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The DNA of the Soul: A Book about Previous Lives and Awareness in the Now

The DNA of the Soul: A Book about Previous Lives and Awareness in the Now

by Annica Frantz, Annalena Mellblom


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“I felt curious. If this really was possible, what else could be found in this memory bank that I do not know about and that furthermore characterizes my present life. Here was really something to explore.”

Do you believe in a previous life? Do you not believe in a previous life?

Regardless of your answer, you will greatly enjoy accompanying Annica Frantz and Annalena Mellblom on their journeys into the DNA of the soul. Let yourself be inspired by their knowledge, insights and experiences.

Several of the authors’ clients share accounts of significant changes that have happened in their lives since they dared to take a look into the past with the help of hypnosis and channeling their limitations.

Past life-therapy has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to heal emotionally and physically.

What is there in your life that does not work as well as you would like it to? The DNA of the Soul gives you keys to a new consciousness, creating freedom and calm in your present life.

With the help of clear and practical exercises, this book will help you to understand that you are the one with the power and capacity to shape your life. We invite you to see the master in yourself.

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ISBN-13: 9781452576367
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 08/06/2013
Pages: 156
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.36(d)

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The DNA of the Soul

A Book about Previous Lives and Awareness in the Now


Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Annica Frantz and Annalena Mellblom
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-7636-7


Doors Open


My journey started in 2002 when a TV company advertised for people to participate in a new programme. They wanted to explore the possibility of past lives and if a person could experience a previous existence under hypnosis. The idea was subsequently to search for evidence that the experiences were genuine by comparing them with verifiable facts. Personally I did not believe in previous lives but was open to seeing if they might be a reality. It saddened me not to have any sense of memories from an earlier life, having heard of many others who had experienced different things that they could link to a previous existence. However, deep within me there was curiosity and a hope. To me, the thought that all there is to this life is birth, toil, food-in-waste-out and then death was utterly meaningless and I brooded at length about it.

The application form stated: 'Do you believe in a previous life? Do you not believe in a previous life? Write a line about yourself.'

I replied that I did not believe in a previous life, having never experienced one, but that I was keen to investigate the possibility.

I was accepted for an audition and met with the regression therapist and his team. The therapist gave a thorough explanation about the project but did not say how it would work practically then finished by asking: "Are you prepared to travel to a previous life?"

My pulse increased a few beats as I heard myself answer: "Yes".

"Good" he said, "Let's go ..."

I decided to trust the process and follow the voice of the hypnotherapist.

Whilst I was under hypnosis, a team around me recorded my responses. A camera filmed the whole session and all my accounts would later be examined. I set off on an inner journey that led me to Italy where I experienced myself as the son of a king, who could do whatever he liked.

Me—the son of a king in Italy

My thoughts wander back and forth. A wave of performance anxiety sweeps over me but in the next moment it's gone. My body feels completely relaxed and at the same time my thoughts move backwards and forwards. The therapist has asked me to accept the first thought or emotion that arises as he poses the questions to me, not analysing the answer during the session. He then proceeds to 'count me down' to a previous life and asks me firmly to 'look' down at my feet and tell him what I see, perceive and sense.

I burst out laughing and feel a bit embarrassed over the feeling that wells up in me. There is a sense of complete power and recognition.

I see a pair of sandals on my feet. Fine sandals made of leather with straps over the top of the feet. The feet themselves are beautifully kept: a man's long, fine feet. I am amazed to see the feet of a man but then I think no more about it.

I am wearing a long, white dress and around the waist a kind of rope which then changes into a sort of belt made of tin or some other hard material. The belt looks as if it consists of linked coins. On my head, over my long very well groomed hair, I wear a piece of black cloth that falls down a bit on the back of the neck It is kept in place by a wreath made of vine leaves. Sometimes the vine leaves also change into linked coins.

I perceive several attendants around me. There is a man who seems to be an advisor. Women, very beautiful women, are around me. They walk beside the carriage that I am sitting in. These women surround me because they belong to me and serve my whole being.

The carriage that I travel in is made of wood. The wheels, also made of wood, are big and clumsy. The carriage is drawn by oxen at a slow pace.

There is a sense that we are travelling somewhere: to a town.

As I look around I realise that we are in a commercial town. The people bow as we pass by and they offer fruit, dates, fish and plates with mussels—anything you might eat in a seaside town. Arrogantly I take an apple that is offered by an outstretched hand. I don't grace the person offering the apple with a glance; even less show any gratitude. It is a duty to give me things when I so wish. The people have to—otherwise nasty things will happen to them. The sense of power is very tangible.

I arrive at a square in the town and here people are waiting expectantly. My advisor introduces me and I experience myself just standing there being observed. People come up to me and kiss my hand. I gaze out into nothingness. It is self-evident that I do not look subjects in the eye.

The town resembles Old Town in Stockholm; there are narrow lanes between the houses. The high-rise buildings are separated by portals of different kinds. All of the houses in this town are sand coloured. The doors and window shutters are made of different kinds of wood. The smell of fish and sea food permeates the whole town which is cramped and poor in many parts.

