The Confidence Project

The Confidence Project

by Rob Yeung


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Follow the practical advice within the book and undertake The Confidence Project; a complete plan for helping you make better decisions and take action in order to fulfill your true potential.

Often the only thing separating successful people from the crowd is the self-belief they have running around inside their heads and their innate self-confidence. This book isn't about promoting unrealistic positive thinking - it will help you understand the complex psychology of your beliefs, your assumptions, opinions, values, attitudes, judgements, biases and delusions, and provide a pathway to more confidence.

Some of us overestimate ourselves and are overconfident or even unwittingly arrogant and unable to see our flaws. Others underestimate ourselves and are unaware of our full potential. The reality is the most of us overestimate ourselves in some respects and underestimate ourselves in others.

This book will open your eyes, doing away with unhelpful beliefs and instilling new, more helpful beliefs about yourself and the world.

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ISBN-13: 9781473634176
Publisher: Mobius
Publication date: 04/23/2019
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 1,220,855
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About the Author

Dr. Rob Yeung is a chartered psychologist and author of over a dozen books including the bestseller Confidence (for Pearson's Prentice Hall imprint) and two books for Capstone; How To Win and How To Stand Out.

Since gaining his PhD in 1995, Rob has been working as an organisational psychologist and a director at Talentspace leadership consulting, helping individuals and organisations to improve their effectiveness. His clients include organisations ranging from HSBC, KPMG and British Airways to SMEs. Much of his coaching and training work centres around the beliefs that people have about themselves. Rob has a huge database of fascinating research which he has curated, and hence backs up everything he recommends with examples based on studies conducted by the top scientists, psychologists, neuroscientists and economists in the world.

Table of Contents

About the author vi

Introduction vii

Part I Understanding the consequences and complications of confidence

1 Beating the curse of confidence 3

2 Disentangling the complexity of confidence 27

Part II Increasing your inward-emotional confidence

3 Creating a story of a stronger you 53

4 Modifying your mental movies 77

5 Neutralizing negative thinking 93

Part III Enhancing your outward-social confidence

6 Setting out with a positive attitude 115

7 Socializing and conversing with confidence 133

8 Dating and maintaining successful relationships 157

Part IV Cultivating lifelong confidence

9 Climbing your way to confidence 183

10 Developing mental strength through mindfulness 197

11 Tackling real-world problems and opportunities 219

12 Creating the life you want to live 239

Conclusion 263

Glossary 275

Notes 281

Index 295

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