The Death of Jim Jones and Peoples Temple

The Death of Jim Jones and Peoples Temple

by Chris Saunders


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On the morning of November 19, 1978, the bodies of over 900 Americans were found scattered all over a small commune in northwestern Guyana, South America by the Guyana Defense Force. It was clear that Jim Jones and his followers had committed what he called "revolutionary suicide" the night before in the single greatest loss of civilian life in American history, bested only by the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Among the dead were over 250 children. How could something that started out with such good intentions end so badly?

If you are already familiar with Jim Jones and Jonestown, this book is going to be a refresher course and quick reference guide to the group. It is intended to be a primer, a springboard towards other research, not an exhaustive book on the subject.

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