In my next experience I see myself going from this town to my home. We enter a courtyard where I am met by a man who embraces me joyfully. It is my father. He is a man with a hot temper but I do not feel any contempt whatsoever for him. My mother appears, beautifully dressed, and nods proudly at me.

The square of the castle is situated outside its walls. People are living in the castle walls and there are places to sleep and eat. This is also where our food is prepared and served and where our servants live. There is a well in the middle of the castle square but we do not drink that water. Our water is collected from sources in the mountains. The castle is situated high above the town. Looking out of a window you can see the town far below, by the water. There are people living in the mountains around the castle.

It becomes ever clearer that I am not the son of a king but that my father owns a part of the country and is in charge of the town that I visited earlier. We live in luxury obtained by the high taxes that are extracted from the people.

I can behave as I wish and there are no limits when it comes to women, money or power. When I point at something I get it without effort.

An important event in this life occurs when I play a game of poker. I lose everything and the arrangement is that the winner gets all my assets after my death. It does not bother me and I continue to live my life in abundance until I die.

I see myself as an elderly man on my death bed. I am well tucked up in a beautiful bed and three women sit around the bed, mourning my departure. I die during my sleep and it feels very natural, as if somehow I know what is to come.

The town goes through a shift as a new family comes into power. I have no children and it becomes clear that I also did not have a wife but enjoyed myself with many women.

The day of my death is around 1750 in Italy, in the town of Taranto. I can, from my higher Self, point out where the town is situated on a map, and in the subsequent research the name Taranto appeared as the potential town.

After I had been 'counted out' of the hypnosis I was asked to draw, and so I did, like never before. The pen moved by itself and images of the town appeared with many additional details that I had experienced but not talked about during the hypnosis. The picture was handed in to a team to be examined.

As I left I felt somewhat confused and a bit sceptical but very curious. Imagine if they found something that could be relevant to this amazing story, for it certainly was amazing. And if it should be true—where did all this information come from?

The regression therapist explained that all I have experienced is stored in a memory bank in my subconscious. This revelation made me eager to learn more. If it really were possible, what else could be found in this memory bank that I do not know about and which, furthermore, characterizes my present life? Here was obviously something to explore.

I went home and did not think much more about the project, but after a couple of days someone rang from the TV company and said that they wanted to see me again. The caller did not mention what had been found, if anything, but my eagerness made me hurry to see the team, who welcomed me warmly and said they wished to do another regression session with me.

I was ready—ready to travel into my memory bank to explore what else could be found there.

I experience myself as a woman, rich, beautiful, delightful and married to a man with an elevated position in the village where we live. Our house is very beautiful and there are servants. I constantly feel oppressed and there is a feeling that I am only there to increase my husband's status.

When I am counted out of the hypnosis I feel bad about how this woman could accept living in this way, emotionally repressed and dependent on her spouse.

I could see that in my present life I did everything not to be dependent on any man and also that I made sure not to be bored and stuck in one and the same place. When I looked objectively at my present life and this earlier incarnation it struck me that I was still scarred by the previous existence. Unconsciously I strove to avoid ending up in the same situation, seeing that I had not freely chosen to live the way I did today, but that it originated from a fear of getting into a situation of oppression and dependency.

When I observed my present life I could recognise that, when faced with a situation in which I felt repressed and dependent, I fought to tear myself away, most often enraged. I could also see that this rage was a driving force behind my engagement with repressed women in society.

Indeed it felt liberating to see these connections between the previous life and the present one. I went through a process of healing that life so that today I feel that I can choose in a completely new, transformed way.

A week later the TV people rang again to tell me that they had found information relevant to my previous lives. They said they had located the village where I, as a woman, had lived but that the house was gone and the village had changed considerably. They had also found a lot of interesting information about Italy and wanted me to return and go back through another regression-journey. This time I was to go deeper in an effort to see more details.

So off I went again, into hypnosis and into my memory bank. I went back to the 18th century when I was a man in Italy.

I could see myself in the same town as during the earlier session. The therapist guided me into the details of the town and my replies came quickly and easily.

After returning from the hypnosis I was again asked to draw, and it felt as if the pen flew over the paper, writing and sketching.

As I left, I felt subdued and amazed that the town was sand coloured because I know that all the houses were painted white to keep the blistering heat out.

Once again I received a call from the TV-team. The time had arrived! They asked if I was ready to go to Italy to investigate all the things that had come out of the hypnosis. They certainly did not have to ask twice!

The TV-team wanted to make sure that everything I experienced in Italy was real. I was to tell them if there were things I did and did not recognise. The idea of the programme was to ascertain if, through hypnosis, you could make your way back to places where you had previously lived, and find proof for those lives.

We experienced some very exciting days and many questions were answered.

Subsequent to these 'travels' both into the previous life and physically to Italy, my world view started to change. These remarkable experiences led to a shift in my perspective on life. I remember that I started to look at children in a different light. All of a sudden everything was not as self-evident as before and the issue of life started to interest me more and more.

I wanted to know more, learn more, explore more and gain more skills. This is why, a few years later, I trained to be a regression therapist, hypnotherapist and suggestion therapist. I realised that the further I progressed in my training, the less I knew. In these dimensions everything just grew bigger and bigger, infinitely. I just had to accept that I cannot know everything and instead strengthen my trust in the eternal.

