The Death Of Retirement: Breaking Your Reliance on a Broken System by Investing in Cash Engines

The Death Of Retirement: Breaking Your Reliance on a Broken System by Investing in Cash Engines

by David Schneider


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Are you tired of saving for retirement? Do you find yourself cutting expenditure to the bone - and still coming up short?

Have you been let down by the conventional wisdom of investing in mutual funds and the stock market?

Don't be disappointed - you're not alone. The traditional approach to retirement investing is dead. Scrimping month to month and putting your hard earned money into the coffers of investment giants, only to scrape meager returns, or lose it all - this just won't cut it in today's low-return, high-instability world.
You want limited risk and great upside. You want to see results now, rather than in 30 or 40 years. You want to solve the retirement riddle.

Congratulations. Purchasing this book is the first step towards freeing yourself.

Part I of this book will show you how the system of investing for retirement has degraded into a cash cow for a few privileged individuals and firms. That the theories that sustain it are old, outdated, and simply do not work anymore - if they ever did.
Part II shows you a new approach to investing based on an approach that is tangible, that incentivizes you to save and invest, and that gives you results in less than 1000 days. All this, with returns mutual funds can only dream of. This is the remarkable power of a cash engine.

In this book, you will learn:

• About the three defensive layers of our current retirement system
• That the conventional approach is obsolete
• About the importance of the understanding the investment process for retirement planning
• About the importance of striving for highest possible returns with a minimum of financial risk
• About the power of cash engines through case studies (Travis Jamison, John Cavendish, Miles Beckler).
• About the value of bootstrapping in the investing process
• About practical decision-making through powerful case studies
And much more!

It's time stop feeding a system that keeps on taking, without delivering. It's time to take action!

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