past Meets Prologue—New Orleans, 1839 235

Chapter 17 To See What He Could See—Near Seguin, 1856 249

Chapter 18 Again at a Riverbank—Austin, Texas, 1869 268

Chapter 19 Blessing in a Bottle—Yucatan, 1726 286



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