Today, ten years after my trip to a past life a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. My psychic and therapeutic journey has opened up in a way that I could never, in my wildest dreams, have imagined.


It is dark. People are running all around me in total panic. It is war and I feel terribly frightened. A man is approaching and our gazes meet. I have no time to think—all that I feel is pain, pain in the solar plexus. He aimed the sword perfectly. I disappear, lose focus and drop out of consciousness.

I wake up breathing heavily, feeling afraid and confused. I see that it is me, Annica, in my ten years old body. I put my hands on my belly and become calm. I am back—it was only a dream. The same dream once again.

This was a recurring dream during my childhood for several years but it was not until many years later that I would come to understand what it really wanted to tell me. I then realised that it was fragments, memories, emotions from an earlier life.

My childhood was characterized by a large number of supernatural events. In the autumn of 2002 there was a television programme about previous lives. People were hypnotized in order to go back into their memory banks and give a detailed account of earlier existences. Subsequently a team consisting of diverse individuals, including political scientists, travelled together with one of the regression subjects to the actual country that the person had experienced. The aim was to examine if the information was correct. This triggered a lot of thoughts and questions within me. Can this really be true -that we have lived a life before, and if so, who am I?

I contacted the man who performed the hypnoses in the TV programme. He invited me to come to Visingsö (in the south part of Sweden; transl.note) where he ran his school for Ethical and Analytical Hypnotherapy. The following weekend his students, training to be regression therapists, would, very conveniently, need volunteers to practice on.

Not very long after this I started training to become a regression therapist. This is where I met Annalena Mellbom; an incredibly joyful, spontaneous, rather intense girl without a trace of shyness. I remember when Annalena and I practiced the vocal techniques needed to guide others into hypnosis. It felt so silly to speak very slowly, calmly and with tremendous feeling to each other. Mostly there was laughter, it was just impossible to be serious. Our teacher walked around to check on us. I struggled to express deep feeling, using my dialect from Småland (a region in the south of Sweden; transl.note): "You are caaalm and secuuure, you are like coooked looose spaghetti ... and Annalena struggled even more than me so that our teacher would not hear how she doubled up with laughter."

Today we both speak very slowly and calmly as we lead people into hypnosis and down in to the subconscious and there is no feeling of it being silly at all. In fact, we are often told that our voices sound very pleasant.

I understood that my recurring dream as a child consisted of memories from a previous life. During one session, in hypnosis, I experienced the following:

The dream that came true

I saw myself as a little boy growing up in the town of Chester, close to the border between Scotland and England. The house where I lived was small with a thatched roof. It was beautifully situated on a slope surrounded by green hills. There was a small white church or chapel nearby. We often went there—me, my mum and my little sister. My dad very rarely came home, or anyway that is how it felt. There were times when we really needed a man in the house.

One day there was a knock on the door. Outside stood three men dressed in uniform. They pushed their way in even though my mum resisted. I was very frightened and pulled my little sister down on the floor and into a corner behind the high kitchen cupboard. I almost lay on top of her and held her mouth shut so that no one would notice us. It was as if she understood because she did not say a word or move a millimetre. The men threw the chairs over and knocked some of the things down from the stove, eating from the food and making a mess. I do not know if all three of them pulled my mum into the bedroom or if it was only one of them whilst the others went out, because I chose to quit there. I did not want to hear any more, and suddenly everything was over.

One day, when I was much older, I decided to leave Chester and my childhood home. I walked up along the coast in search of work.

I was taken on to work for the king who lived in the fortress governing the town. We all wore uniforms. One day we followed the king down to the water to receive a sovereign who came to visit. I did not like this person particularly well; his behaviour was sometimes completely unacceptable. There were others too that did not approve of him.

I hired a top floor room together with a man that I worked with. The room was very simple; only a bed for each of us and a low cupboard. If you craned your neck you could look out through a wooden shutter: a make-do window from which you could get a glimpse of the sea a bit further away.

On the edge of town there was a mound where we used to execute people. On top of the mound with a high wooden structure we hoisted up the person to be executed with a thick rope around the neck. After being brought up the person was then released to fall and be crushed against the enormous rock below. To be able to perform this job, I had to shut down my emotions.

Excerpted from The DNA of the Soul by ANNICA FRANTZ, ANNALENA MELLBLOM. Copyright © 2013 Annica Frantz and Annalena Mellblom. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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Table of Contents


Preface....................     ix     

Chapter 1 Doors Open....................     1     

Chapter 2 Birthmarks....................     15     

Chapter 3 The Process of Forgiveness....................     19     

Chapter 4 See the One You Are....................     29     

Chapter 5 Regression Therapy in Theory....................     37     

Chapter 6 The Red Thread....................     53     

Chapter 7 We are Here to Experience....................     67     

Chapter 8 Guides....................     83     

Chapter 9 We have Collaborated Before....................     93     

Chapter 10 Animals and Past Lives....................     101     

Chapter 11 Present Time....................     105     

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