The dBASE Book, Vol 1: Developing Windows Applications with dBASE Plus

The dBASE Book, Vol 1: Developing Windows Applications with dBASE Plus

by Ken Mayer


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Learn how to use dBASE PLUS' extensive Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Techniques to manage your data and create exciting and vibrant Windows applications.* Learn how to work with tables and build forms and reports* Learn how to use custom forms, reports and controls* Exploit the features of OLE, WSH and Windows API* Get an in-depth look at the dBASE Programming Language (dBL)* Learn how to make your applications work in a shared environment* Learn how to make your applications Windows UAC compliant* Learn how to deploy your application in a way that will work for all versions of Windows, from Windows XP through Windows 8The dBASE Book is an exhaustive look at the tools and programming techniques that can have you creating proper OOP applications in a quick and easy manner. Using this book you will easily master these techniques and will discover some undocumented commands and features.The Third Edition of this book includes corrections to text and code samples, updates for versions of dBASE up through dBASE Plus 2.8, including a new chapter on the Windows UAC features now in the software and working with the UAC (rather than against it), and a more extensive look at deploying your application properly.Volume 1 goes up through Chapter 18, the book is completed in Volume 2.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780989287500
Publisher: Ken Mayer
Publication date: 04/09/2013
Series: dBASE Book , #1
Pages: 480
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.97(d)

About the Author

Ken Mayer has used dBASE both as a hobbyist and as a professional coder for many years, starting with dBASE III+ and working up to dBASE PLUS.

Ken worked for Borland, Intl. for two years as a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer on the Intrabuilder and dBASE products (Intrabuilder 1.0, Visual dBASE 7.0 and 7.01), and also worked for five years for dBASE Inc. as a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, also working on dBASE (Visual dBASE 7.5, dB2K and dBASE PLUS, as well as dQuery). Ken was a contributing editor to dBASE Advisor magazine for the one and a half years or so it was in publication.

He served on Borland's TeamB (volunteer technical support) when Borland owned dBASE, and has helped many in the dBASE developer community. At this time he is a member of the dBVIPS for dataBased Intelligence, Inc., doing the same things he did with TeamB. He authored a good portion of the Knowledgebase articles that ship with dBASE PLUS, and authored the original dBASE PLUS tutorial. Some of the material in this book will look suspiciously familiar to any who have used the Knowledgebase.

Ken has also been the librarian of a freeware library of code made available to all dBASE developers called the dBASE Users' Function Library Project (dUFLP) for so long he's lost count. He has been a speaker at Borland and other conferences on dBASE, speaking about coding techniques.

Ken's current job is as a full-time instructor at Heald College (in Concord, CA) for over 5 years, teaching Microsoft Office courses, and other Business classes (e-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, etc.).

When not working, Ken is very active in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (, and enjoys cooking, movies, games, and reading.

Ken lives in Walnut Creek, CA with his wife Carolyn Eaton and their two cats Rebo and Zootie (named after a pair of comedians from the science fiction TV show Babylon 5).

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